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Ch.128 Serious Accusation (1)

Madam Qin shot a look at Granny Cui.

Granny Cui immediately understood and quietly stuffed a red envelope to the eunuch.

“Eunuch Wang…”

However, Eunuch Wang raised his hand and casually stroked the sleeve, not accepting her red envelope.

So, Granny Cui could only put the red envelope away again.

The feeling of foreboding in the hearts of Madam Qin and Qin Xin grew stronger.

Eunuch Wang looked at Qin Gui on the other side and smiled much more sincerely, saying, “Second Young Mistress Qin, Her Majesty the Empress invites you to come to the palace to play sometime.”

Naturally, Mrs.

Su and Qin Xin did not dare to defy the empress’s orders and not go, so after packing up a little, they left with Eunuch Wang.

Madam Qin felt panicked and afraid like a fly without the head.

When she saw Qin Gui standing there, she thought of something and quickly said, “Gui’er, Her Majesty the Empress asked for your Second Aunt and Second Sister, but I’m not sure what for.

Could you go into the palace and ask about it”

Madam Qin’s face was a little stiff, but she was still putting on the airs of a senior and couldn’t bring herself down to plead for Qin Gui’s help.

Qin Gui agreed happily.

Worried that she would go back on her word, Madam Qin quickly ordered someone to prepare a carriage.

After an hour, Qin Gui arrived at the palace gates.

After passing her token, she was soon summoned by Empress Wei and was personally picked up by Xiao Kouzi, the little eunuch of Fengluan Palace.

As soon as Xiao Kouzi saw her, he reminded, “The Empress Dowager is also in Fengluan Palace.”

As soon as she went through the door with Xiao Kouzi to the east side of Fengluan Palace, she saw Mrs.

Su and Qin Xin kneeling side by side on the ground.

Qin Xin was hanging her head and her back looked stiff as if she were frozen.

Empress Dowager Liu was really there, occupying the top seat.

No hint of joy nor anger could be seen on her wrinkled face.

Even without saying a single word, her entire body was covered in a high and mighty aura.

Empress Wei was sitting gracefully at the bottom with a smile on her lips.

“Xiao Gui, come and have a seat.”

When Empress Dowager Liu saw Qin Gui, a gentle and loving smile immediately emerged on her graceful face, calling her over to sit down.

Qin Xin who was kneeling on the ground took a quick glance at Empress Dowager Liu and the hand hidden in her sleeve tightened.

Her face was pale and the light in her eyes was changing.

She used to be the one who got Empress Dowager Liu’s attention, but now it turned into Qin Gui!


Su’s face was equally unpleasant.

She looked ashamed, annoyed, and afraid as if she had just been slapped in the face.

Qin Gui walked towards Empress Dowager Liu with light steps, and when she walked past the kneeling Qin Xin, she didn’t even spare her a glance as if she didn’t even exist.

Qin Xin raised her eyes to see Qin Xin walking unhurriedly and at ease.

From her angle, Qin Xin’s chin was slightly raised and she could see her delicate chin extend down to her elegant swan neck.

Fair, youthful, and flawless like the elegant flower of a jade hairpin in full bloom.

Qin Xin’spupils shrank and she couldn’t help but think of her last life.

In her last life, she’d seen Qin Gui once, and it was the day when she was taken back to the marquis’s mansion.

That day was the turning point of both their fates.

Qin Gui had risen to the top and she had fallen to the dust.

It was Qin Gui who snatched everything from her!

Qin Xin’s chest tightened and she looked at Qin Gui without blinking.

In her previous life, she had resigned herself to her fate.

Who asked her mother to make the mistake first She only considered herself to be paying for her mother’s debt.

But the Gods were merciful and she was given a chance to start over again.

Like a phoenix in nirvana, she was reborn in a fire!

From the moment she was reborn, she vowed that she would not resign herself to fate in this life, and that she wouldn’t be trampled on like she was in her previous life!

She will definitely be able to get through this crisis, just like the last time…

Qin Gui bowed to Empress Dowager Liu and Empress Wei before explaining graciously, “Empress Dowager, Auntie, Grandmother is worried about Second Aunt and Second Sister, so she asked me to come plead for their sakes.”

Empress Dowager Liu offered Qin Gui a seat and swept her gaze lightly at Mrs.

Su and Qin Xin, shooting a glance at Empress Wei as a signal for her to continue the trial.

Empress Wei understood the empress dowager’s meaning, so she looked once more to Qin Xin and questioned, “Qin Xin, what else do you have to say!”


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