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If you do it, you will do your best once you start working.

This was Yun Xis little obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It was a kind of innate patience.

He didnt have the talent of Hua Huo, so he spent ten times or even more to do his best, step by step.

Although he had never made a puppet before, the experience of making cakes would help at this time.

First, it was about deciding the material.

“Well, the materials here are really advanced!” He walked to the corner of the puppet room, where there were all kinds of materials.

Most of them were all kinds of precious wood, which was also the most popular puppet material used by the previous kings.

All the materials were well preserved in the magic shield, maintaining the perfect texture, and were absolutely the best materials of the highest level.

However, compared with the finished products on the other side, the irredeemable craftsmanship of the kings really spoiled these precious materials.

They could even carve the bright moonlight branches with dense potholes! How terrible the kings craftsmanship was!

In addition to all kinds of wood, the rest was colorful gemstones.

It seemed to be the common skill of all kings to decorate their puppets with beautiful gems.

Deep dark obsidian.

Lively celestite.

Dazzling spinel.

Brilliant sapphire.

Hot ruby.

Gems from all over the world had been classified and piled up together.

Even the dragons would be jealous if they saw these gems.

The kings who lived frugally and simply seemed to put all their wealth in this small puppet room.

Yun Xis fingertips slide over various kinds of colorful gemstones and the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

I have an inspiration!

With these gems, I may be able to make a very beautiful puppet.

Its unbelievable.

Itll be the first time for me to make a puppet, but after touching these materials, there is a steady stream of inspiration in my mind!




The mellow green slime rolled in and out of the gem pile.

From time to time, it rolled up one sparkling gem after another and made a joyful and inexplicable cry.

“Well, Pafu can also be used.” Yun Xi looked at the bouncing Pafu thoughtfully, with a general outline of the puppet he was going to make in mind.

It was the figure of the young and beautiful queen.

A moment later, Pafu was placed in the center of the long table.

“I remember that slimes can change their shapes at ease.” He looked at Pafu, who was confused about why it was placed here.

“Pafu” Pafu skillfully turned into his fondness, looking like the bud of girls.

“Cough… cough… not this… ” Yun Xi blushed.

“Pafu” Pafu transformed into the shape of the bracelet, just like that one in the Water Gods world.

“Its not that either.” He shook his head and told Pafu the outline he wanted, “Its the figure of the queen.

Can you do it”

“Pafu” Pafu twisted its round body and began to transform into the figure he wanted.

However, it was a little too difficult for Pafu, which seemed not so intelligent.

The posture it changed into was far from the image of the queen in his mind.

It could only be said that there was roughly the outline of a human girl, but no matter, the hair or fingers were stuck together.

It was only the slightly raised chest that restored the “shape” of the queen.

It seemed that this was one of Pafus natural talents

Fortunately, Yun Xi had been prepared for this.

Just like the old saying goes, “Rome cant be built in a day”.

Making a beautiful puppet couldnt be done overnight.

As the preview before the real hands-on, Pafu was the best material for the task, anyway, it wouldnt die because of this.

Moreover, even the clumsy figure of the girl Pafu transformed into was much more beautiful than the best works of the kings!

Your majesties, to what extent is your sense of art lacking!

Holding out his hand, he recalled the lonely queen of Assyria in his eyes under the moonlight, and started the homework named “pinching Pafu”.

The slimes features had been well used by Yun Xi.

The image of the queen, the figure bathed in the moonlight appeared in front of him through his hands and through Pafus translucent green body.

Letting Yun Xi knead and pinch, Pafu made a happy and comfortable sounds, and enjoyed the stimulation of his hands.




The lovely voice echoed in the puppet, so beautiful, so happy.

Yun Xi was humming a song that only he could hear clearly, while shaping the appearance of the puppet girl he would marry.

“If the dream can come true, I want to come to you, hold your hand and kiss your lips.”

“With my constant caressing, your body is shaking and your long legs are combined because of tension.

I stretched out my hand and took off all the boots and socks from your beautiful feet.”

“In the moonlight, your feet exude a white texture like white jade and cheese.

On your beautiful, silvermoon-like face, your lips are biting gently, your eyes are closed shyly, and your groans are emotional.”

“Your long hair is scattered on your shoulder, giving out the most unique beauty in the world.

You look at me with uneasy eyes, just like the goddess under the white moon.”

“I admire your feet, your eyes, your whispers as I look at the most beautiful art in the world.”

“In my eyes, there is nothing more beautiful than you in the universe.”

“You are the light of my life, the fire of my desire.

Like the moon surrounded by stars, you are so beautiful and so bright.”

“Tonight, may the moonlight bless you, your majesty.”


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