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Treys Description: Young Black Male, BEAUTIFUL Hazel Eyes, Usually Wanted By ALL of The Girls at His School. However Trey isn Interested in All Those Girls at All… He IS However Interested In This One CUTE young White Guy, The Two of Them Have a Math Class Together. The CUTE Young White Guy Who I Speak Of IS Named Kentucky, (However Hes ALWAYS Hated The Name, So He Just Has Everyone Call Him Kent) And HE Also Fancys Trey.

Kents Description: Young *STRONG AS HELL* White Male, Used to Be On The Football Team. That Was Until A Brutal HIT on The Field Landed Him In an Awkward Position, Causing A Large Amount of Damage to His Knee. (Luckily it Was His BAD Knee) He Has Blonde Curly Hair, and Hes Also Very CUTE. (Most DEFINITELY CUTE In Treys Eyes) They BOTH have Been IN The Act Late at Night at Home In Their Rooms, Masturbating While Thinking About One Another. Hell One Time Trey Called Out Kents NAME While He Was In DEEEP Thought About Being FUCKED By Kent, And Luckily Both of Treys Parents We

e In a DEEP Sleep… But His Younger 14 Year Old Sister Heard The WHOLE Thing. As a Matter of Fact, She Confronted Trey About it The Next Morning While They We

e Both In The Garage, As Their Parents We

e Getting Ready to Go To Church. She SAID She Wouldn Tell Their Parents About His Lil Secret, ALL HE Had To Do Was Just Do Her Homework For Her…. It Begins….

"SO, You Wanna Get Dowwwwn And DURTY With This Boy Named KENT Huh Trey?!" Said Treys Younger Sister.

"Remember To KEEP-YOUR-WORD Sis, Or Ill NEVER Help You With Your School Work, Or Anything ELSE AGAIN!..." Said Trey.

"Don Sweat it, I Promise, Hand On The Bible I WONT Tell Mom and Dad That Their Beloved Oldest Son… IS A Fag!" Said His Younger Sister As Trey Shushed Her. (YES,…SHE Was a Bitch and Proud of It!)

"SSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!! Keep Your Voice Down!! I Don Want Mom And Dad to Know, OK?!" Said Trey to His Younger Sister, Who Was Definitely IN The Mood To Be a Bitch On This Beautiful Sunday morning.

"Awwww!! Hes Blushing!!! Whats Wrong? Maybe You Need To Go RUB-ONE-OUT And Call Out Your CUTE Boyfriends Name Again Hun!" His Younger Sister Said to Him, As She Talked Through The Rolled Down Passenger Window Of The Backseat Outside of The NEW HONDA Their Dad Had Just Bought. (By The Way… Their Mom Used The Word Hun A lot, Thats Where She Got it From)

"Sis WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A Bitch!" (Trey)

"MOM!!!!!!!!" (Treys Younger Sister)

"OK!!! OK!!....Im Sorry I Called You A Bitch, I Won Do It Again…" Said a CLEARLY Frustrated Trey.

"Another Outburst Like THAT and Youll Be Dealing With Two PISSED OFF Parents Trey!! I Don LIKE to Be Called a Bitch! You Know That…!" Said His Younger Sister.

"Im Sorry,… I Didn Mean To Call You A Bitch…..Im Just Stressing This Morning Thats All!" Said A More Calmer Trey. (Im Just Stressing Is What Their Dad Loved To Say)

"No Worries, Im Just Messing Witcha This Morning,….You Know How Much I LOOOOVE Busting Your Balls!" Said Treys "Frisky" Younger Sister. (Busting Your Balls, Is Something Their Mom Would Say to Their Dad A LOT)

Then, Right Then and There their Parents Walked Into The Garage, "Ok Lets Go Kids, Lets Get This Show On The ROAD!! We Don Wanna KEEP GOD Waiting…" Said Their Dad, As He Started Up The Car and Treys Mom and Younger Sister Climbed IN.

"Hun Slow Down… Slow Down And Breathe… GOD Can Wait…. Remember, Hes Long-Suffering" Said His Usually Balanced, and Beautiful White Wife as She Quickly Began Putting on Her Makeup In The Car.

The Two Teens Parents Were Very Well-Known in Their Community to Be Good Christian People, (Their Dad Most DEFINITELY Was, More So than the Rest of Them) So it Was Definitely Odd When They Were LATE for Church. Unless They Had a GOOD Reason For It.


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