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“Come here, come to me.”

The emerald lake water turned into a soft woven net, pulling Yun Xi and Hua Huo together into the Hydras real wine store.

The emerald green water gently wrapped around Hua Huos body and slowly sank her into the bottom of the lake.

In a series of bubbles, Hua Huos facial expression gradually became quiet.

Unlike Yun Xi, who was sheltered by Water God, Hua Huos body could naturally absorb Hydras poisonous wine.

Although the amount was limited, it was still a great opportunity.

As for Yun Xi, he was lying on a verdant super-large water bed, looking at the verdant figure in front of him in some embarrassment.

The figures outline was slightly blurred, but he still could see that it was a girl with green gems on her hair, wrists, and ankles.

She was Hydra.

Her body was actually formed by a large number of sailing jellyfishes.

These transparent jellyfishes turned green after they soaked in the poisonous wine.

“Are you afraid, my bride” Hydra slid her fingertips across Yun Xis chest, gazing at him with a smile.

It was impossible for him to not feel nervous.

After all, what was in front of him was a real god, the well-known Hydra!

In the past, when Yun Xi saw her, he only felt Water Gods great will and power indirectly.

Now, using the sailing jellyfishes bodies, Hydra really appeared in front of him, smiling at him.

It was no longer a vague will, a phantom, but a genuine, touchable god in front of him.

For Yun Xi, this was also the first time, in all of his senses, that he had truly contacted a “god” at zero distance.

Her fragrance seemed to have been blended with the will of the world.

Just feeling the touch from her fingertips, his body got an electric shock, quivering like an aspen leaf.

“If youre afraid, come and have a drink.” Hydra had been waiting for this moment since seeing that Yun Xi was dropping from the sky.

She reached out her palm.

In the translucent palm, a small, delicate and lovely wine cup emerged.

The liquor in the cup showed a deep green color similar to jadeite: Hydras poisonous wine.

“Can I drink such a precious thing” Even though he had known that the poisoned wine would not poison himself, Yun Xi still felt that it was too wasteful for him to drink it.

Hydras poisonous wine was undoubtedly the highest level of food in all of the endless gods domains.

It should appear at the banquet of gods, because only gods and fantastic creatures were entitled to enjoy this wine.

If he drank it now, 99% of the energy contained in the wine would be wasted!

After all, he was just a hero ranked Baker.

“Of course, its my wine.

I can give it to whomever I like.”

“Casina and Ouroboros can drink the wine dreg.”

“And you, my loveliest bride, can drink my best poisonous wine.”

Hydra handed the cup over to Yun Xi and looked at him with expectations.

“Well… so, Ill just have one drink, just one.” Yun Xi swore that he had never had such a luxurious and wasteful time in his life.

Hydra smiled and watched Yun Xi stretch out his tongue.

At the same time, her small hand turned over and another cup appeared in her hand.

They drank the poisonous wine in their cups almost at the same time, but before Yun Xi was able to taste the liquor in his mouth, Hydra had snatched his cup in a hurry.

“Well…” Yun Xi looked foolishly at Hydra, who snatched away his cup and put her cup in front of him.

“Come on, keep drinking.”

“This is the first time weve had a drink.” Hydra happily put Yun Xis cup on her mouth.

Now Hydra looked as happy and romantic as a teenage girl who was mischievously flirting with her lover.

“Cross-cupped wine!” At this time, Yun Xi finally realized what he was doing with Hydra.

This… This kind of thing… We doing it right in front of Hua Huo… If Hua Huo wakes up now, I will be killed!

“Dont worry, the little girl is absorbing the power of my poisonous wine.

Its good for her health, and she wont wake up for a while.” Hydra stretched out a finger, put it on her lips and shushed softly.

On the clear bottom of the lake, Hua Huos whole body was emitting beautiful green light.

Only a single strand of hair on the top of her head was still moving around, directly locking on in the direction where Yun Xi and Hydra were.

Yun Xi looked at Hydra but failed to shed a tear.

She was different from his original impression of her!

“Its not a good lady who doesnt drink with her bride.” Hydra declared proudly.

Love is only about win or lose, there is no right or wrong.

If you hesitate, you will have nothing.

Fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be, otherwise, they cant know each other, even face to face.

This was the power of fate!


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