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Chapter 757: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (11)

“Ga!” Ice Dragon Zakas whole body was unnaturally stagnant, and her body was pierced by the bloody light blade and almost completely still in the sky.

The second forbidden spell which had already been launched was completely interrupted.

Countless ice crystals were flying around her beautiful body, becoming extremely messy.

“Two…” The Queen of Assyria, once again, pointed to the head of Ice Dragon Zaka.

Another bloody light blade was shot out, and this time, Ice Dragon Zaka responded in time.

At the critical moment, she leaned her dragon head over and only let the strange bloody light blade brush her dragon horn.

At this time, the power of the first bloody light blade appeared in Ice Dragon Zakas body.

The chilling blood lines spread rapidly and incomparably from the place where they were penetrated, and soon covered half of Ice Dragon Zakas body.

Whats this Ice Dragon Zaka instinctively felt that something was wrong, especially in the area of the heart that had been crossed by the bloody light blade, and convulsed uncontrollably.

On the ground, the Queen of Assyria pulls out a translucent bloody magic dagger with graceful movements.

It was the magic sword used by the Millennium queen.

The name of the sword – Assyrias Witch Blade.

It is an ancient god weapon inherited by the royal family of Assyria.

It is a magic sword restricted to women.

The Queen of Assyria once used to defeat the arrogant dragon with this magic dagger, so that those dragon people withdrew from the mainland, and made the kingdom of Assyria an unprecedented glory.

Therefore, this Witch Blade is also known as the Queens Blade, which symbolizes the supreme power of the witch in the kingdom.

This God weapon was originally like a crystal sword.

It was used to control the huge magic power of the Queen of Assyria.

If necessary, it could even be transformed into a huge lightsaber, tearing the sky.

Its just, after that night of the blood moon, everything changed.

The Queen of Assyria, who killed all her enemies, was eventually contaminated and assimilated by the blood moon.

As a symbol of the Queen of Assyria, the Witch Blade has become a part of the blood moon.

It is just different from the knight kings who burned themselves out.

The Queen of Assyria was favored by the ancient gods and gained the power of the blood moon.

Thats the ominous power of the curse.

If the Queen of Assyria in the past was a kind-hearted witch, then she is the one who symbolizes blood and death now.

Her magic also changed from light-type and water-type to blood-type magic.

At this moment, the blade in her hand becomes the blade of the blood moon.

The bloody light blade that runs through Ice Dragon Zakas body is the “landmark” used to launch blood magic.

Slowly holding the Witch Blade in her hand, the Queen of Assyria smiles and inserts the magic dagger into her heart.

“Chi!” A large amount of blood spattered from the Queen of Assyrias chest and dyed her white wedding dress red.

“Grrrrraaaaghhhhh!” Surrounded by multiple ice walls in the sky and covered with ice armor, Ice Dragon Zaka uttered a scream.

The bloody blood burst out from all the places covered with blood-colored lines.

A large amount of dragon blood burst out of Ice Dragon Zakas body, and almost a third of her heart was blown out.

This kind of injury would have been fatal if she was human.

Even though she is a dragon known for her powerful vitality, the curse and blood explosion from the Queen of Assyria had caused a heavy blow to Ice Dragon Zaka.

She would have fallen from the sky if she hadnt been at the peak of her life.

“Guarded by the power of the original dragon” The Queen of Assyria thoughtfully pulled the dagger stained with her own blood out of her chest, then held out her little hand again, and took the position of locking Ice Dragon Zaka.


It is the first time since her birth that Ice Dragon Zaka has suffered such a terrible injury.

The curse of blood burst from her interior completely ignored her element resistance attributes.

Even if she fell into the volcano, it would not be worse than that moment.

When the curse of blood burst in her heart, if not for the green light, she might have returned to the embrace of the original dragon.

What a terrible curse!

What a strange self-mutilation technique.

Is this the master of the Forgotten Ruins, the ancient seal maker

Her strength is even more powerful than she predicted!

She didnt hesitate to put her god weapon through her chest, doesnt she feel pain

The answer is, how can she feel no pain

The principle of the Witch Blade to launch a curse is that it needs to give the user three times the damage before the damage is fed back to the target who has planted the curse.

This also means that the wound on the Queen of Assyrias body caused by the sword is more than three times that of Ice Dragon Zaka.

Ice Dragon Zakas heart is protected by the power of the original dragon, while the heart of the Queen of Assyria is really penetrated by herself.

“Three…” The Queen of Assyria did not specifically lock the head of Ice Dragon Zaka this time, but aimed at her huge wings.

“Bad!” Ice Dragon Zaka tried her best to avoid the lock of the Queen of Assyria.

The bloody light blade flashed away.

With the positioning of the 3000 spider blades, the Queen of Assyria perfectly hit Ice Dragon Zakas dragon wing.

Just like the blood streaks spreading in the heart area just now, the same blood color lines spread rapidly and incomparably on Ice Dragon Zakas blue wings.

“Im done!” Ice Dragon Zaka looked at the curse lines spreading on her wings and immediately realized that fighting with the Queen of Assyria was equal to suicide.

Even if the power of the dragon posture is more than ten times that of human posture, the flaw is that it is too big!

The Queen of Assyria made a comparison of Ice Dragon Zakas body, and then without hesitation, inserted the Witch Blade into her arm, making a violent stroke.

In the sky, Ice Dragon Zakas wings were instantly torn apart, and tons of dragon blood flowed from the sky like a bloody curtain.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Ice Dragon Zaka could no longer maintain her flying posture and fell from the sky with a wall of ice around her.

In a flash of blue light, Ice Dragon Zaka finally gave up the advantage of dragon posture and became a human female again.

The blood veins in the arms and heart regions disappeared after the Queen of Assyria detonated them.

After all, the dragons constitution is not fake, and it has a high resistance to any external forces.

“Dragon Teeth!” Clenching her teeth, Ice Dragon Zaka stabbed the Frost Dragon Teeth into the ground.

In the next second, countless ice blades burst into the sky, like the teeth of countless dragons rising from the ground.

The battle has completely become white-hot.

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