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Chapter 55: Title at End




Yun Xi took an arrow in the knee.




Yun Xi took an arrow in the shoulder.




Yun Xi took an arrow in the head.


There wasn’t any exception.

Every time Yun Xi got shot by the archer in red, he would be chopped by all sorts of weapons in the next second.


In this battle of Mortal ranks, such an archer who could fire at the target a hundred times without a single miss was surely the deadliest killer.


Yun Xi proved that by dying thirty times.


Hua Huo also left Yun Xi’s enemies with a nightmare forever by her thirty massacres.


Again, Yun Xi revived beside the bonfire.

As he was ready to rush to the stone soldiers and fight with them, Hua Huo grabbed his hand.


“This can’t go on, Little Xi.”


“Right now, you can’t defeat the archer.”


“If you don’t make yourself stronger, even if you overdraw your limit, you can’t walk through the bridge.”


Yun Xi paused for a while, then he relaxed his body and sat on the ground.


Yes, Hua Huo was right.


Now, even if he used his 2nd rank power and Hua Huo’s 3rd rank combat intuition to the limit, he still couldn’t pass through the bridge.


After all, he wasn’t Hua Huo.


For the first time, Yun Xi clearly felt his limit.


One, two, three.

Even the 3rd rank stone soldiers on the bridge attacked him together.

If he paid the price of dying hundreds of times, he probably still couldn’t pass through the bridge— even if meant that he had to die for many more times.


However, the archer in red was out of his expectations.


Yun Xi didn’t know who the mysterious archer was.

No matter how perfectly he used his 2nd rank Quicksilver Motion, the archer could still find his weak point among the crowd and give him a critical shot.


The archer didn’t even need to hit the arrow at his crucial point.

In fact, Yun Xi was only directly killed by the arrow very few times.


The archer’s goal was to break Yun Xi’s rhythm.

Yun Xi’s Quicksilver Motion looked like floating clouds and flowing water, but that was built on his strong pre-assessment.

When faced with a dozen 3rd rank masters, every second he slightly stayed at the same place would lead to a dead end.


“What an awesome archer! But the archer’s battle style doesn’t look like it’s from the White Lotus Sword Domain.” Sitting by the bonfire, Yun Xi observed the white-haired young person, who carried a two-handed long bow behind the back and wore red clothes.

(I tried not to show the archer’s gender because that was a she.)


White Lotus Sword Domain was a lower domain of Sky Sword Domain.

Most of the people there practiced sword skills.

If there was such an archer that mastered such a terrible archery, he should already be as famous as the Five Tiger Generals.



He should be a stealth archer who majors in the long bow and his close combat power is also good.

Look, he wears two swords at the waist.

Those two aren’t ornaments, but true lethal weapons.” Hua Huo pointed at the archer in red, the person who caused his thirty failures.


“He should have a locking skill like the Mind’s Eye and he should also have the Eagle Eye.

If I’m not wrong, he should have found his way to Hero rank.”


“Maybe he is a little weaker than the last three guys, but his potential is far beyond them ”


“If he had a Spirit Weapon rank bow, he can cause three times the threat.

Fortunately, his weapon is just so-so.”


After Hua Huo pointed out the mysterious archer’s talents one by one, Yun Xi finally understood what kind of an opponent he was facing.


If even Hua Huo also praised the archer, that meant that he was way better than the Five Tiger Generals.

The archer was very likely to reach Hero rank in the future.


No wonder he looked unlike the other stone soldiers.

His red clothes and white hair made him look like a crane standing among chickens.


However, he still wanted to win!


No matter what he faced, he must pass the trial and become stronger.


For Yun Xi, it was very rare to have such a impulse.

Compared to this, his ultimate goal of saving the princess wasn’t that important.


The more hard it was to get, the more eager one was to get it.

Perhaps that was the commonality of all humans.


“Hua Huo, have you got any strategy” Holding his newbie iron sword, Yun Xi was ready to fight again.


“Now… no.” Hua Huo carefully counted the gap between him and the stone soldiers, then shook her head.


Though Yun Xi had exerted his talents to the fullest, but that was still too early for him to challenge a trial at this level.


It wasn’t good to die so many times.

She still felt love dearly.


“So… I can’t…” Even Yun Xi had guessed this answer already, but when he heard it coming from Hua Huo’s mouth, he still felt frustrated.


No! Even if the answer is ‘no’, I still can’t give up!


He couldn’t retreat.


Compared with the apostle candidates or true apostles he my encounter later on, this wasn’t harsh at all.


Why did the stars create this trial world That was for tempering his will and improve his strength step by step!


There were just a dozen 3rd rank people and a mysterious archer.

Would they make him give up He would never give up!


I want to win!


So, sorry, Hua Huo.


“Hua Huo… I will do something to you.

Can you forgive me” After thinking it over and over again, Yun Xi only got one idea in his mind.


The stars, forgive me! This was the only strategy that my simple brain could imagine!




“I forgive you, Little Xi.” Hua Huo curiously looked at Yun Xi.

Was he willing to let her help him pass the trial


In fact, the trial really pissed her off.

She couldn’t bear the trial because it forced her Little Xi to die, again and again.


“Then, close your eyes, Hua Huo.” Yun Xi stealthily walked up to Hua Huo with a red face.


“Gee, Little Xi, what do you want to do No!” Looking at Yun Xi’s face getting closer and closer, Hua Huo was in a dither.


No, when did her Little Xi become so daring And why does he look so skillful!


“Whoa!” As Hua Huo cried out in alarm, Yun Xi softly kissed Hua Huo’s lips.


It wasn’t their first kiss.

In their childhood, he had secretly kissed her in their children’s play.

However, this time, it was different.


Looking at Hua Huo, Yun Xi managed to muster up all his courage to take this step.


You know, not long ago, his childhood sweetheart used a two-handed sword to cut a male Fiery Dragon into pieces.


To kiss such a Hua Huo was like challenging the evil dragon.

If Hua Huo wasn’t his childhood sweetheart, Yun Xi wouldn’t dare try it.


Hua Huo’s lips were soft and sweet.

They were still as warm as in Yun Xi’s memory.


At the moment he kissed Hua Huo’s lips, Yun Xi clearly felt that inside of his body, Hua Huo’s seed acted like a dry plant that suddenly got irrigated.

It started to grow up at a ridiculous speed.


1%, 2%, 3%!


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