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Chapter 619: Undercurrent

In the White Lotus Sword Palace, after class.

“The first family of the Ghost Sword Domain is recruiting! As long as you join, you will be our formal disciple, enjoying free estate, maids, servants, and everything you want!” In the corridor of the Sword Palace, several foreign students from the Ghost Sword Domain were handing out leaflets enthusiastically with a smile on their faces.

“The third princess of the Great Xia Empire is recruiting! If you want to be an officer in the Great Xia Empire, this is your best opportunity!” The officer of the Great Xia Empire wore a pale golden robe and shouted with great enthusiasm.

He just accompanied the third princess of the Great Xia Empire to study here, unexpectedly, he had such a great opportunity!

“The army of the Great Han Sword Domain is recruiting! The more sounds you heard, the higher the treatment we can provide! You heard one sound, you can be a centurion; if you heard two sounds, you can be a chiliarch; if you heard three sounds, you can be a general; if you heard more than four sounds, you can speak to us face to face!” The foreign students from the Great Han Sword Domain were also shouting loud, recruiting for the army of their sword domain.

“Come here, come here, the Star Silk Alliance recruits people! We can provide all kinds of sword skills, god weapons, and various treasures to you! Our slogan is: as long as we have money, nothing will be a problem!” Even the business alliance had begun to join in.

This was the way that the major forces crowded into the White Lotus Sword Palace had come up with.

Because of the existence of Casina the Battle God, they couldn’t use any dirty means, therefore, they started to lure the disciples of the sword palace using all kinds of temptations.

If both sides thought that it was a fair deal, even Casina the Battle God couldn’t do anything to stop them.

Therefore, the foreign students of the White Lotus Sword Palace soon received tasks from their respective sword domains and began to wantonly recruit other students in the Sword Palace.

Especially those disciples who accidentally revealed how many sounds they heard when the White Lotus Secret Treasure appeared, everyone became the hottest target, and for those who didn’t disclose how many sounds they had heard There were also methods for giving a vague guess.

All the disciples of the White Lotus Sword Palace were listed by the major forces.

At the top of the form was naturally Hua Huo, who crushed all her rivals before entering the sword palace, and the second was Xia Ling, the princess of the Great Xia Empire.

Behind them were other hero ranked disciples.

Incidentally, Xiao Cao had also entered the top ten list because of her performance at the Battle God’s Championship Contest.

All the members of the Starwing Knights were ranked very high.

Hua Yue’s rank was twelfth in the list, which was even higher than a lot of hero ranked old disciples.

The entire Starwing Knights had long become a coveted target for all the forces from top-ranked sword domains.

If it wasn’t because of Casina’s deterrence, these girls would have been divvied up by all the major forces.

Even the maid in the Starwing Knights, because of his three little puppies, was watched by many people.

Every day when Yun Xi went out, there would be people asking how much they could buy the three little puppies for.

They didn’t care about the money.

As long as the problem could be solved with money, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately, they were denied entrance at the door.

How could Yun Xi sell the Star Spirit Team that Mei’er built for himself

Not only Yun Xi, none of the members of the Starwing Knights even considered the seemingly attractive conditions set forth by these forces.

From Hua Yue, Xiao Cao to any of the ordinary members of the Starwing Knights, all of them refused the invitations from these forces.

Are you kidding me The Starwing Knights are Mei’s Knights, we won’t leave without Mei’s permission!

Not knowing why they refused, all the representatives of the major forces were bewildered.

Are you really girls from common families

Facing the solicitation of forces from top-ranked sword domains, shouldn’t you catch this great opportunity to join us What are you waiting for

We can give you a greater future and let you become the highest type of human being!

There is a common rule to absorb outstanding geniuses from common families into the upper classes, why did these village girls refuse our kindness

Are you so willing to stay in the Starwing Knights, which sounds like a Knights group in a young girl’s romantic dream

Are your heads broken

Or has the entire Starwing Knights already been taken by some concealed family or sect

After some investigation, they had to admit that the entire Starwing Knights may have joined a famous family: their leader, Hua Yue’s family.

After all, even in the entire Western God’s Domain, Hua Yue’s family was one of the oldest and the most legendary one.

They had to sigh for Hua Yue’s good luck.

Who would expect that an unknown Knight group, which was formed because of their leader’s romantic idea, would be so united and so lucky Even after all the members being blessed by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, none of the members were willing to leave.

Even so, they didn’t give up trying, so the girls of the Starwing Knights were still being harassed every day by the predecessors of the White Lotus Sword Palace, which accidentally gave Yun Xi some breathing room.

However, in this storm, he himself, also had difficulties keeping out of the affair.

“Mei, my family likes dogs best, would you like to come to my house with the three cute puppies” After being refused many times, the female disciples of White Lotus Sword Palace also learned the way to deal with Yun Xi.

They never mentioned their purpose of buying Star Thunder, Star Fire and Star Snow, but focused their attention on Yun Xi.

I know you like dogs, and everyone likes dogs, but why are you so close

Yun Xi suddenly found that he was separated from one whirlpool and involved in another.

Is this a delusion It must be a delusion!

Why are the ladies of the White Lotus Sword Palace beginning to learn from the girls of the Starwing Knights!

Remember, you are ladies, you should be highly cultured and steeped in propriety.

So don’t get so close, please!


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