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Treys Mother Smiled and Giggled, Then She Quitely Shut The Back Door...SHE Had Heard EVERYTHING!!

Kent Continued To HOLD Trey IN That Position For SEVERAL Minutes Until His BIG FAT WHITE DICK Went Limp.....Then He Pulled It Out of Treys ASS and Said, "DAMN Trey, That Was The BEST PUSSY Ive Ever HAD!!"

Kent Stood Up and Walked Over to The Front Door In Front of The Treehouse to Take a PISS Over The Edge.... And Then Eventually Trey Stood Up, And Slowly Walked Over to The Treehouses Front Door and Did The Same.

"Damn Trey! Your One TOUGH KID!..... You Took ALL of My DICK Like a Damn CHAMP!!!" Said Kent.

Trey Didn Say a Word, ....He Just Smiled and BLUSHED!!

"Well.....I Gotta Get Going.... But Ill Talk To You Later Trey OK!" Said Kent, (This Was Kents Way Of Making Sure Trey Was Ok With What Theyd Just Done)

Trey Just Nodded and Softly Said, "Ok...."


Kent Took Ahold Of Trey By The Face and Began Slobbing Him DOWNNNNNN, French Kissing The HELL Out Of Him!!

Trey Was SURPRISED and Didn Know How to Re-Act....But he Liked it! So He Kissed Him Back.

"After 10 Or 15 Minutes of Making Out and Kent Lifting UP and Holding and GRINDING Trey Up Against The Wall.... Kent Put Him Back Down, They BOTH Wiped Their Mouths and Laughed, Then As Kent and Trey Got Dressed Kent Says, "THIS Isn The ONLY Time That We

e Gonna DO This IS IT Trey?"

Then Trey Giggled and Said, "Noooooooooo... But If You HURT ME Again It WILL!"

"GOOD!! Well Bye Trey! It Was GREAT Getting to Hang Out With You. BYE! ....LOVE You Baby" Said Kent, Then They Left The Treehouse...

When Trey Went Inside his Mother Was Watching TV. Trey Did Say Anything.... He Just Quietly Walked Down The Hall Behind Her and Prepared To Take A Shower. (He THOUGHT That His Mother Hadn Noticed Him....But She Knew That He Had To Cover His Tracks Before His Dad Got Home)

40 Mins Later...

Trey Comes Out of The Shower Feeling GOOD And Refreshed, (But Still SORE) Then He Walked Into The Kitchen Where His Mom was Found Waiting At The Table For Him.


"Hey Mom! What Are You Doing Sitting In HERE all By Yourself? Whats The Matter, You Feeling Tired?" Asked Trey As He Walked Across The Kitchen Past His Mother, and Opened The Refrigerator to Get Something to Drink Out of it.

"No Trey… But Enough About ME! *Leans In Over The Table* Here! Have A Seat, Id like to Sit and Talk to ya For a Second.

"Ok Mom, But Im Feeling Kind of SORE Right Now. Ummm… From Playing Football, Id like to Rest For a Little Bit if You Don Mind.

"Yes Trey, I BET You Are!!" *laughs his Mother*

*Trey Slowly Sits Down looking Confused* Then His Mother Begins to Speak to Him…

"So Trey!!... How did Your Lil Visit With Keeeeeeent GO?!...." Said His Mom, (With Her Hand Resting On Her Chin)

"Um… Good Mom, Why Do You Ask?" Said Trey, as He Suddenly Became Suspicious of How She Was Acting.

"Ohhhh… Just Asking…. I Mean, Your Friends Called While You and Kent Were Up In The Treehouse…" "Ya Know… DOING Your Thang, They Wanted to Know if You Made it Home Alright…. Sooooooooooooooo… I Walked Out Back to Tell You That Your Friends Were Worried About You...Then I Heard Shouting and Ummmm…. Ya Know, ….Bed ROCKING" Said His Mom Who Was Now Holding Her Sons Hand, and Looking Him Right In The Eyes With a Playful Smile…

Trey Palmed His Face With His Hand Then Leaned IN Squeezing His Moms Hands With His, …. "Mom PLEASE DONT TELL DAD OR SIS!! I…It Just Happened SO FAST and I COULDNT STOP Him From Taking It Like He Did!"

"WHAT.... YOU MEAN HE RAPED YOU….. Well Ill Just Call The POLICE!!.....Wheres That Phone?!" Said Treys Mother as She Pretended to Try to Stand Up Fast.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!! He DIDNT **** ME…. I mean, I KINDA Wanted Him to Do That To Me...." Said Trey, as His Wonderful and Loving Mother Slowly Sat Back Down With Him…

"Well I Mean,… Which IS IT Trey? Be Honest, Did He BRUTALLY **** You, ….Or Did You WANT It, Just As Much As HE Did?" Said His Mother, As She Rested Her Hand Under Her Chin And Smiled Lovingly At Her Young Son, As She Gently Squeezed His Hand….. "Tell The Truth Trey…"

"I….. PROMISE YOU WONT GET MAD AND TELL DAD?!" Blurted Out Trey To His Mother.

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PROMISE Trey…" She Said as She Slightly laughed.

"Ok... I WANTED Kent to Have Sex With Me… I Didn Expect For Him to Take It From Me Like The Way He Did….. But It DID Feel GOOOD!!" Said Trey.

"Well GOOD My Son! …Congratulations, Youve JUST Come OUT to Your Mother!.... Ohhhhhhhhhh Im SO HAPPY, NOW Everything Makes SENSE!!" Said His Mother, Excitedly.

"What do You Mean Mom? What Do mean now Everything Makes Sense?" Said Trey.

"Well… ALL This Time Me and Your Father Have Had Our SUSPICIONS about you… I mean, Youve Only Had 2 Girlfriends and Neither One of Them Really Worked Out For You… Plus Youve ALWAYS Seemed More Interested In Other Boys." Said Treys Mother.

"Oh….. Well PLEASE Don Tell Dad What Happened! I Don Want Him To Know…" Said Trey, As He Looked At His Mom With Fearful Begging Eyes.

"OH Don WORRY TREY…. I Hereby PROMISE To Keep Your Secret For As LONG as I Can. Ill NEVER Tell Him, Hell Just Have to Find Out On His Own!" Said His Mother.

"THANK YOU MOM!!!!!" Shouted Trey, As He Hopped Up and Hugged It Out With His Mother.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… I LOVE YOU BABY!! You Can Do NO WRONG in My Eyes!" Said Treys Mother. "Now Trey, Sit Down, I Wanna Ask You Something."

"Ok….." Said Trey, As He Slowly Sat Down, Thinking That He Was In Trouble.

"So How WAS IT?!" Said His Mother.

"How Was What? …...The Sex?!" Said Trey.

"Nooooooooooooo THE CANDY! YES TREY, THE SEX!!!" Said Treys Mother As She Began to Laugh.

"OH! …Well,…. It HURT….At FIRST, Then He Started GOING OFF ON ME All of a SUDDEN, Then It REALLY HURT!! …..But The Ending Felt GOOD…." Said Trey as He Tried to Re-Live What Happened Between Him and Kent, When They Fucked.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh… So THATS Why The Bed Was BEATING UP AGAINST The Wall…. Kent Must Enjoy ROUGH SEX…. Your Father Does TOO! Said Treys Mother As She Laughed.

"YEAH!! And He Just KEPT Asking Me If I Would Give Him My COOKIE or Would He Have to TAKE IT!!! And When I Didn Answer HIM, He Did it HARDER AND HARDER Until He Filled Me UP With Something!!" Said Trey.

"OH REEEEALLY NOW!!..........Well...…Its In Gods Hands Now." Said His Mother As She Reached Over and Poked Trey In His Tummy (Which Showed His Little 4 Pack Behind His Shirt) As Trey Laughed.

"Mom...What Did Kent Mean When He Kept Asking Me to GIVE HIM My Cookie???" Said A Confused Trey….

His Mother Laughed and Said, " OH HONEY!! He Was Just Saying That Because He Knew That He Was TAKING Your VIRGINITY!!!"

"My Virginity?!" Said a Shocked Trey.

"Yes TREY!! He Must Have Worked VERY VERY HARD To Take Your Cookie Away From You... Thats What It SOUNDED Like, From The Way That Bed Kept Beating Against The WALL…" Said His Mother, As He Blushed and Looked Away From Her.

"Awwww…. Hes BLUSHING!!" *His Mother Stands Up and Starts Tickling Him as He Starts Laughing*

After a Few More Seconds… Treys Mother Stopped Tickling Him, Then She Said, "Well Trey, Your Sister is Gonna Be Gone Tomorrow…. And Your Father Has To Work Late Again. You Should Invite Kent Over Here Again….. Who Knows, He Might Wanna Take Your COOKIE Away From You AGAIN!!"

"Thank You MOM!!! Yeah If I See Him at The Field Tomorrow Ill Invite Him Over Here Again." Said Trey As He Grabbed His Drink and Headed Towards His Room. "Cya MOM!! Im Gonna Go Lay Down For Awhile, Call Me When Its Dinner Time!" Said Trey, As He Closed His Door and Happily Flopped On Top Of His SOFT and Comfy Bed.

"OK Honey!!" Said His Mom, as She Reached Into The Refrigerator and Grabbed a Diet Soda. Then She Went Into The Livingroom and Sat Down For About 45 more Minutes Until Treys Father Finally Arrived.

A Few Hours Later...

The Family, (Minus Treys Obnoxious Little Sister) Sat Down at The Table to Eat Dinner.

All Three of Them Ate in Silence For Several Minutes, but NOT because they didn Want to Speak to Each other, but because The FOOD Tasted So Good!

"Damn Honey! I Swear You REALLY Know how to Straight Up Throw DOWN IN The Kitchen when it comes to Cooking!" Said Treys Father, As They All Hungrily Scarfed Down Their Dinner.

The Three of Them Continued to Eat Until They Had Completely Cleared Their Plates. Then Treys Mother Asked Treys Father How his Day At Work Had Gone.

*Sighs* "Well Honey Work Went Good Today,.....All Except for The manager Riding my ASS The Whole Time I Was There...."

Trey and His Mother Laughed at That and at First Treys Father got a Little Bit Upset By That, But Then He Realized That They Were Laughing With Him, Not AT Him. So He Calmed Down and Said, *laughs* Well Im GLAD That Amuses The Two of You!... Trey! What You Do Today?"

"Well Today Trey Made a New Friend, They Got to Hang Out With Each Other Earlier This Morning" Said Treys Mom.

"Oh Really?! .....Well What Did You and That Kent Boy DO Earlier Today?" Said Treys Oblivious Father, as He Leaned Back In His Chair, Resting His Hands On His Thighs.

Trey and His Mother Knew that When Treys Father Usually Did That, It meant that He Was Full, Happy, and Ready For a Nap!


"They Played a BUNCH of Games Of Football Today!....Trey Got to Play With The BIG BOYS Today!!" Said Treys Mother, As She QUICKLY (and VERY Intelligently) Came to Her Sons Rescue!!

"Oh!....." Said Treys Father, as He Looked at The Two of Them, Feeling Slightly Suspicious, But Suddenly He Realized That He Didn Really Care, and Said, "Well GOOD!! ....OK! Im Gonna Go Take a Shower, Then Im Gonna Go Take a Nap, ....TREY!!, Help Your Mother With The Dishes Ok?"

"Alright Dad, Will Do!!" Said Trey, (Who Was Happy That Things Were Working Out)

"Alright Hunny!.....Ill Be In There In a Few Minutes, To Rub Your Back So You Can Sleep OK?!" Said His Wonderful Wife.

"GOOD! Well Im Glad That You Made a New Friend Today Trey, and You Were Really BRAVE To Play Football With The BIG BOYS Too, Remember itll Make You a Tougher Man in The Future!" Said Treys Father, as He Pushed His Seat Back, Stood Up, Then He Walked Over To The Sink and Put His Plate In It, Then He Went to Take His Shower.

Once Treys Father Was In The Shower, (Singing As Usual) Treys Mother Said To Trey While They Were Washing Dishes....

"Well THAT Went Well, I Only Had to Save You One Time! *Laughs*

"Yeah..." Said Trey, Who Was In LaLa Land Daydreaming about Kent....

Then His Mother Side-Bumped Him With Her BIG BOOTY!!

"MOM!!..." Said Trey. Then They Both Laughed.

The Next Day....

Trey Wakes Up and Gives a BIG Yawn as He Stretches While Feeling The Warm Sun Shining Through His Window Blinds From His Room.

(Wow!! I Feel Great!) He Said as He Raised Up and Checked Himself Out... (And Im Not Sore Anymore Either!) He Said to Himself.

Then He Heard a Light Knock At His Door...

"Come IN!" He Shouted.

In Walked His Wonderful Loving Mother, (Who Usually Did That. Which Was No Surprise to Him, It Was Usually Either His Mom or His Dad Coming into His Room to Get Him Up For Breakfast) "Hey Honey, Want Some Breakfast? Are You Hungry?..."

Trey Yawned Once Again And Said, "Yeah Mom, Im Starved!"

"GOOD Baby! I Have a Feeling Your Gonna NEED Your Energy Today!" She Said, As She Sat Down Next to Him On The Side of His Bed, Rubbing His Head.

"Awwww! Mom!!" Said Trey, As He Gently Pushed His Moms Hands Out of The Way While he Then Rubbed His Head as if to Fix His Curly Hair.

"Well You Have to Be Prepared For That Kent Boy! Hes Alot Bigger and Older Than You Are, I mean its a WONDER You Survived Your Last Encounter Up in That Treehouse!" *laughs to herself*

"SHHHHHHH!!!.....MOM!! Quiet! Dad Might Hear You!!" Said a Worried Trey.

"Oh Hush!!.....Your Fathers Taking a Shower, Listen and Youll Hear Him Singing...." Said His Mother.

Trey Listened and SURE Enough, He Could Hear His Father Singing.

(Good… He Sounds Like Hes In a GREAT Mood This Morning!) Trey Thought to Himself…

"Trey Remember Before You and That Kent Boy Get it On Again, To Tell Him to Strap On a Nice BIG Condom….. Speaking of BIG. How BIG WAS Kents You-Know-What?"

"Well…. IT WAS HUUUUUUUGE Mom!! It Was All BIG and FAT and IT HURT The Whole TIME He Was IN Me!" Said Trey, as His Mom Began to Laugh at Him.

"Its Not Funny Mom!!" Trey Said As He Also Started to Laugh As Well. I Was Struggling Trying To Survive It, And I Know That He Wants To Do It Again and Im SCARED!!" He Said, As His Mother licked Her Finger and Began To Wipe Something Off His Mouth…"

"Stop Mom…!!" Trey Said as He Swatted At Her Hand as She Began to Laugh!

"Awww Trey Youll Be Alright, Just Tell Him That Your Mother Told Him Not to Hurt You Next Time." Said His Mother.

At THAT Moment, Treys Phone Began to Ring…

Trey Got Up and Walked Over to His Phone, Then He Said "Ok Mom Its Him, You Gotta GO!!"

"Ok… Have a Good Conversation Hunny!" She Said as She Stood Up and Laughed and made a Swift Exit of Treys Room.

Trey Answered The Phone…


"Meet Me at The *Old Abandoned Mill* Right Up The Road From Your House In 30 Minutes Baby…" Said Kent.

"Ok… OH!! And Kent, My Mom Told Me To Tell You Next Time to Bring a Condom…" Said Trey Quickly, (REALLY Worried About What Kents Reaction Would Be)

Kent Laughed and Said, "Oh… So Your Moms Cool With Us Doing What We Did?!"

"Yeah!! She Wanted To Know How HUGE You Were An EVERYTHING!!" Trey Said, As He Started Getting Excited!

"OH…Well What Did You Tell Her?!" Kent Said, (Feeling Very Curious About What She Thought About The Size of His Dick!)

"I Told Her That You Were HUUUUUUUGE!!" Said Trey.

"Ha Ha! GOOD!! Well Tell Her That Ill Bring One… What Does Your Dad Think?" Kent Said, While Stroking His COCK.

"Oh…Well He Doesn Know…" Said Trey.

"Hmmm… Well Wed Better Not Let Him Find Out For Now, Lets Just Keep US Our Little Secret Ok Baby..." Kent Said As He Stopped Stroking His Cock.

"Ok Baby! Trey Said Happily.

"Ok… Well Go Take a Quick Shower….As a Matter of Fact, You Might Need Two Today Ha Ha!" Said Kent, As He Stood Up and Began To Head to The Shower Himself.

Trey Heard His Father Coming Out of The Bathroom… STILL Singing to Himself. (He Was In a Really GOOD Mood This Morning)

"Ok Baby… Im Goin to Take One Now… Bye!"

"Bye…" Said Kent, As They Both Hung Up Their Phones.


After The Two Young Boys Finished Taking Their Showers and They Met Up At The Old Abandoned Mill.

They Walked Right Up To Each Other and Immediately Locked Lips As They Kissed FURIOUSLY.

Kent Had His Tongue So Far Down Treys Throat That It Was Amazing His Didn Make The Young Boy Throw Up!

Kent EASILY Lifted Trey Up As Trey Locked His Legs Around Kents Waist, Then Kent Pressed Trey Up Against A Semi-Dark Corner Kissing Trey and Grinding His BIG FAT Dick Against Trey Small Appendage as They Continued to Kiss Each Other HARD.

Kent Put Trey Down and Turned Him Around Facing The Wall Then He Grunted and Whispered in His Ear. "Take Off Your Shorts And Underwear…!!"

Trey Pulled Down His Shorts and Underwear As Kent Pulled Down His Shorts and Boxers.

Kent Then Grinded His BIG FAT COCK Up Into Treys Buttcrack, (Trey QUICKLY Noticed That Kent Already HAD His Condom ON… Apparently, He Planned All This Beforehand)

Kent Pulled Trey BACK Towards Him and Entered Him Slowly As Trey Made A Face. Kent Was ROCK HARD and It Seemed as If The TIGHT Condom made Kents DICK Even Bigger!!

Kent Began Gripped HARD Onto Trey SOFT-Black Hips and Began Pushing His DICK Up Inside of Him Going IN SLOW, HARD, AND BALLS-DEEP!!!

Trey Began to Moan Out Loud As Kent Raised Him Up and FORCED Him FLAT Up Against The Cold Steel Wall.

Trey Was Doing ALL He Could to Handle Kents Largely GIRTHY COCK!! But He Just Couldn TAKE IT!! He Just Kept Yelling For Kent to Stop, But Kent JUST KEPT POUNDING HIM!!!

"COME ONNNNNN….COME ONNNNNN!! ….*steadily beating Treys asshole up* CAN YOU TAKE IT???" Kent Said In Treys Ear, as Kent Wrapped His Arms TIGHTLY Around Him, Trying HARD AS HELL NOT TO CUM Too Quickly!!




"COME MERE!!! YOUR ALL…. *Grunting Loudly As Loud Cars and Trucks Pass By Outside On The Road* MINE NOW!!! "IM GONNA KILL THIS PUSSY…..MMMMPH!!! EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO DIE!!! YOU LIL FUCK!!!! COME MERE!!!!" Kent Was Taking Treys ASS Like He BELONGED To Him!!




After That Incident Trey and Kent Didn Talk For 2 Whole Weeks… But WHAT Happens On The 3rd Week?!

Stay TUNED!!!

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