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Chapter 560: The Etiquette of the Battle God (2)

“Dont be nervous.

Its just foreplay.

Theformal one hasnt started yet.” Casina cocked her head, wondering why Yun Xi had such a strong reaction.

The tremor of his muscles was clearly beyond the range that could be called “normal”.

She remembered that when she taught this skill “The Etiquette of the Battle God” to her other disciples, they all gritted their teeth and endured it.

The most exaggerated one even bit through the towel in her mouth.

Is it too exciting for him When she taught other disciples it, they had already reached the hero rank, but Yun Xi had not yet taken that crucial step.

No, thats not the problem.

She sat down on Yun Xis body, reached out her hand and pinched his ankle, then touched around his foot.

Oh, this handfeel! Not to mention common hero ranked people, even all of her previous disciples didnt have such a perfect body.

“Ah!” Yun Xi screamed because Casina just held one of Yun Xis feet and flicked her fingertips gently in the center of his foot.

“Ga!” After a severe pain, Yun Xi felt a numbing pain shooting straight from his foot to the top of his head, and that “indescribable part” became harder and hotter.

That kind of sweet, sour and soft feeling almost made Yun Xi fly above the heaven and also dropped him into the abyss.

He felt extreme pain and happiness at the same time.

Teacher Casina, is this really a part of the practice Yun Xi gritted his teeth and tried to shift his attention desperately.

One little rabbit, two little rabbits, three little rabbits, ah, that snow-white lovely rabbit! Oh, that obedient little rabbit is making all kinds of attractive gestures in front of me!

Whoop, Whoop! No! I shouldnt imagine this scene!

This is not what a gentleman should do!

“Its incredible.

What medicine did you take” Casina patiently held Yun Xis foot with her palm and her fingertips kept drawing circles on the sole of his foot.

Again, she wondered if she had drunk so much in Hydras wine store that she had forgotten the passage of time.

If it was really the same as my lovely disciple said, Yun Xis body had become a perfect body that had both of the advantages of Rigid Body and Soft Body, but… how could it be possible

No human could have such a terrible talent!

Combining the advantages of Soft Body and Rigid Body… even she herself mastered this after practicing many, many years.

Where was his “Rigid Body” from

She knew that Yun Xis “Soft Body” was a blessing from Hydra, but, where did his “Rigid Body” come from His “Rigid Body” was one of the top-ranked bodies, “Diamond Body”!

If anyone had a “Diamond Body”, that person could learn and master the skill “Superarmor” easily.

To the people who didnt have the “Diamond Body”, even the most talented people must spend dozens of years to learn the skill “Superarmor”.

“Have you met any fantastic creatures or gods recently” Casina asked.

She was sure that Yun Xi hadnt had such a talent before the last time she saw him.

Therefore, he mustve just obtained the “Diamond Body” a few days ago.

“Oh… I have met a lot of fantastic creatures and gods recently.” Yun Xi forced himself to restrain the boiling desire in his heart.

Yes, it was a naked desire.

He felt that the desire was going to drive him into a beast at any moment.

Teacher Casina, I cant hold on!

“Ah… I see…” Casina remembered that her lovely disciple just defeated a lot of fantastic creatures and gods on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Who did it Who granted him this talent Doesnt the god know that this isnt a good thing Its like pulling up seedlings to help them grow, now, she had to help him redesign his training plan.

What a luxurious annoyance, to have such a gifted disciple!

She pulled Yun Xis feet up and stuck them to her chest, Casina began to adjust her breathing.

“Ah!” Yun Xi was puzzled at the beginning, wondering what his feet had touched.

When he came to his senses, his cheeks turned red instantly and his toes trembled uncontrollably.

He could clearly feel the warm and slippery touch from his feet.

That size, that softness, anyone who had experienced them at any time before would never mistake them.

Yun Xi suddenly had a general concept about the limit of “Soft Body”.

It was too wonderful of a feeling, he knew that he could never forget it.

“Dont be afraid.

Ill try to be gentle.” Casinas cheeks were a little red, but that was because she was still drunk.

Her ten fingers straightened Yun Xis toes one by one, and then kneaded his toes one by one.

Each kneading would send a burning force into Yun Xis body.

“Hot… Its so hot…” In all senses, Yun Xis blood was boiling.

“Casina, what are you doing” At this moment, Ouroboros woke up and looked at them with her hazy eyes.

She seemed to be awakened by some great mysterious will, walking, she stumbled to Yun Xi.

Without even raising his head, Yun Xi could see that under the long transparent robe, a pair of snow-white “peaks” were close at hand.

“Ouroboros… Dont make trouble…” Casina grabbed Yun Xis feet with both her hands and shook his body skillfully.

Yun Xis body shivered all over.

Teacher Casina was so fierce! His whole spine was moaning and groaning, and that part of his body was becoming more “vigorous”.

“Hiccup… What an interesting face…” Ouroboros didnt recognize who Yun Xi was.

She giggled and moved her face close to Yun Xis.

“Little guy… Where did you come from”


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