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Chapter 518: A Date with the God (2)

“Miss maid, can you sell the bread in your hand to me” Li Yun was the first who rushed to Yun Xi, “Just tell me the price! Money is never a problem for me!”

How long since the last time Ive had this impulse Just like that royal banquet in the Great Xia Sword Domain, when I first smelt the smell of barbecued male fiery dragon, the cells all over my body couldnt help cheering.

This is it! It must be this! The best food in my dream, which is even more delicious than the meat of the male fiery dragon!

As a famous gourmet and successful businessman in the Sky Sword Gods Domain, his dream was to eat different kinds of delicacies every day.

Today, in front of him, there was an unknown delicacy that he had never tasted before.

How can he let go of this opportunity

“Wait a minute.

Ill buy it too, Miss maid, make an offer!”

“Dont grab it.

What bread is it, Miss maid Do you have any more”

“Can you tell me who made it”

Within a moment, Yun Xi was surrounded by people who wanted to buy his bread, which made him feel both funny and annoyed.

“Er… This bread is not for sale.” As a former bread store owner, Yun Xi never thought that his bread would have such a hot day.

Unfortunately, this bread is really not for sale.

Because the bread was made of his hero ranked Baker ability, and it was toasted by the furnace, in fact, it was already a priceless treasure.

Moreover, he could only store up a hundred loaves of bread using his hero ranked ability, all of them were his strategic stockpiles.

At any rate, Yun Xi wouldnt sell his valuable bread to ordinary people.

He would only use them in the most important moments.

At this moment, he presented his most precious bread to Golden Sun Crow and the twin witches, it meant that he really regarded them as important.

Even his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo hadnt enjoyed this treatment, of course, the main reason was that he just obtained the furnace (SN-Drive) from Golden Crow Princess and just began to learn to use it to toast bread.

“Not for sale” Li Yun looked depressed.

After hearing his words, most people around Yun Xi sighed, and some of them began to inquire about the origin of the bread.

“Miss maid, can you tell me who made the bread”

“Was this bread made by Miss maid herself”

“No way.

How old is she Im sure its definitely a masterpiece from a real, respectable old master of bread.”

“Sorry, I cant tell you.” Yun Xi shook his head.

After all, he couldnt expose his identity.

“Hum, dont pretend! I tell you, you must sell it today!” Finally, someone angrily rebuked.

It was a young man dressed in the clothes of the servant of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Anyone could see his arrogance from his attitude.

“Go away, go away! Im serving for the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Mind your business!”

Being shouted at by the young people, almost all the people around him showed sympathy for Yun Xi and quickly walked away.

For most people living in the sword tip area, the White Lotus Sword Palace was the master of their entire world.

Even if it was only a servant from the sword palace, they didnt dare to offend him.

Only several people from other sword domains still looked at them with curiosity.

“White Lotus Sword Palace…” Yun Xi didnt understand why the young servant looked so proud after saying it.

The servant walked to him with a haughty expression and then looked at him, stretching out his hand.

“This bread is good.

Im sure the witches of the sword palace will like it.

Give me it.”

Hearing this, people around them couldnt help but worry more.

In the White Lotus Sword Palace, the witches of the Witch Palace were the most prestigious people, because of this, their servants also thought that they were superior to others outside the sword palace.

His tone when saying “give me it” was so skillful, perhaps he had been used to being rapacious to other people.

“The witches of the sword palace…” Yun Xi subconsciously looked at the twin witches with astonishment.

What was this Their servant was going to grab the witches and their gods bread

“Let go of me! Ill reveal my true identity and tear this bastard to pieces!” Realizing what a shameful thing she just witnessed, Red Lotus roared with anger.

The person who dares to rob my… the gods bread must be punished by heaven!

From now on, the Witch Palace wouldnt recruit any new male servants!

“Dont worry.

You wont give away it for nothing.

Generally, a loaf of bread costs only several copper coins.

This bread smells really good, how about I pay ten times the price higher than common bread” The young servant still didnt know that his superior, Red Lotus was angrily staring at him.

He looked at Yun Xi with a smirking smile and rubbed his fingers in front of Yun Xi.

Li Yun stared at the servant in astonishment.

The smell of the bread is even better than the smell of the barbecued male fiery dragons meat, can it be bought by ten times the price of common bread

Youre not buying but robbing!

“Sorry, I wont sell this bread.

Youd better leave now.” Looking at Red Lotus grumpy face, Yun Xi still wanted to save this young man.

“Everything has a price.

If ten times is not enough, how about twenty times the price of common bread I always think that people should be more sensible in their lives.” The young servant shook his finger in the air with a look of discontent.

“My name is Qi Hui.

Im the servant of the Witch Palace.

If you give me the bread and let me present it to the twin witches, it would be a great honor for you.”

“Oh… Is this the so-calledrobbery” Golden Crow Princess opened her eyes wide looking at Qi Huis confident face.

“No, its calledbuy by force… princess, dont look at this…” Yun Xi felt that it wasnt good for a child to see this scene, even though she was actually a god.

“This bastard, shame on him!” Red Lotus finally couldnt help it and drew out her Red Lotus Holy Sword.

Countless sparks spread from the sword and made the temperature of the whole street rise.

“Why, why do I feel hot”

Qi Hui raised his head and looked at the sky in confusion.

“Let me make it clear.

Master Red Lotus and White Lotus want your bread, you have to sell it if you still want to live in the White Lotus Sword Domain!” Finding that todays weather was somewhat unusual, Qi Hui was somewhat anxious and couldnt wait to grab Yun Xis bread.

“Red Lotus and White Lotus want the bread…” Yun Xi looked at Qi Hui with a strange look.

Well, what he said was indeed correct.

“Yes, I like this bread very much.” Suddenly, White Lotus voice appeared behind Qi Hui.

“Yes, this bread is delicious, but I dont need you to buy it.” Red Lotus gritted her teeth.

Since White Lotus had appeared, she didnt need to hide anymore and naturally appeared beside White Lotus.

“Ha… Ha…” Qi Hui was appalled.

His mouth opened and closed like a salted fish stranded on the beach.

Big drops of sweat kept streaming down from his forehead.

“I must be too tired… Yes, its just a delusion…”

“No, its true.

Dont delude yourself…” Yun Xi looked at Qi Hui with sympathy.

He had tried to save Qin Hui, but he didnt realize it and catch the opportunity.

“Wait! I have something to say! Ive done my best for the Witch Palace.

I just want to buy the bread, and Im going to pay for it!”

“Shame on you! Is this how you do your best for the Witch Palace” Red Lotus cocked her eyebrows.

She usually didnt take care of the daily affairs of the Witch Palace, but now, it seemed that this was a big mistake.

Sure enough, none of the men in the world are good!

“Youre fired, now, right away!”

“Get out of the sword tip area and you are never allowed to enter this area again!”

Red Lotus brandished her sword, and Qi Hui was instantly blown off to the sky.

Of course, he wouldnt die, but after falling down to the ground, he had to stay in bed for more than ten days, and the fact that he was punished by the twin witches personally, was really a big blow to his life.

Since this was no accident, there was no room for him in the White Lotus Sword Domain anymore.

“Well, I told you to leave.” Yun Xi sighed and shook his head.

“This bread is delicious!” Watching this human comedy with great interest, Golden Crow Prince ate the third piece of bread.

“They are the twin witches!”

“Master Red Lotus and Master White Lotus!”

“Oh, my God!”

People who looked at Yun Xi with sympathy before now looked at Red Lotus and White Lotus in surprise.

“Pat!” Some knelt down first, and just like dominoes that fell down, soon, people around Red Lotus and White Lotus all knelt down.

Some old men even prayed to the twin witches in tears.

“Lord witches, please bless my children to pass the Entrance Examination of the Sword Palace next year!”

“Lord White Lotus, please let my children become smart!”

“Lord Red Lotus, please bless my grandsons wife to have a baby soon!”


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