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Game started!

Alpha was absorbed in watching the only black chess piece on the chessboard and instantly gave her whole attention to calculate.

“Tengen!” Skuld, the youngest of the three goddesses screamed.

“Tengen…” Urds face turned unusually red.

“Its tengen again.” Verdandi hugged her sisters and murmured to herself.

Tengen, in the past, no one placed the first chess piece on tengen… until Yun Xi appeared.

As long as he went first, he would put his first chess piece on tengen, and he was never defeated.

This was how incredible the Master of Star Go was, and because of him, people called this move “The Move of the Master of Star Go”.

“As I expected, he chose tengen again!”

“The invincible myth of tengen.”

“Im afraid that Alpha would be defeated again this time.”

Watching Yun Xis first move on the chessboard, everyone knew that they were witnessing history, the third duel between Alpha and the Master of Star Go!

“Pa!” Alpha had fantasized this scene countless times.

She put down her chess piece without hesitation.

Faced with the Master of Star Go, she would save her every bit of computing power.

Most of her Planet Quadrant Computers were still under reconstruction, she could only use half of her computing power now.

In order to defeat her strongest opponent, more than 90% of her computing power was used to optimize her calculation program of Star Go.

Especially the 100 games Yun Xi had played, she had analyzed them countless times.

She herself was also accustomed to putting her first chess piece onto tengen, but was only for a simple reason: to defeat her opponents at the fastest speed.

“A Cloud in the Sky” was different from her, his moves contained some higher rules that she didnt understand.

If she continued to launch an attack and defend battle around tengen, she would be undoubtedly defeated again this time.

At least, with her current computing power, she should avoid doing this.

This time, Alpha changed her tactics.

“She put her chess piece on the corner”

“Dont she plan to stop the Master of Star Go at tengen”

“Yes, if she also chose to put her chess pieces around tengen, she would have no chance to win.”

Watching the game, Orfina the Ruby Dragon and the three goddesses made the same judgment.

In fact, they had analyzed Yun Xis style countless times, and they had the same conclusion as Alpha.

No one should launch a battle around tengen with the Master of Star Go.

It was tantamount to committing suicide.

The best thing to do at this moment is to quit.

If they dont fight against him, they wont be defeated.

At least, they would avoid this from happening at the beginning of the game.




Whether it was Alpha or Yun Xi, they put down their chess pieces quickly.

Alpha had prepared for this moment for a long time, so she could be so fast.

As for Yun Xi…

“Oh… its really a happy feeling to play Star Go…” As soon as he looked at the familiar chessboard, all the troubles in his heart disappeared.

In this world, he didnt need to think about anything.

After coming to the familiar chessboard and playing with the familiar opponent again, it seemed that everything was no longer a problem in his heart… at least, no longer a problem at this moment.

Alpha was a supreme god in the Mechanus Gods Domain.

However, on the chessboard, they were just players, and he could even take the upper hand here.

Familiar chessboard, familiar chess pieces, familiar trajectory of stars… Yun Xi suddenly regained his self-confidence and was no longer at a loss as when he was in the Mechanus Gods Domain.

The Starry Sky Chessboard is his home field!

After a dozen turns later, Alphas chess pieces had formed shape on the chessboard.

“Defense” The three goddesses looked at the chessboard in surprise.

“Its not like her style!” Orfina had been defeated by Alpha a lot of times, naturally, she was familiar with Alphas style.

She was also surprised by Alphas new playing style.

Like an iron wall, her chess pieces formed a flawless defense on the chessboard.

This was the tactic Alpha prepared for Yun Xi.

Code name – Iron Girl.


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