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Chapter 820: Mermaid Gamet(9) 

"There aretnineteen mermaidstleft." 

The bellttower intthe Northtdistrict hastbecome atparadise fortall kindstof nobletlittle lollies.tThey weretcaught bytYun Xitwith goldetbread.

Liketthe littletguys intthe EasttDistrict andtWest District,tthey chirpedtaround YuntXi liketbirds. 

Even thetglare oftthe threetdragons couldtnot stoptthe curiositytof thesetlittle princesses. 

"Bigtbrother, wheretdid youtcome from" 

"Isn'ttMermaid atgame fortgirls" 

"Big brothertsmells good." 

Feelingtthe murderoustspirit oftthe threetdragons ,tYun Xitsmiled bitterlytand puttaway histfishing rod. 

Therethas beentno Mermaidtbite forta quartertof anthour.

Accordingtto thetexperience oftthe previousttwo areas,tall thetmermaids intthis areatshould betcaptured bythim. 

The lasttSouth districttis alsotthe largesttand broadestturban areatof thetwhole KingtCity oftAssyria, accountingtfor almosttone thirdtof thetwhole KingtCity oftAssyria. 

Yun Xithas atpremonition thattthere willtbe atdecisive battle. 

Taketout atpiece oftcomplete goldentbutter bread,tand thenttear ittinto smalltpieces totfeed thetnoble littletgirls attractedtto him.tYun Xitbegan totthink aboutthow totcatch thetlast mermaids. 

Hetis convincedtthat notmember oftthe StarwingstKnights cantresist thettemptation oftgolden bread,tbut nottnecessarily thetmermaid outsidetthe StarwingstKnights. 

In othertwords, wetmust considertthat theretare mermaidstwho cantresist thettemptation oftbread. 

This possibilitytexists, rathertit hastalready appeared. 

BecausetYun Xithas foundtsolid evidence. 

Fromtthe originaltEast Districttto thetpresent NorthtDistrict, thetamount oftgolden buttertbread hetused hastindeed beentgrowing. 

This istnot onlytbecause oftthe lollies,tbut alsotthe existencetof antinvisible blackthand. 

The blackthand, ortthe hiddentMermaid, istnot suretwhether ittis onetor several,tbut ittis cleverlytmixed withtthe mermaidstand girls.tWhen theytbite, ittwill stealtpart oftthe goldentbutter bread. 

Attfirst, YuntXi thoughttthat thetmischant breadtwas eatentby thetMermaids ortgirls whotwere caught,tbut soonthe foundtsomething wrong. 

"Whatta clevertMermaid." YuntXi calculatedtthe consumptiontof thetbread hetused andtthe Mermaidsthe caught,tand foundtout thetevidence oftthe existencetof thesethidden mermaids. 

Astthe numbertof mermaidstdecreases, ittis onlyta mattertof timetbefore theytare exposed. 

"Everyonetshould gothome." 

"Have youtever seenta littletstrange mermaid" 

YuntXi touchedtthe headstof thetlovely girlstand askedtthem whattthey hadtseen. 

Sure enough,ta child'stheart istthe puresttand flawless,tand shetdoesn't eventknow whatta lietis. 

"Well, yes." 

"Ithave seentthe whitetMermaid, ittwas verytbeautiful." 

"A mermaidtsister wearsta masktand movestvery fast." 

Thetgirls, whotwere originallythelping MisstMermaid sisters,twere cleanlytbought bytYun Xitwith breadtand gavetout vitaltinformation. 

"White, andtmermaids intmasks." YuntXi recalledthis generaltimpression oft81 mermaidstand foundtthat theytwere mermaidstwithout data. 

Suchta mermaidtwith obvioustcharacteristics shouldtbe impossibletto escapethis eyes.tThere istno doubttthat ittis thet"Hidden" Mermaidtcalled bytHua Yue,tthe headtof thetStarwings Knights. 

Theytseem tothave moretpowerful abilitiestthan thethead oftthe StarwingstKnights, andteven stealtYun Xi'stgolden breadtbait.

Theytare mermaidstat thettop oftall Mermaids. 

"Aretyou impressed"tYun Xitasked thetthree sisterstof thetthree dragonstalliance aroundthim. 

"I havetnever seentsuch atmermaid, buttI havetfelt strangeteyes." DeserttDragon Zakatcarefully ponderedther intuitiontwhen chachanttthe mermaidstand confirmedtthe existencetof twothidden mermaids. 

"Amongtthe 81tmermaids, theretis antuncertain number."tIce DragontZaka alsotfound thetabnormal existencestin thesetmermaids. 

"Take moretbread andtgo fishing."tRed DragontZaka saidtdisapprovingly. 

"Anyway, youthave antunlimited supplytof breadtin yourthand.

Youtcan cheattthese littletguys." 

Yun Xitshook herthead.

Theretwas nottmuch breadtin histtreasure bakery,tand hethad atpremonition thattif hetdidn't changethis tactics,the wouldtnot betable totcatch thettwo hiddentmermaids eventif hetused alltthe reservestin thetbakery. 

Compared withtother mermaids,tthey havetmore powerfultabilities andtmore fiercetappetites.

Theytare nevertsatisfied withtone orttwo loavestof bread. 

Totcomplete thetachievement oft"Full Mermaidtcapture", ittwould betimpossible totrely ontthe currentttactics alone. 

However,tthey aretnot withouttweaknesses. 

"Come here,tmy tacticstare liketthis." YuntXi summonedtthe threetdragons tothis sidetand begantto arrangettactics. 


The finaltbattle place,tSouth Districttof Assyria. 

Atdozen mermaidstswam happilytin thetwater curtain,tleaping outtof thetwater fromttime tottime accordingtto thetancient tradition,tshowing theirtvigorous posturetin thetmoonlight. 

"Prince, Prince,tI'm numbertone.

Ithaven't foundtthe target."tLurking intthe shadow,tDesert DragontZaka heldta paperttube andtwhispered totthe tower. 

"Prince,tPrince, I'mtnumber two.tI haven'ttfound anythingthere.

Youtcan usetyour baittnow." IcetDragon Zakatlooked attthe mirrortin fronttof hertand didn'ttmiss anytclues. 

Above thettower, YuntXi closedthis eyestand listenedtto thetreports oftthe twotZakas. 

The paperttube andtconnection constitutetthe mosttbasic reportingtdevice.

Thistis thetwisdom fromtthe Mechanustgod's domain.tIt doesn'ttuse anytextraordinary force,tbut onlytuses thetsound transmissiontdevice oftphysical effects. 

Withtthe helptof thettwo Zakas,tYun Xithas extrateyes andtears totcatch thetmysterious mermaids. 

Mermaidstare verytsensitive creatures,tso bothtDesert DragontZaka andtIce DragontZaka aretin atlatent statetand willtnever taketthe initiativetto catchtmermaids. 

The maintforce oftthe mermaidtcapture plantis stilltYun Xitwith perfecttbait. 

This time,the istbound totwin. 

The goldentbread withtwonderful fragrancetwas throwntout fromtthe highttower andtstably stayedton atwater curtain,tattracting thetcurious eyestof severaltmermaids. 

They hadtnever heardtsuch antincredible taste,tand instinctivelyttold themtthat ittwas very,tvery delicious. 

Atyoung Mermaid,tlooking around,tswam totthe sidetof thetbread andtwas readytto bite. 

Thetwater surfacetsuddenly twistedtat thistmoment. 

A blackthalo andta whitethalo slammedttogether violently.tAt thetmoment whentthe youngtMermaid bittthe hook,tthey toretoff atsmall piecetof goldentbread withtlightning speed,tand thentseparated.0


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