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Chapter 547: The Agreement with Golden Crow Princess (1)

“Many times…!” Golden Crow Princess eyes became hotter and hotter, and the temperature of the air rose sharply.

If White Lotus hadnt enclosed this area by casting a magic spell, the people around them wouldve ignited!

A gods anger was a real natural disaster for mortals.

In order to calm Golden Crow Princess anger, Yun Xi had to stand up and hold her little body in his arms.

It was really a thrilling thing to date a god!

Xiao Cao, youre killing me! Yun Xi looked innocently at Xiao Cao, who still didnt know what was happening.

“All of the girls of the Starwing Knights… Mei has touched them all.” Xiao Cao tilted her head.

Apparently, she didnt grasp Yun Xis hint at all.

“Starwing Knights!” Golden Crow Princess firmly remembered this name and tried to struggle out of Yun Xis arms.

However, Yun Xi had rich experience in capturing young girls.

After gently grasping Golden Crow Princess arms, he tickled her, Golden Crow Princess couldnt help but emit a series of silverbell-like laughter.

The kid-tempered Golden Crow Princess anger came fast and went quickly.

Her attention was suddenly diverted because of this.

Looking at Yun Xis skillful embrace, Red Lotus was dumbfounded.

Golden Crow Princess is a god!

How dare this maid tickle a god And why does she look so skilled!

Xiao Cao looked at Golden Crow Princess with envy, oh, it was a good thing that all girls of the Starwing Knights hoped to happen to themselves.

“Hum… I wont forget…”

“Once Im born… I will solve this problem right away…” Golden Crow Princess puffed biting on Yun Xis finger with a lovely flush of red on her little white face.

“You… are mine… Mei…”

Yun Xi helplessly watched the capricious Golden Crow Princess and was wondering whether he had just done another wrong thing.

“Master… dont be afraid… Anyway, you have trampled on so many boats, thenice boat wont happen even if you step on one more boat, cheer up! ” Meier encouraged Yun Xi.

If master has a good relationship with Golden Crow Princess now, he will obtain a great advantage in the future! It wouldnt be wrong to treat her well now.

If it wasnt because Golden Crow Princess looked too young now, she had already suggested Yun Xi to…

For Meier, the human morals didnt exist at all in her eyes.

Meiers goal was never to help Yun Xi become a gentleman, but to help him grow stronger and stronger, and eventually get rid of the fate of being separated into pieces by his four terrible ex-girlfriends.

To this end, she would trample on all the moral principles of the human world and ignore all the ethical relations!

Justice What is that Is it delicious

The child of stars doesnt need such a thing!

Dont think that Meier was just a common small dog.

Although her strength was still insignificant, it was only because she was still in her infancy.

The growth of the star spirit was closely related to her master.

After Yun Xi advances to the hero rank, Meiers abilities would increase dramatically.

The Star Spirit Team was the prototype of the Legion she prepared for herself.

The little Meier had a great ambition.

In order to let the great starchild grow up, she would sacrifice everything.

Well, of course, to sacrifice everything others had.

At sunset, on the beach nearby the White Lotus Sword Palace, where Yun Xi and Hua Yue strolled together not too long ago.

In Yun Xis arms, Golden Crow Princess figure became a little illusory, which was a sign that her time in the world would end soon.

The gods one day date was coming to an end.

According to the three stages of the sacrificial ceremony, the time of “sending the god away” was coming.

Red Lotus and White Lotus tacitly kept a distance from the beach, handing Golden Crow Princess to Yun Xi.

Although they were actually the hosts of the sacrificial ceremony, they knew the reason why Golden Crow Princess responded to their voices and came to the altar.

Her preference for “somebody” was just too obvious.

The protagonist of the sacrificial ceremony was not the twin witches but the black-haired maid.

“Mei… Why are you pretending to be a maid” As a god, Golden Crow Princess wouldnt be fooled by a persons appearance.

She knew his gender from first to last.

“This… well, it was a mistake…” Yun Xi combed her delicate hair and sighed helplessly.

He didnt know why, but he had a wonderful sense of familiarity with Golden Crow Princess.

He felt like no matter what would happen, he could be sure that Golden Crow Princess would stand on his side.

This feeling was the same as when he first met Mumu.

If he could plant his seed in her body, then the seeds affinity would be as high as the seed in Mumus body.

Yun Xi had this intuition.

Unfortunately, he couldnt plant his seed in any legend ranked beings body, so this could only be his reasoning.


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