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“I… I like Mei, but I also want to get married…”

Compared to Mei Lan, Ling Ling looked more like the one with common sense.

“Huh Who are you going to marry” Mei Lan looked at Ling Ling with a look of “Is your head broken”

Isnt the Starwing Knights the guardian of Mei, and everyone has regarded “Protecting Mei” as their lifetime mission

Why do you still have the illusion of getting married someday, Ling Ling Isnt that strange

Sure enough, thats the case with big breasts and no brains.

“Dont be afraid… Its a very, very happy thing that Mei likes you.” Mei Lan stretched out her chest, and then instantly found the gap between herself and Ling Ling, showing a very depressed expression on her face.

Why is there such a monster like SSR in this world Isnt everyones N cup very good That would be a peaceful world.

“Um… But in that case, I can only marry Mei…” Ling Ling lay in Mei Lans arms with a tangled expression on her face.

“Idiot…” Mei Lan muttered.

If she had such a happy annoyance, she did not know how happy she would be.

“So… Just in case, Ill confirm it with you.” Mei Lan still cant believe that Mei would do that to Ling Ling.

That was the perfect incarnation in the minds of all the girls of the Starwing Knights, Mei! If she was a man, she would be a perfect gentleman.

Something must have gone wrong.

Did Ling Ling make a mistake on her own impulse and kiss Mei forcibly, then subconsciously mistook it

Compared with the possibility that Mei forcibly kissed Ling Ling, Mei Lan felt that this probability was higher.

After all, a fool like Ling Ling could do anything and never think that she was wrong.

There was no doubt that Ling Ling, the favored mascot of the Starwing Knights was a big, brainless, silly fool!

“Um… Now Mei is a little weird.

Mei Lan, you have to be careful…” Ling Ling grasped Mei Lans hand with some fear.

Today, Mei bullied her so much that she was still worried now!

“Never mind, Im here, absolutely no problem.” Mei Lan shrugged her shoulders in disapproval and held Ling Lings hand.

Compared to Ling Ling who always looked for trouble, she believed in Mei, who was more quiet and elegant.

Even if todays Mei was really weird, then… Maybe it isnt a bad thing, right

In Yun Xis room, Mei lay on the bed with an ungraceful gesture, staring at the ceiling.

She couldnt sleep… she was completely sleepless.

The reason was simple, because she was not used to sleeping alone.

The three sisters, Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow always slept together from birth.

No matter when it was, they all moved together and slept together.

Now, she was alone.

Although she was on the familiar bed, usually this time, she was taking care of her sisters until they were asleep before she closed her eyes.

A persons habits couldnt be changed in a day or two, moreover, it was an inherent habit since her birth.

“…” She habitually stretched out her hands, but no one was around her, which made Mei (Star Thunder) feel unhappy.

I cant sleep, I cant sleep! I still have to wait for one more night before Star Fire takes control of Masters body.

What should I do

For Mei (Star Thunder) who first slept alone, this was a huge trouble.

“Dong! Dong! ” Outside the room, there was a gentle knock on the door.

From the breathing rhythm, it should be a person Mei was familiar with.

“…” She got up a little happier, and then opened the door and saw Ling Ling, as well as a slightly strange figure.

“Well… Good night, Mei.

Theres something Ling Ling wants to say to you.” Mei Lan looked at Mei.

She was so nervous that she could hardly speak.

Mei is special.

Mei is the core of the Starwing Knights.

She is everybodys god.

There was no one in the Starwing Knights didnt that like Mei.

Mei gave the miracle to them.

Compared to Ling Ling who was silly and didnt even know what this miracle represented.

she knew how much she has benefited from it.

The ultimate gratitude was unable to express in words, eventually turned into a kind of unswerving faith.

Mei, for her, was such an important and unique person.

“Mei… Today… Today…” Compared to Mei Lans restraint, Ling Ling is more straightforward.

After Mei Lans explanation, she finally understood.

I really cant get married now!

It was better to say that apart from marrying Mei, she had no way to choose.

“…” Looking at Ling Ling and Mei Lan, suddenly, Meis eyes brightened up.

Sleepless… Because Im not sleeping together with my sisters.

Sisters are now in the body of our master and cannot come out.

In front of me, there are Ling Ling and Mei Lan.

Since I cant sleep, I should go and find a way to get myself to sleep.

The answer is right in front of me!

Without a second thought, Mei (Star Thunder) reached out her left hand, trying to grab Mei Lans little hand.

“Gee!” Mei Lan looked so flattered as if she was a pure virgin who was just chosen by the emperor.

Her right hand stretched out, originally was trying to grasp Ling Lings hand, but in the middle of the way, it grabbed another place by mistake.

“Ah-hoo…” Ling Ling looked at the hand that grabbed her breasts with a look of protest, but there was no real struggle.

Rather, she moved closer to Mei and let her breasts change into various shapes in Meis small hands.

“…” Mei gently led the two to her bed.

“This… this…” Ling Ling blushed and looked almost drunk.

“I… Im not ready yet!” Mei Lan stuttered and tightened all over.

Had she known this earlier, she would most definitely have changed into her best clothes, showing her most beautiful side in front of Mei.

Ling Ling didnt lie this time.

Todays Mei was a bit weird, as if the sense of distance in the past was suddenly and completely eliminated all at once.

However, she didnt hate this weird Mei at all.

Or rather to say, she wanted to thank God!


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