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Chapter 593: Connections (3)

If we only looked at the number of human beings, the total population in the Mechanus Gods Domain was probably ten times more than that in the Sky Sword Gods Domain, and the size of the Mechanus Gods Domain was only one tenth of that in the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

With the support of Planet Quadrant Computers, the land of the Mechanus Gods Domain could feed a hundred times more people than the land of the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

However, once without the support of Planet Quadrant Computers, the Mechanus Gods Domain would begin to self-destruct, which was exactly the opposite of the situation in the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

No matter if there were Sky Swords or not, people in the Sky Sword Gods Domain lived a self-sufficient life.

Theoretically, Sky Swords were the masters of the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

In fact, most Sky Swords never interfered with any affairs in the Sky Sword Gods Domain but left everything to local forces such as White Lotus Sword Palace and the Great Xia Empire for autonomy.

Without Sky Swords, the people in the Sky Sword Gods Domain could still live peacefully, however, without Planet Quadrant Computers, the Mechanus Gods Domain would collapse completely.

Understanding the difference, Yun Xi felt that people in the Mechanus Gods Domain should get rid of their dependence on Planet Quadrant Computers.

At least, so they wouldnt starve themselves to death in this case.

He could save the Mechanus Gods Domain one or two times, but he couldnt always help them.

If people always looked for their own death, he had no way to help them.

He sincerely hoped that human beings in the Mechanus Gods Domain would learn how to get along well with Planet Quadrant Computers, recognize Alphas existence and stop thinking that they were the only ruler of the universe.

This had long been proved that it was just a delusion.

In the infinite gods domains realm, there were innumerable races who were smarter and stronger than human race.

The only advantage or feature of human beings was “average”.

Average intelligence, average strength, average agility.

The human race was the only race in the endless gods domains who didnt have any shortcomings neither super abilities.

Humans could adapt to the environment in any gods domains and survive, this was probably the characteristic of human beings.

Gods, demons, Sky Swords, fantastic creatures… human beings could believe in anything and adapt to anything.

The people in the Mechanus Gods Domain didnt understand Alpha, but they were just a special case.

In other gods domains, people would choose a strong existence as their belief, whether it was a god, a devil, a Sky Sword, a fantastic creature, or a legend ranked human being.

In the Sky Sword Gods Domain, Sky Swords were the highest force.

Why is the land in the Sky Sword Gods Domain presenting a sword-like shape Because the legend ranked power of Sky Swords distorted the rules of the universe, embodying its own essence.

Perhaps the future of the Mechanus Gods Domain was to integrate humans and computers, evolving towards an extraordinary realm.

Since the moment people chose Planet Quadrant Computers, this future had been doomed.

Soon or later, Alpha would be born in the Mechanus Gods Domain.

She was chosen by the Mechanus Gods Domain.

After accepting the large amounts of information, Yun Xi felt as if he had watched the history of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

Ah, its an excellent history lesson! Yun Xi opened his eyes and saw…

The cornerstone of the civilization of the Mechanus Gods Domain, the Planet Quadrant Computers representing the highest crystallization of wisdom in the entire Mechanus Gods Domain, were all wrapped around him in a naked manner.

Eternal Green straddled on his body, her big breasts were almost close to his mouth, and her soft breasts almost squeezed out all of his breath.

In addition, his left hand was held by Eternal Red, and his right hand was grasped by Eternal Blue.

His feet were entwined by Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver.

After taking off their clothes, all Planet Quadrant Computers had snow-white skin while emitting a sweet and attractive smell.

Where is this place

Who am I

What happened

Yun Xi just read the history of an entire gods domain, his mind went blank and couldnt imagine what was happening.

From the history of a civilization to a pink paradise of girls, everything happened only within one second.

From the database of the Planet Quadrant Computers, he saw everything in them.

Then, what did they see and feel from him

Yun Xi felt that he would never know the answer.

“Whoa… no, no…” Eternal Green made a voice that was like groaning but also intoxicating.

Her snow-white perfect body, angel-like shiny hair, round and lovely eyes, cherry-petal-like lips, thin neck, slender shoulders, as well as that pair of rich fruits in front of her chest…

No! I shouldnt keep looking!

Yun Xi turned over his head and saw Eternal Blues slim waist, incredible and elegant hip curve, dazzling long legs, soft thighs, and flawless ankles.

Thats not good either!

Yun Xi turned his head again and saw Eternal Reds petite body.

Her naked petite body exuded a soft, moist and charming luster, which made her extremely eye-catching, arousing the deepest desire to commit a crime in his heart.

No! Not good at all!

Yun Xi closed his eyes and tried to be immersed in the history of the Mechanus Gods Domain again to escape from this tempting paradise.

At his foot, there came the tender and gentle groans of the twins.

He didnt look at them at all, but their gentle and beautiful curves, graceful and sleek shoulders, and delicate skin all clearly appeared in his mind.

No! This isnt right! An upright gentleman shouldnt image any of these!


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