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Chapter 794: Dancing with the Dragon

Yun Xi never thought about what it would be like to mix two different Dragon Rock waves together.

Red Dragon Zaka has never thought about the possibility too.

In the history of the Dragon race, there has never been such a mixed form of Dragon Roar Wave, because the essence of Dragon Roar Wave is the embodiment of dragon spirit.

How can a giant dragon have two life essence postures.

To transform the Dragon Roar Wave of two people into a combination skill is simply the whim of Red Dragon Zaka, which does not have any theoretical basis.

Even if it was twin dragons, their Dragon Roar Waves will definitely interfere with each other if they try to perform this.

There is no coexistence in this field.

But now Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka did it.

Because, for both of them, miracles really exist.

The green flower called “miracle” comes from beyond the world, and will become the highest wing.

It connects Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka’s life and connects the essence of Red Dragon Zaka into Yun Xi’s body.

Yun Xi displays the holy Dragon Roar Wave that should not be used by human beings according to the unknown dragon mark in his body.

Due to the same source of life essence and the special relationship between Red Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi, the holy Dragon Roar Wave does not exclude Red Dragon Zaka’s Dragon Roar Wave, but is truly and perfectly integrated.

“Tik!” The silver-white dot first appeared under the two people’s feet, like a drop of water breaking the horizontal line.

The next second, this drop of silver and white water will run through the earth, so that the desert under the two people’s feet completely collapsed.

Looking from the sky, the silver and white dot is so tiny that it seems that the earth under their feet suddenly disappears.

This is not the collapse of gravel, but the breakdown of things at higher latitudes.

Centered on the point, the fiery crimson Dragon Roar Wave diffused at an extraordinary speed, ten times, no, a hundred times faster than the normal speed!

In just five seconds, half of the desert area, about one tenth of the size of the human continent, was covered and swallowed up by this crimson spiral light.

The engulfed part looks like a beautiful red gem, showing a brilliant and magnificent color.

One line after another, representing the string of the world, loomed in this spiral light, and dyed the land a deep red.

“This is…” Yun Xi opened his eyes, wide and looked at the red ocean under his feet in amazement.

The red gem is just the outline seen from the sky.

What really spreads out under the feet of the two people is a real ocean!

There is only one color of red, covering all things, swallowing everything, and dyeing everything with a deep red color.

The sacred crimson light, the product of the double Dragon Roar Wave, caused one tenth of the mainland’s destruction in just five seconds.

This is only the beginning stage.

The real power of the holy crimson light is probably ten times stronger than the power.

“Ha ha ha… Sure enough, that’s right…”

“We can definitely win the twin witches with this ultimate skill!” Red Dragon Zaka holds Yun Xi’s hand tightly and looks triumphantly at the red ocean under her feet.

It has the defiance defense of holy Dragon Roar Wave and the increasing effect of crimson Dragon Roar Wave at the same time.

It’s incredible that even though she’s still in human posture, the total amount of essence is far less than the dragon’s real posture, but she can use Dragon Roar Wave more than ten times stronger than when she is in the real posture.

Sure enough, this is fate.

As long as she is with him, no one is a match for them!

Even the strongest of the four Zaka sisters, Black Dragon Zaka, did not have this terrible power!

Moreover, after completing this combination skill together, Red Dragon Zaka can feel that the strength that has been holding her back is disappearing.

“Well, we’re going to find the twin witches.” Feeling the sudden heat flow in her body, Red Dragon Zaka can’t wait to revenge the twin witches.

“Come on, get ready to ride me!” Raising her proud head, Red Dragon Zaka looks confidently at Yun Xi.

You are the only human who can dance with Red Dragon Princess in the sky.

“Why, are you…” Yun Xi looks at Red Dragon Zaka and felt her louder and louder heartbeat.

“Yes, I’m back!” Red Dragon Zaka grabs Yun Xi’s body and jumps into the sky.

The countless red spirits on the ground flowing to the sky, rise towards the body of Red Dragon Zaka, and begin to construct the outline of a huge object.

Once again, the dragon dancing in the sky.

It is about 30 meters tall with gemstone-like scales and sharp dragon horns.

The streamlined body gives people a sense of artistry.

The vertical pupil burns endless flames.

Red Dragon Zaka’s true body!

Yun Xi sits in the middle of her wings and deploys a flame shield that can block out foreign attacks.

If this appearance appears in the Western God’s Domain, he will surely be regarded as a dragon knight.

Dragon Knight is one of the top ranks recognized by god’s domains in the West.

It is the lifelong dream of all Dragon Knights to have a giant dragon as powerful, beautiful, and elegant as Red Dragon Zaka.

Most of the Dragon Knights can only find a ground dragon or a bipedal flying dragon as their mount during their whole life.

He who can have a male fire dragon as a mount can boast for a lifetime.

Even the inferior subspecies, such as pterodactyl, is not easy to acknowledge allegiance to human beings.

In order to get a dragon mount, even a hero ranked Dragon Knight has to take care of the baby pterodactyl more carefully than taking care of his own children.

As for the real dragon, the possibility of becoming a dragon knight’s mount is almost zero.

Basically, it will only appear in the dream of these Dragon Knights.

In terms of the number of registered Dragon Knights, about every 100 years, there will be a lucky person who will be recognized by the dragon for some reason.


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