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Chapter 782: Different Fluctuations

After understanding how Dragon Roar Wave works, Yun Xi quickly understands why Red Dragon Zaka is so confident that he can’t perform this secret art.

Dragon Roar Wave is a kind of super large-scale talent that can only be displayed by the dragon who has raised all his energy and spirit to the top.

In essence, this move is to change the life wave of the Dragon into a wave of air, and its power will show different posture according to the dragon’s constitution.

Only the dragon, whose body is a thousand times harder than human beings, can turn its life essence into an attack means.

In fact, human beings also have moves that are very close to this dragon’s secret art in theory.

They are called “The Disintegration of Demons”.

Once launched, they will burn out the performers’ lives.

The dragon’s natural vitality is more than a thousand times that of human beings, so it can turn its vitality into a wave that sweeps everything.

The essence of Dragon Roar Wave is the attack transformed from the vitality of a dragon, which can devour the essence of demons!

Red Dragon Zaka is the red dragon with the highest vitality among the four Zakas, and can play the power of Dragon Roar Wave to the limit!

Once launched, her Dragon Roar Wave has the characteristics of continuously improving its power, and it takes only five minutes to reach the level of world destruction.

With such a devastating Dragon Roar Wave, she is entitled to be proud and firmly believes that human beings can never learn the same moves.

Her theory is correct.

Human beings can’t use Dragon Roar Wave, because as long as the upper limit of human life does not reach the legend rank, there will be a gap between human beings and dragons.

This is not an area where “learning” can be achieved.

It is the absolute advantage of the superior race over the inferior race.

Human beings are unable to compare with the dragon’s life limit.

It’s an impossible task to accomplish.

Without the vitality of dragon, even if human beings master the Dragon Roar Wave in some way, they will drain the vitality in the moment of use, and become part of the Dragon Roar Wave.

The pride of the Red Dragon Princess is also the pride of the dragon race.

Even if Yun Xi displays the dragon claw and the Dragon roar, she will never believe that he can use Dragon Roar Wave.

The crimson wave covered the earth, engulfed the heaven and earth, and instantly spread to the area of ten kilometers.

In the area covered by Dragon Roar Wave, everything is burned and melted.

It seems that the whole ground is like melted cream, and the whole crust tends to be burnt out.

Domineering and invincible.

Even the twin witches did not choose to confront the devastating Dragon Roar Wave.

Instead, they wiped out the heart of the Red Dragon Princess with an unknown and terrible secret art, and forcibly interrupted the crimson Dragon Roar Wave.

Looking from the sky, it seems that there is suddenly a spreading crimson disc on the ground.

This disc presents beautiful and distinct red lines, which looks like the most gorgeous art.

Yes, it’s really art.

It’s the art of doomsday that burns out everything.

Huge beads of sweat appear on Red Dragon Zaka’s forehead.

Although the power of this move is unparalleled, it requires unimaginable physical strength and vitality.

Even with the dragon’s humanized posture, this move exhausted her full strength.

At present, she can only last this secret art for about three minutes.

However, this is enough.

Dragon Roar Wave has no rival.

She just wants to prove to this human being that there are some things he can’t do.

Some fields, no matter how hard humans try, can’t be touched.

That’s the privilege of the highest race in the endless god’s domains!

Even elves, an element of the upper race, are also unable to turn his life essence into a wave of destruction like the dragon race.

Dragon Roar Wave, this is the pride of the dragon people!

Yun Xi really understood this point after experiencing the power of Dragon Roar Wave from zero distance.

It’s impossible for human beings to display Dragon Roar Wave.

However, he can do it.

Even he’s a little bit worried about what kind of Dragon Roar Wave he should learn.

At this moment, as in response to the Dragon Roar Wave performed by Red Dragon Princess, three different Dragon Roar Wave patterns appear in Yun Xi’s mind.

The first is Dragon Roar Wave from his third princess, Desert Dragon Zaka.

Desert dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave has a special starting mode, which can automatically condense four Eyes of Sand.

With these four Eyes of Sand as the core, the covered area will be completely turned into desert and the terrain will be changed by force.

It is a Dragon Roar Wave born with the curse of desertification.

The second is Dragon Roar Wave from his fourth princess, Ice Dragon Zaka.

The Dragon Roar Wave of Ice Dragon Zaka is a typical Dragon Roar Wave with a large release range and a very long duration.

It can even be resident and become a field similar to halo.

The area covered by Ice Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave will become a world of ice and snow.

Yun Xi is very glad that he finally married her.

Otherwise, if she starts this move, the last kingdom of mankind will become a kingdom of ice and snow.

The last Dragon Roar Wave, Yun Xi, has no idea how it came from.

It’s a very beautiful Dragon Roar Wave with a sacred breath.

The effect is unknown.

The principle is unknown.

What kind of dragon belongs to He doesn’t know.

It’s just the way to launch naturally engraved in Yun Xi’s memory.

The structure is extremely beautiful and simple.

It is clear at a glance.

It is composed of a vertex and four rotating lines.

It shows different characteristics from other Dragon Roar Waves.

Although I do not understand the principle… just use it! Yun Xi raises his finger and immerses himself in the simple and wonderful outline.

The only point is the coordinate.

Four continuously rotating lines take the point as the tip.

The construction of the whole Dragon Roar Wave is far from the general circular diffusion model, but it gives people a flavor of containing the truth of all things.

“Dragon Roar Wave… ” On Yun Xi’s fingertips, there is a sacred silver-white light ball jumping.

That is the truth that can penetrate the wall of the universe.

It is the “beacon” that lights up the front.

It is the power of faith that can break through the barriers between God’s domain and extremely specialize a certain will.

Bet on your own life, desperate to find.

Even if the body is covered with wounds, even if it is pierced by ten thousand swords, he will never waver and never retreat.

Even if the barrier in front of me is the barrier of the world, which can not be destroyed by the gods, I will never give up!


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