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Chapter 633: Human Wolf

“Whoa!” Rose was still crying sadly.

She was curled up in her spare big magic robe like a rabbit hiding in her hole.

Next to her, the three girls who had put on their knight armor were comforting the little witch.

“Rose, it’s not your fault.”

“It’s because the slime was too strong!”

“Your Magic Missile is still the best.

Let’s slaughter the dragon and conquer the world together in the future!”

Rose still sobbed.

Her hands clasped around her huge chest, which was totally out of line with her body shape.

It was too big and too heavy for her petite body.

It wasn’t a problem when she was wrapped in the bandage, because the bandage had a special magic power which could greatly reduce the weight and cover the size of her breasts.

Now, the bandage was eaten by the slime, and the little witch, Rose felt wrong all over.

In the past, only when she took a bath with Lancelot, Mordred, and Alexander would she untie the bandage.

Apart from the bathing time, she would never untie the bandage.

For her, the bandage had almost become a part of her body.

They are so heavy! Ooooh!

“Mei, take her to the bath.”

“Just wash Rose clean, and she’ll regain her confidence.”

“We’ll find a way to find a new bandage for Rose.” The three knight girls looked at Yun Xi with an expression “Great hero, please save the world!” on their faces.

So why do you ask me to take care of Rose so naturally

What’s more, she looks so small, but has such a pair of plump fruits! I can barely preserve my sanity!

“Hurry up! Go! Take care of Rose!”

“Let’s prepare a new bandage for Rose.”

“Mei, don’t be hesitant, you can do it!”

The three girls pushed the little witch to Yun Xi and didn’t give him any chance to refuse.

“Well… Rose…” Yun Xi really has little experience in caring for such a young child.

What’s more, it’s such a big-breasted child! It’s really a crime!

“Whoa!! Does Mei dislike me”

“I lost to the slime, so I can’t join the Starwing Knights” Rose looked at Yun Xi with tears in her eyes and despair on her face.

Looking at her crying face, Yun Xi could not say the word “no”.

“All right!” Yun Xi felt that this was fate.

The girl asked him to take a bath, and he couldn’t expose his gender and identity.

What else can he do

I’m desperate, too!

“Whoa… Um… ” Rose shrugged her nose, and her little face flushed with shame.

A child needs only a kiss and a hug to recover quickly.

Knowing this, the three knight girls gave Rose to Yun Xi without hesitation.

They would not have thought that the black-haired maid’s true identity was an energetic 16-year-old boy!

Looking at Rose’s scarlet face and shy eyes, his heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

Take the little witch to the beach and try not to look at her body, Yun Xi quickly took off her broad magic robe and the time to suffer began.

The girl’s white body had soft, tender skin.

The pair of huge peaks floated in the water with a fatal temptation.

Of course, Yun Xi didn’t see it with his eyes, because he had actively shielded his vision and began to learn how to use breathing to sense the “air” around him.

It’s the last resort.

If he opened his eyes at this time, he would be a real criminal.

Nevertheless, his hands still inadvertently touched places he should not touch.

In the clear seawater, the full peaks were tender like tofu and slippery like oil.

With a gentle pinch on the belly of the finger, the fruit deformed freely in the palms.

It was a tenderness that was enough to arouse the desire of the male animal, which made him feel pity for her, but also, he couldn’t help wanting to ravage her again and again.

Clearly there was no support, but this pair of peaks had no trace of falling, as firm as they had been cast magic.

The lower edge and upper edge maintained a perfect arc, straight and sharp, perfect and incredible.

Not only the shape, but also the touch was soft and delicate.

Just a gentle pressure, it would sag down; slightly, loosen the grip, and then it would “bounce” back.

Even if he didn’t see with his eyes, Yun Xi could fill in the little witch Rose’s white body and blushed face in his mind.

This soft and delicate body leaned into his arms, the fragrance of her hair, as well as the snow-white delicate skin, all could be mastered with one hand.

After taking off her shoes and socks, her snow-white feet were smooth and as tender as snow.

What’s more, the bared feet often trod on where they shouldn’t tread, which made Yun Xi feel suffocated.

Although he closed his eyes, he could feel the elongated legs rubbing his unmentionable location with bared feet.

The exquisite white feet with round ankles and toes moved and slid curiously around that area.

“Ah-ho!” At the seaside, there was a faint cry of despair from the big gray wolf who stayed alone with the little white rabbit.


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