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If she could choose, she would never have gone on the road of the Blood Stamen.

Unfortunately, she had no choice.

If she didnt choose to be with these robins, she could no longer survive.

Even though she was so unfortunate, she still hoped to continue to live, even if there was only 0.000001% possibility, she would not give up.

The dead robins coexisted with her in this way, returning from the netherworld to the real world.

“I… Why…” Looking at Yun Xis hand that was being held in her hand, Robin just wanted to open her mouth, and suddenly a rattle appeared in her mind.

“Ding!” The first future she saw, the future belonging to Yun Xis first childhood sweetheart broke open, turning into numerous fragments of crystals and completely disappearing from Robins soul.

As if it was an initial signal, the future of the second girl also broke.

The third future broke.

The fourth future broke.

No, it wasnt that these futures had broken and disappeared, but that Robins soul wasnt strong enough to carry the information contained in these futures.

She wasnt qualified to peep into these futures now, even though these futures were not 100% likely to happen.

Ultimately, she simply didnt have the ability to observe these futures.

So, why could she see them

If Yun Xi looked up at the sky now, he would find several small stars hanging shyly in a corner of the sky, blinking quietly.

One after another, the mirrors of the future disappeared from Robins mind.

She couldnt even remember any of them now.

Finally, there was only one mirror of the future that still existed in her mind.

Because the future in this mirror was the only future she saw by using her own ability.

“What happened” Because she couldnt remember any of the futures before, Robin had forgotten what terrible scenes she had seen.

Now, in front of her, there was only one mirror of the future.

Her subconsciousness was telling her that this mirror was very important, she must open it and see what future it reflected.

Her instinct was warning her that shed better not open that mirror.

Now, she should leave the mirror as soon as possible or she would inevitably be involved in misery.

“Dont open it, dont open it!”

“Its a grave, an abyss, a curse!”

“If you want to be more miserable, open it and die! Die! Die!”

The birds on Robins shoulders threatened and whined.

Their euphemistic and beautiful voices became panicky.

Robin hesitated for a moment, and finally touched the mirror in his soul with her fingertips.

Because she had no choice.

Once the divination was completed, no matter what the result was, the future had been determined.

This result wouldnt change because of any persons will.

At least, she herself didnt have the power to change it.

If it was a good future, then she could let out a sigh of relief.

If it was a bad future, at least, she could look for ways to make some changes to avoid the worst results.

The conclusion was that human curiosity was irresistible.

No matter whether the future was good or bad, no one could refuse not to look at it.

This was not only the original sin of human beings, but of all intelligent creatures too.

Since it was the future she predicted, as an augur, she must reveal this future, at least, read it with her own eyes.

The moment Robins fingertips touched the mirrors surface, the mirror rippled gently like the ripples on water.

Then the future appeared in front of her in the most vivid way.

“Chirp! Chirp!” The sound of cicadas blotted out the sky and covered up the earth, and the weather was too hot for a person in a thick red cloak.

Even though she was at the hero rank, her body couldnt ignore the heat.

“Its so hot…” Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Robin sat on the steps of an unknown shrine in an ungraceful manner.

Her whole body felt like it was being steamed in a steamer, and her body was steaming hot.

“Did you see Mei, little Robin” The rabbit-eared girl carrying a basket of herbs, came down the stairs and spoke to Robin, who was breathing heavily.

(Who is she Why do I know her And why am I in the future of this love divination)

(Isnt it common sense that augurs would never appear in the future they predicted)

Robin looked at this future of herself in doubt.

She could see from some small details that this was not a future to many years from now.

It was probably a future of just one year later.

The angle of the sun and the environment around her were consistent with the data of the White Lotus Sword Domain in her mind.

That was to say, this future, in fact, happened in the White Lotus Sword Domain after a year.

“Mei… I just saw her, she went to the bathroom.” On the stairs, Robin stretched out with a comfortable look of “No one could make me leave these cool stairs even if the world would be destroyed in the next moment”.

Why can you show such a natural and happy smile on your face

What happened to this me in this future one year later


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