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The magic she was good at:

Support magic: Water Breathing, which can let the team dive into the sea to find rare materials, lasting about three hours.

Attack Magic: Magic Missile, Multiple Magic Missiles, Large Magic Missiles, which can automatically lock on the enemy and can be released all at once.

Ultimate Skill: Magic Missile Storm, which has greater speed and stronger power.

It can easily kill three green hippos at the same time.

Its enviable! Looking at the little witchs achievements, Yun Xi sighed.

If it was her in the Star trial, she wouldnt need to fight with the green hippo face to face at all, because she could easily kill the green hippo from a distance by using her Magic Missiles.

If he had this ability, he wouldnt have been killed by that green hippo for hundreds of times in the trial!

Is this the power of a witch She hadnt entered the hero rank yet, but had mastered such a strong power.

No wonder the other three girls would form a team with the youngest witch as the core.

She really had that kind of strength and deserved to be treated like that.

“But… why would a witch come to the White Lotus Sword Palace This is a school where you can study sword skills but not magic.

What a strange witch!”

“Cough… Actually, its because of the orders from my family…” Yun Xi didnt know since when, suddenly, he noticed a top hat had appeared in his sight.

“Ah, Rose” Yun Xi looked up at the little witch in surprise.

She wore a big pointed hat and a pair of big black-framed glasses.

Her height was so short that when she sat on chairs, her feet would barely touch the ground.

If he hadnt read the information provided by Hua Yue, he wouldnt have believed that she was already 16 years old.

“Well, Hua Yue called me, so I came.”

“She said that its time to do the test for entering the Starwing Knights.” Rose walked beside Yun Xi.

Even with her top hat, she was not as tall as Yun Xis shoulder.

You can imagine how delicate she was.

In fact, many people thought that she was the child of a tutor from Western Gods Domain.

They didnt suspect that this little girl was a disciple of the White Lotus Sword Palace and also a genuine witch.

Even in the Western Gods Domain, witches were rare.

The vast majority of human beings in the Western Gods Domain wouldnt see any real witches in their lifetime.

“The test of entering the Starwing Knights…” Yun Xi complained in his heart.

Well, Hua Yue was indeed a girl who could do this.

However, to be honest, Yun Xis heart also beat slightly faster when he carefully looked at the little witch who was trying to follow his steps.

Despite the big black-framed glasses and the old-fashioned pointed hat, the witch girl had snow-white skin that common human beings couldnt have.

Plus, with her small and lovely figure, she looked like a living doll, giving him a delicate feeling.

Of course, if many humans thought that witches were weak and dared to do anything to them, they wouldnt even have time to regret.

Witches magic would teach them what true power was.

“Why do you want to join the Starwing Knights” Yun Xi pulled Roses hand and felt the soft, warm hand, asking curiously.

“Because… Meis body, mmm no, your body… smells good…” Rose hesitated for a moment, but still told the truth, “Besides, Meis bread is delicious.”

Who gave you bread Yun Xi quickly scanned several suspects in his mind, and finally locked his target on the leader of the Starwing Knights.

Hua Yue.

Its not right to tempt a young girl with bread! A gentleman wouldnt do this!

Oh, Hua Yue is a lady, not a gentleman.

“Youre too young to join the Starwing Knights.” Yun Xi felt that if he agreed to the childs application, he would not be able to be a gentleman the rest of his life.

Clearly, she is sixteen years old, the same age as himself.

Why do I feel guilty when I hold her little hand

Shes sixteen years old! Sixteen years old! Sixteen years old! In a lot of gods domains, its the legal age to marry and have children! Yun Xi constantly reminded himself in his heart.

“But Mumu is younger than me” Rose looked at Yun Xi with some impertinence, launching a fatal blow to Yun Xis excuse.

… Oh! Yun Xi remembered that Mumu had also joined the Starwing Knights.

Her age was younger than Rose and she was still taking basic knowledge courses with the twin witches.

No, now I cant use age as an excuse.

Well, then, should I let her join

Actually, her Witch Bloodline is already a sufficient excuse to let her join.

“Well, I want to join, and theyre with me.” Although she was small, Rose was actually the core of the small group “Knights and Magic”.

She looked at Yun Xi with expectations, and her small-animal-like eyes made Yun Xis heart soften.

“Ill give you bread, and you give it up.”

“Joining the Starwing Knights is not all good.

As a Knight, we may encounter dangerous things in the future.” Yun Xi really didnt want to commit a crime.

Looking at Roses tiny body and her small chest, he felt a very bad itch in his heart.

If Hua Yues information is correct, Roses flat chest is actually a disguise

Its hard to imagine! No matter how I observe her, she is just a little girl.

Is this a genius of witches

“Danger is a strong motivation that can let me improve myself.”

“We are working hard to become stronger, so we are not afraid of dangers.” Rose stretched out her finger with magical light on her fingertips.

“I want to learn more, I want to master stronger Magic Missiles.”

“So, I must join the Starwing Knights.”

Well, I know you like Magic Missiles very much!

Looking back on Roses information provided by Hua Yue, Yun Xi understood.

This girl… once she has a goal, she will never give it up!


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