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Chapter 76: The Girls

“Impossible! That’s impossible! You’re a monster! Why can you break my Fierce Wind Sword!” Lin Feng shouted with anger.

He had almost gone mad.

Yes, That’s impossible.

Absolutely impossible.

How can a village girl know his Fierce Wind Sword so well That’s his family’s ancestral sword skill!

Even though his family was just a small branch of the entire Lin family, however, Fierce Wind Sword was a sword skill that could be practiced till the hero rank.

It represented Lin family’s tradition and glory.

You’re just a village girl! How can you know Fierce Wind Sword’s weakness!

No, she wasn’t simply aware of his weakness.

It looked like she had predicted his every single move.

His every single move and charge had all been destroyed.

“…” Xiao Cao also wondered about why she felt so familiar with Lin Feng’s sword skill.

When he held the sword and moved his shoulders, she knew that he would play his Fierce Wind Sword.

When he jumped back and charged, she knew that his next move was Line Drive.

When he drew back his sword and lifted his chest, she knew that he was going to start the triple attack.

She didn’t know the reason.

She just knew what he was going to do, as if they had fought each other over a hundred times, so that she had remembered all his instinctive moves.

If it wasn’t because she was just at the first rank and her reaction speed was slightly inferior to Lin Feng, the battle would have already finished within the first three rounds.

Even though there was a gap between their strengths, but she could predict Lin Feng’s every move.

The battle was one-sided.

To everyone’s shock, the person who had the upper hand wasn’t Lin Feng, but Xiao Cao.

“Ding!” Xiao Cao’s sword wasn’t fast nor powerful.

However, she could always find Lin Feng’s weakness at the crucial moment.

Xiao Cao’s sword skill was like the breeze and the swaying grass.

She wasn’t fast, but also not slow.

Sometimes, she even purposely avoided head-on confrontation, keeping her steady attack mode.

Before launching an attack, prepare your defensive.

Before you win the match, never be conceited.

She was like a common little grass stalk, taking root and sprouting.

Now matter how bad the environment was, she would keep growing.

Her sword skill was a mortal’s sword skill, the most unpretentious sword skill.

However, at this time, the little grass seemed to have obtained a bit of incredible spirituality.

Due to this, the battle was overturned.

“Fierce Wind Triple Attack!” Lin Feng was angry.

He performed the sword skill that he had planned to use in the quarterfinal.

He held his sword with his both hands! That was dangerous! Xiao Cao instinctively realized that she couldn’t block the attack, so she immediately took three steps backwards.

Cutting Thorn!

The cold sword blade almost touched Xiao Cao’s forehead.

Lin Feng’s attack had almost reached the limit of mortals.

Swallowing the Moon!

A moon-like cold sword light spread out in the air, tearing up the edge of Xiao Cao’s skirt, exposing her healthy skin.

Right now! Xiao Cao had seen it! She had seen the future of a second later!

The last attack of Fierce Wind Triple Attack: Swift Slashing.

It was formed by brandishing a sword hundreds of times and would never stop before the user beat down the enemy.

It was Lin Feng’s last and strongest attack! However, before launching the attack, he had to perform a special action to draw back his sword in order to burst out his fierce-wind-like will and spirit, then brandish the fierce-wind-like terrible sword.

She couldn’t block the last attack.

That was the core of Fierce Wind Sword, and the base leading to the higher realm of Lin family’s traditional sword skill.

It was an attack that had reached the third rank at that very moment.

This was the source of Lin Feng’s confidence, his base to make him squeeze into the list of top eight.

This was his trump card making him invincible amongst all the second rank swordsmen.

As long as he didn’t meet the three third rank Childes: Childe Yun He, Childe Si Nian, and Childe San Quan, he had the confidence that he could win every fight!

Unfortunately, something had happened to his opponent, Xiao Cao.


As Lin Feng was going to brandish his sword, Xiao Cao moved.

For the first time in the test, Xiao Cao used all her strength without reserve.

Xiao Cao focused all her mind on the sword.

She had never been so focused, for an unknown voice was telling her in her heart that this brandish would bring her victory!

“No!” Lin Feng shouted with despair as he saw her sword aiming at his only weakness.

One second! He only needed one second! After that, his terrible continuous attack would smash the unknown village girl!

The twin witches were holding the test.

They would stop him before he really killed her, but his victory was doomed.

The girl was just a village girl.

How could it be possible that she could block his strongest attack!

After he had learned this sword skill, he had never performed it in front of others.

He thought that he could catch his enemy off guard with this surprise attack.


How did you know that I would use this sword skill! Lin Feng shouted in his heart.

In his Fierce Wind Triple Attack, the only weakness would be exposed at the moment he drew back his sword!


Xiao Cao’s sword straightly stabbed in Lin Feng’s heart.

Red Blood sprayed into the air.

The feeble feeling of suddenly losing too much blood made Lin Feng kneel down.

His Fierce Wind Sword naturally stopped.

Gradually, his eyes closed.

“Arrghhh!” Lin Feng shouted, waking up from his nightmare with his body breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Young master! Young master woke up!”

“Thank god! You scared me!”

“I… I’m not dead…” Lin Feng looked at his heart.

There was a light scar, and his clothes had also been ripped to shreds.

He was really only a step away from death.

No wonder that he would have that nightmare.

“No, you’re not dead.

Before the girl stabbed you, you had been teleported to another place by the twin witches.”

“That was really breathtaking.

Fortunately, you’re still fine, my young master.”

Fine Could this be called “fine”! Lin Feng looked at the black scar with a nasty look.

“Don’t mind it, young master.

The test was too abnormal!”

“Yes, that was too strange.

Not only you, the other Childes were also defeated.”

“Childe Li Wei and Childe Luo En had also been defeated by the girls.”

Lin family’s servants immediately told him the freak event happened in the test to comfort him.

“Have Li Wei and Luo En been defeated” Lin Feng showed a weird look on his face.

White Lotus Sword Domain didn’t have too many noble families.

Therefore, the noble families knew each other very well.

Childe Li Wei and Child Luo En’s ancestors were from Western God’s Domain.

Their families had complete legacies which weren’t inferior to his Lin family’s legacy.

He always regarded them as his powerful opponents.

They… Had the girls also defeated them Gosh! They were just a group of girls who were only at the first rank!

What was wrong with the world!


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