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Chapter 471: Secret

“Mei… Mei… Mei…” Ling Ling confusedly looked at Mei, who slowly approached her, gently stretched out her hands and pressed on her breasts.

She skillfully opened Ling Ling’s bra, looking at her smooth skin exposed in the air.

Mei (Star Thunder) stuck out her tongue and lightly licked with curiosity.

“Ah!” Ling Ling groaned like a cat.

Her body almost became weak and limp.

Mei was immersed in the touch with could bring happiness and didn’t have any intention of stopping.

“Mei… this place… will any person come here” Ling Ling didn’t really resist Mei’s behavior, but she worried someone would see them.

“…” Mei shook her head and lightly pressed her fingers on Ling Ling’s watery lips.

No, no one would come.

Because this was the secret garden of the Starwing Knights.

Mei’s teeth lightly bit on Ling Ling’s full fruits, enjoying the wonderful, soft, smooth skin, which was covered by a layer of pink right now.

Her breasts were full, but didn’t sag.

The towering double peaks didn’t know the principles of gravity at all.

Her cute and slightly trembling appearance was like a budding pink rose, seducing Mei to pick this flower.

Taking their clothes off, to Mei’s wishes, she finally tasted the sweet juice.

Kissed on the top of the bud, a taste of sweet liquid naturally echoed in her mouth.

Mei (Star Thunder) couldn’t help but swallow, the liquid quickly went down her throat, and the taste was much sweeter in the memory of Star Thunder’s bloodline.

“Ah… oh…” The groan of the girl echoed in the secret garden of the Starwing Knights.

Soon, the golden beetle returned and hid under the leaf again, and loyally recorded the sweet scene.

Well, it was definitely not peeping, but the duty of the holy beetle.

It must watch the medicinal field for the Starwing Knights, it was a secret weapon of the leader of the Starwing Knights.

As for seeing the things it shouldn’t see and finding the secrets it shouldn’t know, they were just some small probability events!

Yes, it couldn’t be because Hua Yue found the thing in the morning, so she specially let the beetle double the guard here!

Ling Ling ground her teeth and puffed in the green grass.

Her wet hair tightly stuck on her snow-white skin, and her beautiful face still looked radiant.

Green beads of dew dripped on her naked body, flowed past her flat belly and dropped onto her slender legs, making cute Ling Ling look more pretty.

“This time… is Ling Ling” As the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue started to worry about the trend which appeared in the Starwing Knights recently.

“Ling Ling… you also ran first covertly…” The sword skill class was still going on.

Hua Yue ground her pen with a worried look.

For the first time, she felt that the passage of time was too slow!

What happened It’s not noon yet, and there were two great things that happened in the secret garden today.


And Ling Ling.

Who would be next!

Mei, what are you thinking! At the same place you enjoyed Lulu in the morning, you enjoyed Ling Ling at noon.

Are you going to keep on in the afternoon and at night too

You will soon expose yourself if you don’t stop!

The most important thing is why you chose Lulu and Ling Ling I think I should be more intimate with you If anything happened, I should be the first.


No, don’t panic! I’m the most excellent member of the White Golden Rose family! I must keep calm!

Hua Yue forced herself to calm down and showed a perfect smile on her face.

Don’t worry, don’t hesitate, all members of the Starwing Knights are connected together due to Mei, so we supported each other and arrived at this point.

Didn’t we

We all like Mei, and it isn’t a secret that everyone wants to be more intimate with Mei.

However, Lulu and Ling Ling are moving too fast!

What magic have you used How did you make Mei become so proactive

In Hua Yue’s memory, Mei wasn’t a girl who would proactively get touchy feely with others.

She was kind and a bit shy and restrained, however, she would step forward bravely if any of them was in danger.

This was the Mei she knew and the Mei she liked

“There must be something wrong…”

“Mei looks like she is enjoying it too much…”

Hua Yue watched the two videos again.

She ground her teeth and had a wild guess.

Mei… maybe it’s because she is practicing the “Closed Mouth Zen”, so she becomes more approachable than usual.

Maybe the “Closed Mouth Zen” got her into a very special mental state.

If it was true, then it wasn’t because of Lulu or Ling Ling, but…


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