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Chapter 84: White Gold Rose


In the sights of the crowd, the battle between Xiao Cao and Hua Yue started.

Out of many people’s expectation, Hua Yue wasn’t the person who made the proactive attack.

Xiao Cao seemed to have a premonition.

For the first time in her life, she gave up her stable attack style but launched an indomitable, straight attack towards Hua Yue.


Her sword was unpretentious and her thrusting was simple.

However, when Xiao Cao brandished her sword, her moves were so pleasing to the eye.


Xiao Cao’s moves were extremely stable and her sword skill was as basic as the content in the textbook.

This was Xiao Cao’s sword.

A mortal’s sword.


No one had taught Xiao Cao anything.

She had mastered the basic sword skill through brandishing her sword millions of times.

In that case, she could stand out from the candidates and stand on the stage of the final four.


“Ding!” Hua Yue stepped forward, parrying Xiao Cao’s thrusting attack by using her white gold crossed sword.

Hua Yue’s sword skill was straight and gave the crowd a sacred feeling, because her sword skill was an authentic knight legacy from Western God’s Domain.

She had the bloodline of White Gold Rose Flag in her body.

Her teacher was a White Gold knight who was admitted by Knight God’s Domain.


“Ding! Ding! Ding!” Xiao Cao performed continuous thrusts.

Without any fancy tricks, her continuous thrusting was just strengthening the most standard thrusting attack again, again, and again, gathering all her strength together to launch a general attack towards Hua Yue.


“My sword skill was invented by Shinra, the legendary White Gold Rose Knight.

It is called ‘Holy Crossed Sword’,” Hua Yue said.

She held her white gold crossed sword with both her hands and looked pretty devout.

She showed strong self-confidence and inviolability in her eyes.

She was different from other noble children because she was a girl who had the true knight bloodline.

Her ancient bloodline gave her a tough character and dignified will, and helped her practice to her limit.


Xiao Cao’s sword skill had nearly reached perfection.

Hua Yue’s sword skill wasn’t inferior to hers, but more balanced and biased towards the knight’s creed.

If Xiao Cao’s sword skill was as wild as a strand of grass, then Hua Yue’s sword skill was as steady as an upright cross.

Unlike Flying Swallow Sword, Hua Yue’s sword skill was very different from the traditional eastern sword skill style.

It was a sword skill from Western Knight God’s Domain.


“My teacher used to say that if I wanted to practice Crossed Sword, then I had to understand the meanings of humility, integrity, compassion, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, and soul!”

Hua Yue’s will and spirit were rising.

She threw out her chest with pride, as if something was growing in her body.


“Eh” Yun Xi felt it.


Although it was pretty weak, but there was a small seed rapidly growing in the girl’s body.


“I will be kind to the weak!  I will be brave against the strong! I will fight all who do wrong! I will fight for those who cannot fight! I will help those who call me for help! I will harm no woman! I will help my brother! I will be true to my friends! I will be faithful in love!”


That was the knight’s creed, and their virtue.

Every knight would swear the words before they chose their own path.


“In the name of White Gold Rose Bloodline, I choose the Holy Sword!” Hua Yue raised her white gold crossed sword, telling the world her choice.


Red Lotus looked at Hua Yue in surprise.

Hua Yue was covered in white lights.

Obviously, she was awakening her own bloodline ability.

“Isn’t it the bloodline oath of Knight God’s Domain How… Is she…”



She is my older female cousin,” Hua Huo nodded.


Although Hua Yue’s bloodline was slightly inferior to Hua Huo’s bloodline, but the White Gold Rose bloodline was also a top-level bloodline in Western God’s Domain.

Many legendary knights were proud of having this bloodline.


Her name “Hua Huo” also had some relationship with Hua Yue’s family.

After all, their families were allies, and for thousands of years the two families had had strong connections through marriages.


Instantly, Hua Yue broke the barrier blocking the way leading to the second rank.

After she confirmed her own will and swore to be a knight, her power started rising.

She immediately broke through the primary stage of the second rank, the middle stage of the second rank, and the final stage of the second rank.

Hua Yue’s power kept growing till she had almost reached the third rank, then the boiling power of her bloodline finally began to fade away.


Due to her awakened bloodline, her black hair turned gold and her pupils mixed with light blue.

That was the proof of her resurgent old bloodline.


“I’m too late…” Xiao Cao sighed.

She took the active attack because she had noticed that Hua Yue was going to level up.

If she couldn’t defeat Hua Yue before that, she would lose.

 Unfortunately, she was too late.

Now, the gap between their powers would no longer be reduced through skills.


Hua Yue wasn’t Lin Feng.

Her sword skill was flawless.

Besides, she also had the blessing of the black hair.


“Is this… bloodline awakening” Hua Yue was satisfied with the appearance she saw from the reflection in her sword blade.


White Gold Rose Bloodline deserved its reputation.

As a top-level bloodline from Knight God’s Domain, it would let the owner return to their bloodline origin.

Once her hair totally turned gold and her eyes totally turned blue, her bloodline awakening would finally complete.


“Holy Crossed Sword… Flying Swallow Sword!” After awakening her bloodline, Hua Yue immediately performed the sword skill she had learnt from Yun Xi’s seed.


Even if it was for catching a rabbit, the lion would make an all-out effort.

Hua Yue knew Xiao Cao’s potential better than anyone.

She knew that if she didn’t overcome Xiao Cao as quickly as possible, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Xiao Cao also reaching the second rank at any time.


Even though Xiao Cao was in an absolutely inferior position, she didn’t give up hope and tried her best to struggle to win.








With a series of crashes, Xiao Cao’s steel sword issued a cry-like sound.

In the face of Hua Yue’s white gold crossed sword, the steel sword had been unable to hold on any longer.

Finally, Hua Yue won the test after she shattered Xiao Cao’s steel sword.


“Ha ha ha, I said before that a village girl can’t be that strong! Just as I thought, the victory belongs to our noble families!” Childe Yun He let out a sigh of relief and laughed after seeing Hua Yue’s victory.


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