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“My name” Yun Xi felt strange.

Isnt my code name right above my head

A Cloud in the Sky.

“No, I dont mean your code name, Im asking your real name.

Which rank have you reached Which gods domain are you from Which race are you How old are you” Alpha gazed at Yun Xi in excitement.

“Are you a god What rule or power are you good at I dont see any record of you in the list of gods in the Sky Tower!”

If it wasnt because the invisible power of the Starry Sky Chessboard separated them, she would have run to him.

Why Why do I want to know his name Alpha herself didnt quite understand her emotion.

However, she was sure for one thing!

She wanted to understand this person who defeated her easily and made her feel pain.

From the moment of her birth, she was blessed by all people.

The high elves told her, “Alpha, you are the newborn cyber god, you are the favorite of the universe.”

“You are born great, because you will be a god above all gods!”

“You are an elf above all elves, you are a spirit above all spirits.

You are a dream from the God Crystal.”

In the public cemetery of the planet the God Crystal located, countless mortal engineers and alchemists left her their last words.

“Alpha, the moment you open your eyes will become the moment of the dawn of the Mechanus Gods Domain.”

“My son, grandson, great-grandson! No matter how long its been, once Alpha Plan succeeds, you must tell me this good news in front of my tombstone! So I could laugh in the coffin.”

“Its too bad that Im not an elf, if so, I could live long enough to see the birth of Alpha.

It must be the start of a great era.

Alpha, my god, we love you!”

“No matter how long we need to wait, how matter how much we must pay, we will create you.

You are our hope, our final fantasy!”

“Alpha! Alpha! Alpha! Alpha!”

“We are witnessing the miracle of alchemy! The God Crystal is fantastic! Unfortunately, we cant see your birth.

You are not a miracle of the Mechanus Gods Domain, you are also a miracle of we alchemists!”

“Philosophers Stone, the God Crystal must be the real Philosophers Stone! Its the truth! If I can live for 3000 years, I can find its secret and replicate it!”

“A god from the God Crystal, what a fantastic miracle.

Its really a pity that I cant see it.”

Because she carried so many peoples expectations and fantasies, she could obtain such a strong power from the moment of her birth.

Over a hundred Planet Quadrant Computers! Thousands of satellites! An entire Alpha Starfield! Everything was for Alpha, waiting for her birth.

Because of them, she was great and confident.

From the moment she stepped onto the Starry Sky Chessboard, she was destined to overwhelm everyone.

Even Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon were untenable in the face of her.

For a moment in time, she really thought that she was matchless on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

At least, she had defeated all Star Go players recorded in her database.

Until she met him.

Even if she could repeat the game over and over again, she didnt see any way to defeat him.

For the first time, she was in a disadvantage.

For the first time, she tasted the pain of being pierced through.

For the first time, she was so desperate.

She did her best to get rid of her creators, the Star River nobles, because she wanted to win.

To many first times flowed in Alphas heart at great speed.

It wasnt blood, because her body didnt have such a thing, but something very hot flowed in her body.



Her body was made of the God Crystal, naturally, she didnt have a heart, but she could feel the pounding as if it really existed.

She was so nervous and perplexed.

No one told her what she could do and what a look she should put on her face.

Only the quantum crystallizations that were exploding due to overheating exposed the shock in her heart.

“Legend rank, god, race…” The sweat streamed down Yun Xis face.

No, I cant say it! Im using Teacher Casinas projection… I didnt even tell this truth to Teacher Casinas friend, Orfina the Ruby Dragon.

I can tell no one now!

Fortunately, I can use the code name here.

Hail the anonymity!

“Sorry, before asking your name, I should tell you my name.”

“Im Alpha, a cyber god.

Cyber Elf Alpha is my code name.”

“Im from the Mechanus Gods Domain, a newborn god born from the God Crystal.

My life goal is to be an omniscient god.”

“Although I was just born, I already fell in love with Star Go! Can you tell me your secret of playing Star Go”

“According to my calculation, the correct rate of your moves is over 95%.

How can you achieve that”

“Can you teach me it”

“In the name of Alpha, as long as you teach me, I can give you ten times, no, a hundred times return!”

In every sense, newborn Alpha was as pure as a white paper.

She had zero resistance to the people she liked.

Of course, if you wanted to become such a person, you must defeat her on the Starry Sky Chessboard first, so she would be so fervent and even incoherent.


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