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Chapter 80: Victory! Victory!


On the stage, the second round of the Sword Palace’s entrance test had began.


Victory, victory, and victory!


“Cheer up!”


“I will win!”


“Oh gosh, I really won!”


After obtaining Yun Xi’s seeds, the female swordsmen defeated their opponents like splitting bamboo.

At first, the noble families’ children and civilian swordsmen were dismissive of the powers of these female swordsmen.

But now, they knew that they were very wrong.

Almost all the female swordsmen had entered the third round.


Only two female swordsmen were defeated by Childe San Quan and Childe Yun He, the two strongest men amongst all the male swordsmen.

Apart from this, three female swordsmen had also been defeated because their opponents were also female swordsmen who had obtained Yun Xi’s seeds.


Even the female swordsmen themselves couldn’t believe their successive victories.

Before the test began, they had estimated in their hearts.

Only a few female swordsmen had had the confidence to enter the third round.

As for other people, they could only pray for their luck.

However, the record they had achieved now was so incredible.

Even they themselves felt that it was unbelievable.


Their hearts were filled with excitement and joy.

Even the five female swordsmen who had failed were also pleased for their own improvements.

Without any previous arrangement, they all paid their attention to the mysterious black-haired girl – Mei.


Even though Yun Xi thought that what he did was undetectable, but the instincts of the female swordsmen told them that “Mei” was the initiator.


The tale was true!


The strongest female swordsman.


The girl who had the most beautiful black hair.


The people who obtained that girl’s black hair would obtain luck!


Is this an illusion Why do I feel that everyone’s eyes are so weird Yun Xi thought in his heart.

He had a strong feeling that the threads between him and the girls were becoming solid.

The invisible threads were sending the girls’ experience and understanding about sword skills to him.


It was even faster than Yun Xi’s expectation.

He had began to receive their seeds’ feedback.


Childe Si Nian’s failure wasn’t an accident because what defeated him was Yun Xi’s Flying Swallow Sword.

He hadn’t completely mastered his Flying Swallow Sword in the trial, but now, he was able to use it perfectly.


The nimble, flying-swallow-like attack was called “The Swallow Returns”.

It was more terrible than Flying Swallow Triple Attack and could let Yun Xi turn around and brandish his sword in the air.

At the very moment Yun Xi jumped up, he had performed a “Quicksilver Motion”.

By using his body’s compatibility and flexibility to the limit, he turned around in the air.

This was the principle of “The Swallow Returns”.

At that instant, Yun Xi overcame the rules of gravity, turning himself into a flying swallow, then beat Childe Si Nian down with one brandish.


“The Swallow Returns” was the strongest skill Yun Xi had learnt after he practiced Flying Swallow Sword to the limit.

Visually, it almost broke the limits of the human body structure.

In the mortal rank, if you could use it, it also meant that you had almost been in an unassailable position.

This was the power of Flying Swallow Sword (perfect version).


Yun Xi had learnt “The Swallow Returns”, which also meant that he had combined Quicksilver Motion and Flying Swallow Sword together perfectly.

He was only a step away from being able to learn “Sky Flying Sword”.

The reason why he had reached this level so fast was due to the female swordsmen.

Their experience and understanding about sword skills helped him a lot.

Although the small town was so unknown that it wasn’t even marked on any maps, however, the girls had still come from a long distance to take part in the test.

In this, none of them were weak.


Although none of them had reached the second rank, but that was due to their physical quality.

When it came to talent, many of the female swordsmen weren’t inferior to the noble families’ children.

Maybe a girl’s experience and understanding about sword skills could only help Yun Xi a bit.

However, there were thirty-seven female swordsmen.

A change in quantity lead to change in quality.

Finally, their experiences helped Yun Xi open the door to the perfect version of Flying Swallow Sword.


Especially the first girl who had obtained his hair, Xiao Cao.

Her special willpower and resilience were crucial to Yun Xi’s success.

Her experience helped Yun Xi remedy his last weakness: Willpower.

After wandering between death and life so many times, Yu Xi had understood Flying Swallow Sword very well, and Hua Huo’s seed let him learn it easily.

However, Yun Xi still lacked the most basic sword skill experience.


In his limit practice, he had brandished his sword over one hundred thousand times in a short time in order to increase his experience of basic sword training.

However, Xiao Cao didn’t have the same experience as Yun Xi.

She had learnt her sword skill from the most basic part, bit by bit.

She hadn’t had the help of Green Hippo’s Blood Seed like Yun Xi.

With her own willpower, she had practiced the most basic sword skill countless times, which was far beyond ordinary people’s imagination.


Her persevering, staid sword skill style was mastered after brandishing her sword over one million times.

Similarly, other female swordsmen had also practiced the basic sword skills very diligently.

The reason why they were still at the first rank was only because their physical qualities hadn’t met the requirement to become a second rank swordsman.

However, Yun Xi had learnt his sword skills from actual battles.

He was lacking theoretical knowledge.

Their experiences of basic sword skills covered this shortage.


“Mei, it’s your turn!”


“Your opponent is Childe Snake Bones.

Cheer up, you can defeat him!”


“Humph, he is just a second rank swordsman, how can he defeat Mei Don’t worry too much!”


Childe Snake Bones He was really an old acquaintance.

Yun Xi took a light breath, then held the sword in his hand.

He still remembered that Childe Snake Bones was the strongest person in the stone soldier army and the person who had killed him countless times in the first district of the formal trial.


“We meet again,” Yun Xi stepped on the stage, then smiled to Childe Snake Bones.


“Again Have we met before” Childe Snake Bones held his sword and looked at Yun Xi with a serious look, as if he was confronting a formidable enemy.


“Well, yes.

You were really ‘enthusiastic’ at that time,” Yun Xi raised his sword.


To be exact, Childe Snake Bones had killed him many times.

His Snake Bones Spirit Sword was the first spirit weapon Yun Xi had obtained.

Large drops of sweat were dropping down from Childe Snake Bones’ forehead.


Why They both were at the second rank.

Besides, his weapon and physical strength were obviously better than the mysterious black-haired maid.

However, when he looked at the maid, he felt that he was looking at a nightmare.


No! I can’t go on like this! I should strike first to gain the initiative!


Childe Snake Bones moved.

His Snake Bones Soft Sword turned into a freaky shadow snake, twisting its body and biting towards Yun Xi.

However, Yun Xi only felt a little nostalgic.

How many times had I been killed by that Yun Xi thought in his heart.


Yun Xi’s step was as weird as the Snake Bones Soft Sword.

He whipped his sword like a whip, swaying the Snake Bones Soft Sword away.

Everything was so natural.

Snake Bones Soft Sword had a special ability to confuse its enemy’s visual sense and positional sense.

However, it had no effect on Yun Xi.


“Chi!” Till Yun Xi’s sword stabbed into his heart, Childe Snake Bones still refused to believe that his unique skill had been broken.


Why did you know that place That was the only weakness in my attack!


Because I had been killed by “that attack” over a hundred times! Yun Xi answered in his heart.


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