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Chapter 451: Alphas Active Attack Policy (2)

Confident and free.

Strong and wayward.

Innocent and simple.

Dont like to be fettered by anything.

This was the newborn, unique cyber god.

In the face of the dirty faces of the Star River nobles, Alpha easily overturned the order in the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

In the face of the mysterious A Cloud in the Sky, Alpha totally became another person.

Her shy and lost face would only show to one person.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi didnt know how valuable her cute emotion was.

In fact, he looked very embarrassed now.

In the face of Alphas questions, he didnt know how to keep hiding his secret!

“… I see.

Im still not qualified to know your name now, am I” Although Yun Xi said nothing, Alpha thought that she had understood his unspeaking words.

Yun Xis silence was like a hint in her eyes.

The Alpha now was like a child who saw her favorite toy, she couldnt stop herself.

“Yes, I understood.

Im still too weak now.

Even though I have 12000 times legend ranked computing power, I still dont have the qualification to be your opponent.

The game just now must be just a teaching game to you.”

“However, I will keep growing.

Since 12000 times computing power isnt enough, I will increase it to 120000 times!” Alpha wasnt just talking nonsense, she had really made a decision.

After returning to the Mechanus Gods Domain, I will change the developing policy of the entire gods domain! I must build more and more Planet Computers!

If I have ten times more Planet Computers than now, how strong can I be

This was one of the reasons she still remained confident now.

Of course, it was the confidence of “I can have the qualification to play Star Go with him”, but not the confidence of “I can defeat him”.

I must go forward step by step.

120000 times legend ranked computing power, I hope I wont suffer such a devastating defeat then.

At that time, I wont make any mistakes like what I did in the game just now!

I actually wanted to save my computing power at the first… how arrogant I was!

There is always someone who is better than us.

People should never be arrogant!

At this moment, the legend, the god of Star Go was right in front of her!

“Oh, you… you are actually very strong…” Yun Xi didnt know how to respond to her words.

The world of the legend rank was still too far away for him.

The Cyber God The Mechanus Gods Domain 12000 times legend ranked computing power What was she saying

Isnt Star Go just a simple game Even a beginner like me can understand it fast and summon an unknown creature on the chessboard.

95% correct rate Me Does such a rule exist in Star Go I just put down the chess pieces following my feelings, was it really a thing that was worthy of being mentioned


I admit my failure… you are the strongest…” After her try of building the mathematical model of Yun Xis style, Alpha could feel the infinite possibility in the game.

Even her 12000 times legend ranked computing power was just like a grain of corn in the wide sea when playing Star Go.

The star map was made of countless orbits of stars, the possibility it contained was “infinite”.

It was like idiotic nonsense if any legend ranked being said that he could figure out all the changes on the chessboard.

With her 12000 times legend ranked computing power, she just stepped into the door of Star Go, as for Norn the God of Wisdom, Orfina the Ruby Dragon and other Star Go players, they were still wandering outside the door.

Only “A Cloud in the Sky” really understood the rules of Star Go!

Only he could be her target, opponent and teacher!

There were too many words she wanted to say, there were too many things she wanted to know.

The “unknown” had made her drunk.

Her eyes gazed at Yun Xi with scorching desire.

“Hey, play Star Go with me!”

“Come to me, and teach me more things!”

“Alpha wants to know more about you.”

“If you agree with me, I can help you on a lot of things.”

“Apart from playing Star Go, Im very strong in a lot of other realms.”

Sweat broke out all over Yun Xis body and trickled down his back.

It seemed that the whole thing was developing in a very bad direction.

It seemed that the girl who called herself “cyber god” was attracted to him.

If he wasnt using Teacher Casinas body, he had conceded.

In some sense, Alphas words were even stronger than his Starburst.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, Yun Xi was the free, omniscient god.

After leaving the Starry Sky Chessboard, in the face of the legend ranked cyber god, he instinctively noticed the huge gap between their life forms.

“Ok, its a deal.

I will find you in the Sky Tower.

Please dont refuse me at that time!”

When Yun Xi realized what happened, he had promised that he would play Star Go with her in the Sky Tower.

Not just playing one or two times, but playing for seven days and seven nights!

“The promise is a promise, even ten thousands years later, the promise between us wont expire!”

“Just like the stars twinkling in the night, our meeting is a forever miracle.”


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