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Ch.132 Serious Accusation (5)

Gu Jing embraced the trembling woman in his arms and said without hesitation.

“Grandma, the only person Grandson wants to marry is Xin’er.”

“Begging Imperial Grandmother to please fulfill this wish!”

He secretly sighed in his heart.

Empress Wei must be sowing discord between them to have created such a deep prejudice in his Imperial Grandmother towards Xin’er.

After a few days, he will try and speak well of her to his Imperial Grandmother again and coax her better.

Empress Dowager Liu, “…”

Qin Gui was watching the show idly at the side.

The only thing missing now was a plate of sunflower seeds.

So, the deep feelings between the male and female leads are a match made in heaven and not something that just anyone can break up.

Empress Dowager Liu looked at Gu Jing and asked in disgust.

“Gu Jing, are you so enchanted by this lowly woman that you won’t even listen to me anymore”

Gu Jing touched his forehead to the ground and still repeated the same words.

“Begging Imperial Grandmother to please fulfill this wish!”

Gu Jing who was on the ground did not get to see the extreme disappointment in Empress Dowager Liu’s eyes.

“Then make her your concubine.” The corners of Empress Dowager Liu’s lips turned down and she made a final decision.

“After some days, just carry her directly to your palace.”

With that, Empress Dowager Liu stood up and sighed.

“I’m tired.

I will trouble the rest to the empress.

The face of the royal family must not be lost.”

Empress Dowager Liu glanced coldly at Gu JIng, then she left with a wave of her sleeves.

Since the Sixth Prince was still young and weak, Empress Dowager Liu had always preferred making Gu Jing the crown prince.

But now Empress Dowager Liu felt that her decision was wrong.

How could the future emperor of the great Qi dynasty be so brainless!

Empress Wei looked at Gu Jing and Qin Xin who were still kneeling on the ground and said, “Since the Empress Dowager has spoken, then I will discuss this wish with the emperor.”

To become a concubine! Qin Xin’s eyes widened in disbelief and her body was shaking faintly.

Not because she was sad, but because she felt wronged.

She was clearly supposed to be the Second Prince Consort, but now, with just one simple sentence from Empress Dowager Liu, she had been demoted from consort to a lowly concubine!

In front of the royal family, her dignity was worth as little as an ant.

Nobody cares whether she was willing to accept this or not!


Su was even more shocked.

Qin Xin had gone from being the primary consort to a concubine, and even one without a title! Wouldn’t that mean that she wasn’t even worth being a side consort

“Your Majesty…this is not in accordance with the rules.” Mrs.

Su said with a trembling voice.

How could she be demoted into a concubine before she was even officially married! Even after the marriage, you can’t just casually demote the wife into a concubine…How could the Qin family afford this!

Empress Wei put her cup down elegantly and ignored her.

Smiling, she asked Gu Jing.

“What do you think, Second Prince”

Qin Xin had also come back to her senses at this moment.

She looked at Gu Jing with teary eyes and a soft expression, still holding to one last shred of hope.

However, Gu Jing only thought that Qin Xin was rejoicing over being able to stay with him and immediately responded with joy.

“Many thanks to Mother for fulfilling this wish!”

Qin Xin, “…”

Qin Xin’s cherry blossom lips parted slightly as if she just heard her heart cracking.

Gu Jing lowered his head slightly and looked at Qin Xin in his arms filled with pity.

He knows that his Xin’er loved him sincerely.

Xin’er told him that she didn’t care about anything else as long as they could be together.

She could give up anything.

So, Xin’er wouldn’t mind being a concubine.

Anyway, he only had her in his heart and that was enough!

Qin Xin, “…”

“Qin Xin.” Empress Wei did not even bother looking at them and went straight to the point.

“Yunguang confessed that you took out ten thousand taels of silver to seal her mouth.

Where did you get this money from!”

Qin Xin’s already miserably pale face had turned even paler, forcing back the upset in her heart.

She still hadn’t recovered from the fall of going from consort to a lowly concubine.

The difference between an imperial consort and a nameless concubine was like heaven and hell.

Who would still pay her any heed in the future, and how could she face her friends in the capital

“Auntie, I know this.” Qin Gui answered like a student answering the teacher’s question in class.

“Second Sister misappropriated Mother’s dowry and there are accounts to prove it.”

The moment these words came out, Mrs.

Su and Qin Xin turned their heads to stare at her at once, eyes widening.


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