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Chapter 750: Blood Moon Wedding (4)

“I was the first… White Moon, you are still a child… ” In spite of being betrayed by her daughter, the Queen of Assyria still dotes on her.

Although, she never thought that she had such an impulsive and lovely child before she got married.

“Mom is the only one who forces dad to marry you!”

“Dad is not your toy, but White Moons dad!”

“Mom, you just like the king.

Dad will be the prince forever.

He doesnt need to be the king.”

Hua Yue frowns and sees part of the truth.

As expected, there is a conspiracy.

No wonder the kings keep secrets about marrying the queen.

In this case, there may be more problems in the engagement between the prince and the Queen of Assyria.

“That… its because of past agreements… ” This time, the Queen of Assyria replied with a little guilt.

She cant tell the prince directly that all her weddings in the past were just “games”.

This time, it was the same at first.

When on earth did she really regard it as a real “love” but not just a game

Is it the moment when he holds her in his arms and proposes to her

Is it the moment when he made perfect puppets for her to let her once again see the real sunshine and run freely in the garden

Or in the dawn, when she sleeps lazily beside him and opens her eyes to see his sleeping face

They are very common things to any human being, but once again wake up, it has become the biggest extravagant hope for her.

Perhaps, she loves him just for one thing, that is, he never had a special look at her because she was the Queen of Assyria.

He never looks at her greedy, full of desire.

He never looks at her panic, with no fear and madness.

He just looks at her very curiously, with kind, gentle eyes.

Sometimes, fate is such a wonderful thing.

As a human being, she never noticed these things; as the incarnation of the blood moon, she can understand how precious and unforgettable they are.

She didnt regret her life.

Even if she came back again, she probably made the same choice.

She will never succumb to the fate arranged by others.

Even if she was forced to choose world peace or her love, she will only choose her own love.

Its not that she hates world peace, its just that she hates peace at the expense of everything she has to achieve.

Under the pretext of world peace, that man wanted to force her to marry him, realizing his despicable desire.

Even if time goes back a thousand times, she wouldnt leave that guy alive.

Even if she died, she never let anyone desecrate her body.

That bloody white wedding dress is the proof of her belief.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, the life of the Millennium Queen of Assyria is finally a great tragedy.

The founding king of this kingdom, the watchman knight who had been loyal to the Queen of Assyria, could not get rid of his guilt until he was engulfed by the blood moon, so he completed his redemption.

Although the Queen of Assyria never asked him to make atonement in this way, he still did it.

All the kings followed the same path as their forefathers.

From this point of view, the inheritance of bloodline is really a hopeless thing.

However, hes different.

He didnt bear the original sin of all the kings.

Even though he still killed his father, his eyes were still very clear.

In the face of the legendary monster queen and the whisper of the ancient gods, he still keeps his nature.

He was like the only white light in the darkness, and then turned into a dazzling sun, illuminating the darkness in the heart of the Queen of Assyria.

A thousand years later, the dawn of Assyria finally came.

“Even if Ive married dozens of kings… he is the only one I love.”

“All the people in this kingdom to his love are less than my love to him alone.”

“He is the one I chose… my only love… ”

The huge blood words run across the whole city.

“My God, what do I see” Ice Dragon Zaka looks at the blood words in the sky foolishly.

Her whole person was speechless.

“That prince is a real bastard.

This man is hopeless.” Desert Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi in desperation with a scornful look, and almost going to run over him like crushing an ant.

“Human beings, as expected, are all hopeless inferior creatures.” Ice Dragon Zaka agreed 100,00% with her sisters words.

“What a cunning mom!” White Moon turned her head angrily.

Its bullying.

Dont you know that I was just born and didnt know these things

The Queen of Assyria continues the elegant blood letter campaign:

“Today is a good day for us.”

“Please take my hand, put on the silver ring, and swear to the golden ring.”

“Whenever and wherever we go, we will be together.”

“We will watch the sunrise and sunset together on the east coast, watch the first aurora of the northern ice sheet, leave our footprints in the endless desert in the west, and pick the most beautiful flowers in the southern forest.”

“In spring, I want to enjoy flowers with you.”

“In summer, I want to go to the seaside with you.”

“In autumn, I want to go to the harvest festival with you.”

“In winter, I want to have a snowball fight with you.

“The world is so big, I want to spend all the happiest times with you.”

“Maybe I have many shortcomings, but I will change myself for you.”

“I didnt learn how to cook, but I will make the best meal for you.”

“Ive never done housework, but Ill clean your room and make you sleep comfortably every day.”

“Our daughter, although she is still very small and disobedient, I will make her the most beautiful princess.”

Yun Xi looked at the lines of poems floating in the sky in amazement, and the lonely and proud figure in the underground lake suddenly collapsed in his mind.

It turns out that the Millennium queen who once caused the night of blood moon is also a girl looking forward to love.

She will also want to spend her honeymoon, and she has made a travel plan, fantasizing about traveling around the world with the man she likes.

The queen has never rejected people from thousands of miles away.

She is really eager to love and be loved, and has a love of her own.

Well, she even learned the skill of writing love poems.

Compared with Yun Xi, her writing style is much better.

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