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With her small fragrant tongue stretched out, Mumu kissed the queens snow-white cheek and bit her ear, and indulged in the softness of her long black hair.

Well, thats true.

Its a great feeling!

“Aha…” The Queen of Assyria looked at Mumu in confusion and didnt know what to do at this time.

But its not a nasty feeling.

Just as Mumu had some natural intimacy with the queen, the queen also had a strange intimacy with Mumu, and didnt resist her intimacy at all.

“Cough… This course has not yet reached this stage.

” Looking at the two little girls who were already intimate and full of charming atmosphere, the female official coughed.

Even if it is not taught in the textbook, it is also necessary to follow the basic rules.

It is not good to start from this stage!

“Little sister, where are you from”

“Its so delicious.” Mumu was intoxicated with the queens fragrance, more precisely, White Moons fragrance.

It was mixed with the fragrance of moonlight branches, just like the fragrance of moonlight wine.

It was White Moons special charm.

Especially for Mumu, just absorbing some elements from White Moons body would make her blush.

“Your taste is also very good.”

It was rare that not only the queen, but also the “White Moon” who had just been born had an extraordinary liking for Mumu.

It seems that in some parts, they have surprisingly similar characteristics.

“Hua Yue says Mumu is going to be with White Moon.” Mumu completely forgot that Hua Yue told her to keep it a secret.

“Well, lets come to listen to the course together.

Lets study, what is the wedding night.”

The black-hair girl and the silver-haired girl held each others hands, looking at the female official who would teach this course.

Your majesty, I understand your difficulties, but its really too…

The female official tried to control her emotions and began to perform her responsibility helplessly.

“First of all, Princess White Moon, and Mumu, you are both going to marry the prince, so the wedding night is an important moment you have to go through.”

“Um.” White Moon nodded.

I see.

Thats why I had to study for the wedding night course.

“Prince Isnt he…” Mumu listened to the female officials guidance with full interest.

Her two little feet were twinkling and rippling in a lovely arc.

As the female official spoke, the content of the course gradually moved towards the realm of adults, and the two little girls reactions were also quite different.

“Yeah… Really… do we have to do that”

“How could it be! That Prince and I…” White Moon looked at the female official foolishly and her mouth opened wider and wider.

Not only she, but also another child who eavesdropped on the course had a huge impact on her world outlook.

I see.

Thats what the so-called wedding night is about!

No, absolutely not!

How can I bear it, dad is mine! Ill never give him to anyone!

“The mating ceremony of human beings… is so complicated… ” Mumus eyes were full of confusion.

There was a difference between the common sense of the dragon race and that of the human race.

Isnt that how mom and dad give birth to her

“Puff… thats all for todays course…” After teaching the most basic knowledge of the wedding night, the female official felt very tired.

It turns out that its full of guilt to teach this knowledge to children who dont know anything!

Originally, the daughters of nobility would be imparted this knowledge only when they were about 16 years old and began to choose engagement partners.

She didnt expect that in this generation, the queen would be such a little girl.

Your majesty, though it is a great sin of disrespect, I still want to say…

“Well, is that so” Mumus curiosity and action power were much stronger than those of the female official who was full of thoughts at this moment.

Only after learning the first lesson, she began to practice.

Target – the shy little sister!

Put out one hand, Mumu pressed the queens hands and gently separate her feet.

Well, Mumu is a good kid who studies hard!

“It seems… this posture is not right… ” The Queen of Assyria shook her head.

She held Mumus white face and kissed her.



Two smooth and delicious tongues intertwined with each other.

Silver thread falling from the two little girls lips and tongues, showing the color of tempting crime.

White Moon is also a good child who loves to study!

“Cough… Yes, thats probably how it feels.”

“The details are not so important.

Its important to make the partner feel comfortable.”

“In other words, posture doesnt matter.

Its about whether the other side is satisfied.”

The queen extended her little feet, and her toes touched Mumus chest.

She remembered that when she stepped on the princes body with her feet, he seemed to show a very comfortable expression.

In this way, I should be able to add points to the “wedding night” course.

“Little sister, your feet are beautiful.” Mumu grasped the white and tender feet, gently rubbing the bent arch, smoothing her instep, and then naughtily opened the ten toes.

“Ah… There…” The queens face was flushed with shyness, and the feeling of crispness and numbness swept her whole body.

With a smile, Mumu gently bit the queens sensitive toes, then stretched out his little tongue and licked the soft feet.

From the sole of the foot to the instep, from the arch of the foot to the lower leg, Mumu had practiced the courses she learned one by one.

The rhythm of kissing, the timing of sipping, the posture and reaction of being a bride… what an interesting dream!

“Whoa… Mumu, you bully me…” The queens petite body was shaking constantly, and there was a hazy color in her eyes.

It turns out that this is what we need to learn on our wedding night.

On the wedding night, am I going to do something like this with the prince

From the tip of the foot to the cheek, all should be licked like this, and further!

Oh, its so embarrassing!


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