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“Shes scary!” Looking at Hua Huo holding Yun Xi in her arms and disappearing at the end of the sky, Ouroboros finally put her head out from behind Casina with a haunted look on her face.

It was a really big crisis just now! If Casina hadnt come, she didnt dare to imagine what that monster-like girl wouldve done to her.

“You…!! Casina sighed.

Now you know the importance of practicing your combat skills” Casina knocked on Ouroboros head.

As one of the few friends of Ouroboros, she couldnt tolerate that her friend was such a “weak” fantastic creature.

She was the shame of all fantastic creatures!

“I dont want to fight.

Im an augur, why should I fight” As Ouroboros shook her head “No”.

She was an immortal star serpent, a fantastic creature who represented one of the rules of the universe, the strongest augur who could observe the river of destiny in all of the endless gods domains!

Ouroboros had been a winner since her birth.

She never fought anyone anyway.

Once she encountered something that she couldnt solve, her only solution was to run away.

If she didnt fight, she wouldnt be defeated.

She was the indefectible king, Ouroboros!

But this time, it seemed a little different from what happened to her in the past.

Although she successfully escaped again, she was depressed with a sad feeling of having lost something very important.

Has that little fellow occupied such a large place in her heart

Anxious and uneasy.

Panic and nervousness.

Stimulation and heartbeat.

The time she spent with him, even though it was so short, made her experience too many firsts.

This kind of extremely unwanted feelings was unprecedented for her.

“So, do you want to be stronger” Casina shrugged her shoulders and she easily saw through Ouroboros idea.

“Whoa… Indeed… I feel a little unwilling…” Ouroboros laid on the ground, biting her tail absently.

This was her habit when she was in great trouble.

From birth to the present, the greatest worry Ouroboros had ever had, was what she should eat every day.

Every day she lived happily, and no matter what bad things happened, she would forget all the troubles in the blink of an eye.

With her prophecy talent, she didnt fear anything.

The same was true of this trip to Hydras wine store.

Not too many living beings in the endless gods domains dared to steal a gods things, and she was one of them.

In the past, no matter what misfortune she had suffered, how many forces had joined forces to chase her, she didnt know or care, but this time it was totally different.

For the first time, she felt that she had really lost something important, and her chest was tight as if her most precious treasure had been stolen.

Does this mood mean “love”, which she has never understood before

Did she fall in love with Casinas disciple at first sight

Humph, he is just a little bastard.

After I catch him, I must retaliate and torture him with all kinds of tricks!

Yeah, thats it.

I didnt lose.

It was just a strategic retreat!

How could the great Ouroboros be beaten down by a little girl Its impossible!

Finally, Ouroboros made up her mind.

“Casina, I want to practice! I want special training!” With a flick of her tail, Ouroboros made a decision she had never thought that she would make before.

“Oh, good… But… in your situation… you have to start from the most basic parts…” Casina smiled.

She had long been accustomed to Ouroboros lazy attitude.

“With my talent, after three months of practice, I can become a super golden Ouroboros! I can become the overlord of the universe.” Ouroboros made an ambitious declaration.

“Very good! To celebrate that you finally began to practice, lets drink!”

“Drink!” Take out the last stock in Hydras wine store, Casina and Ouroboros drank happily again.

As for practicing… they decided to wait till they had drunk all of Hydras wines.

Yun Xi was dizzy.

He tried to look around but everything was blurred in his eyes.

It was a side effect of the Battle Gods Seed.

After doing this thing and that thing to Ouroboros, his body was satisfied but his mind became empty, the whole world became tasteless in his eyes.

However, this state soon ended, because he smelled a good, familiar fragrance.

It was the fragrance he would smell every summer, the fragrance of his childhood sweetheart.

“Hua Huo…” Slowly opening his eyes, not surprisingly, he saw that familiar and lovely face, as well as the scattered hair.

Its so warm… Here is… Im in Hua Huos arms… His head was being put on Hua Huos knees as she touched his head gently and warmly.

On one side of his shoulders, a bite mark was clearly visible.

It was the mark left by Ouroboros, a cause and a mark of fate.

Yun Xi didnt know how special this bite mark was, he only knew one thing: it was making Hua Huo jealous!

When she looked at the bite mark, the anger in her eyes could almost ignite everything, and only when she looked at Yun Xis face would she become gentle.

“Poor Little Xi… you were entangled by a poisonous snake…” Hua Huo gritted her teeth.

It wasnt her specialty to dispel the curse.

Unless she cut off Yun Xis shoulder, she had no way to remove the mark.

What did that damn snake do to my Little Xi!

If I came there just a little while later, what would she have done to him!

“Uh…” Yun Xis face suddenly turned red.

He remembered the bouquet in Ouroboros mouth.

Well, its hard to explain it… Teacher Casina, it was all the fault of your Battle Gods Seed!

“It doesnt matter.

No matter where you are, Ill come and save you.”

“No matter whether it was that snake or any other monsters, Ill kill them all!”

Looking at Hua Huos eyes, Yun Xi realized that she was serious!


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