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Chapter 509: Angry Sun God (1)

“Closure!” Hura Azda, the desperate Sun God waved the golden scepter in his hand and repaired the big hole smashed through by Phoenix.

The guardian of the gate, Lilibet Elizabeth had also moved.

Her azure god sword drew a mysterious arc in the air, an ice-blue halo spread out in a circle, directly expanding the area of the battlefield created by Huras god power to ten times.

But this time, it wasnt just a battle between Phoenix and Hura Azda.

A total of ten supernatural, god like beings were attracted by the sacrifice, descending into this area in different ways.

Seven of them were in human forms, but they all hid their true faces using different methods.

Nobody knew whether they were real gods under their human figures.

Their human appearances should just be their projections.

Occasionally, some terrible beings would also pretend to be a god in human form, deceiving the witches in the sacrificial ceremony.

In addition to the seven people, there were two projections of fantastic creatures.

They were from the highest gods domain in the Eastern Gods Domain, the Kunlun Gods Domain.

They were frequent callers of witches sacrificial ceremonies.

One of them had red feathers, broad beak, standing on one foot.

Its name was Bifang, a god bird of fire.

The other one was a dragon with golden scales and wings, looking around with an arrogant expression.

Its name was Yinglong.

Just like Bifang, it was also a subordinate of the master of the Kunlun Gods Domain, the West Queen.

Both of them were fire-type fantastic creatures.

Like the seven human shaped projections, they arrived at this area immediately after feeling the aura of the sacrifice.

Behind the two fantastic creatures, there was a strange egg that was floating in the void.

Bifang and Yinglong were looking at the egg nervously.

Their eyes are very confused as if something totally unexpected had happened.

At this moment, there were 12 god ranked beings gathered around the Door of Dusk for a sacrifice! Such a thing had never happened before in the history of the sacrificial ceremony.

“Good… Very good… Phoenix, are you satisfied!” Hura Azda looked around and ground his teeth.

Just one step later, he would have the sacrifice! However, Phoenix totally ruined his plan and brought ten new opponents to the battlefield!

Essentially, the sacrificial ceremony was a contract.

As long as the last step of the sacrificial ceremony had not been completed yet, even though he had held the sacrifice in his hand, the sacrifice still didnt belong to him.

In history, there were indeed witches who were eaten by the fake gods they summoned.

In this case, the fake gods would lose their sacrifices.

Of course, the sacrifices werent the fake gods goals from the very beginning.

They responded to witches call just because they wanted to spread horror and chaos.

Most of the time, the extraordinary existences who descended onto the altar were still satisfied with the sacrifices.

The appearances of evil gods were just rare exceptions.

In very few cases, there would be two gods who were interested in the same sacrifice and responded to the same sacrificial ceremony.

At this time, there was basically only one way to decide who could go through the Door of Dusk, “compare each others god power”.

To put it more plainly, the two gods would have a fight and the winner could go through the door, just like what Phoenix and Hura Azda did before.

However, the sacrifice this time was too special, both of them didnt want to give it up.

Phoenix came first, but she wasnt very familiar with the sacrificial ceremony.

When she hesitated, Hura Azda had come and robbed the sacrifice.

Just in case, Hura Azda had also sealed this area in the void using his god power.

At the same time, he also called the guardian of the Sky Sword Gods Domain to be the witness.

Hura Azdas behavior didnt deviate from the order of the Sky Sword Gods Domain, so therefore, Lilibet, the guardian of the Sky Sword Gods Domain witnessed the duel between Phoenix and Hura and confirmed his victory.

Originally, the Sun God should step across the Door of Dusk and complete the ceremony, giving the twin witches and Yun Xi his blessings.

After that, he could take away the sacrifice.

The problem was that Phoenix was not going to give up.

Even though she had been burned to ashes by Hura Azdas Sun Disk, she still strove to revive and fly back, shouting at the Sun God,

“Its mine! I saw it first! I got here first!”

Even if I cant get it, I wont let you take it away!

I, Phoenix, the immortal bird!

In my dictionary, there is never the word “death”! Huh!

“Four human gods… three monsters, and three fantastic creatures.

There is even an egg!” Looking at the ten enemies who were staring at the golden-red gem in his hand, Hura Azda gritted his teeth and thrust his golden scepter into the golden sand.

“It seems that I will have to beat down ten opponents today!”

The Sun Disk rotated and became bigger and bigger in his hand.

In the song of millions of sand soldiers, Hura Azda, the Sunwalker, one of the oldest Ancient Gods showed his real power.


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