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Chapter 71: Yun Xi was Surrounded


“Eh… lady You’re going the wrong way”



This is the civilian people’s camp, but you look like a girl of nobility from Western God’s Domain.”




The swordsmen of the civilian people’s camp were so nervous that they didn’t even know how to speak.

Heaven pities and protects us! How could they have had a chance to see a lady from Western God’s Domain before! Besides, the gap between them was too far! Even any of the gems on Yun Xi’s maid’s black uniform was more expensive than their total assets.

They couldn’t even calculate the exact value of the maid’s uniform!


“Dear lady, you should come here.”


“Which family are you from I’m sorry for we can’t do much for you in this situation, but can I have the honor to serve you”


“What a beautiful girl.

I never thought that I would meet such a beauty.”


Immediately, several servants ran to Yun Xi from the noble families’ camp.

They flattered Yun Xi and invited him to go to their camp.


“No, thank you… but I belong here,” Yun Xi looked around with amazement.


He was born in the small town.

Just a week ago, he was still selling bread in his shop.

If he didn’t come here, then where would he go Obviously, Yun Xi hadn’t realized what a great change had happened to him.


“But… how can you be a civilian” Several second rank swordsmen twisted the corners of their mouths.

Finally, they opened their mouths to ask Yun Xi with doubt.


The girl had a soft, delicate body and attractive appearance.

Besides, her gorgeous dress looked so unusual.

How could a civilian have enough money to buy that!


“Well, in fact, I was born in this small town, but just returned here a few days ago.

I’m just a very ordinary maid,” Yun Xi pretended that he was “ordinary”, then naturally walked to the civilian people’s camp.




Immediately, an empty area appeared in the civilian people’s camp.

Even the several strongest second rank swordsmen also followed the crowd, moving away from Yun Xi.


Impossible! There couldn’t be a civilian like this girl in the world!


This girl was too beautiful, like an elf coming from the tales.


Was she really born in the small town But she did have pure black hair, like a perfect doll.


The people looked at Yun Xi and sighed with emotion, although Yun Xi still didn’t know how remarkable he had become.


“Hello, everyone.

I’m Mei, a maid, and one of the examinees of the Sword Palace’s entrance test.

Look, I also use sword!” Yun Xi pointed at the steel sword at his waist, which Hua Huo had prepared for him not long ago.


“Examinee You”


“Oh, so you’re going to take part in the test.”


“Maid Why haven’t I see any maid like you before”


After Yun Xi said his name, the civilian people around him looked a little relieved.

However, none of them believed that such a beautiful girl wearing a western style dress was actually a civilian.

They were civilians.

They knew the difference.


Her skin looked like fresh snow, her face looked delicate, her body looked slender, and her maid’s black uniform looked pretty on her body.

Many noble families’ maids were born in common families, but how could it be possible that they had such an attractive temperament and charm


No, not to mention the civilian people’s camp, even the noble families’ camp’s people hadn’t seen any maids like Yun Xi before.


“She is sparkling! She is perfect! I had never thought that a maid could be so charming!” Childe Yun He’s eyes brightened up.

Even though he was born into one of the oldest family in White Lotus Sword Domain, he had never seen such a maid.


“I guess she is a royal maid.”


“She can’t be an ordinary person.

She must have been trained since her childhood and has special maid-type skills,” said Childe Si Nian.

A part of his bloodline was from Western God’s Domain, so his words were credible.


“Of course.

She can’t be a civilian,” said Childe San Quan.

He waved his fans sword and remembered something.


Obviously, no matter it was the noble families’ camp or the civilian people’s camp, they both agreed that Yun Xi wasn’t an ordinary person.


“Well… Don’t pay that much attention to me.

I’m just an ordinary examinee,” Yun Xi said.

He was at a loss what to do because so many people were gazing at him.


The people around Yun Xi felt surprised, excited and enchanted.

They tried to show their best in front of him.


“Brother Li, I have just learnt several new sword skills.

Do you mind if you practice with me”


“Well, what a coincidence! I feel that my sword’s calling me! It’s time to show my best sword skill!”


“Look! My passion is burning! Let’s have a warm-up practice before the formal test starts!”


In the twinkling of an eye, a series of battles had erupted around Yun Xi.

None of the Sword Palace’s entrance test candidates were over eighteen years old.

They were young and aggressive.

After seeing Yun Xi’s maid’s black uniform and his shy look, none of them could discipline themselves any longer.


Even several of the most matured candidates couldn’t stop their hearts from beating violently.

As the poem said, “That mild-mannered good girl, awake, asleep, I search for her”.

If they missed this chance, they would never meet such a beauty again!


Her deer-like innocent eyes had captured many people’s hearts.


“You…” After seeing the several strongest swordsmen fight each other for him, Yun Xi was dumbfounded.


What was wrong with the world


Why He had just changed his clothes to the maid’s black uniform, why did everything start to go wrong after that!


“Come here!”


“Don’t mind these bad guys, come here!”


As Yun Xi felt distressed, the female swordsmen’s camp sent him an invitation.

Different Gods’ Domains had the same aesthetics standards.

Especially if it related to beautiful girls like Yun Xi, who had pure black hair and wore an exotic maid’s black uniform.

Even though they were girls, but they had also been captivated by Yun Xi’s beauty.


“Your maid’s uniform is so cute! I think it is worth half of the small town.”


“Which family are you from Or are you a royal maid”



It’s a nice name.

Were you born in Eastern God’s Domain”


The female swordsmen’s camp had dozens of girls.

They immediately surrounded Yun Xi, didn’t give the male swordsmen a chance to get close to him.


“I… I’m…” Looking at these young girls, Yun Xi suddenly felt nervous.


Oh, gosh, I have never been surrounded by so many girls before.

Why did they look so excited And their eyes also looked feverish, even making him feel dangerous.


He had only put on the maid’s uniform!


He was still male a 100%!


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