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Ch.136 Terrified (4)


The implication of this statement was that if the silvers were not returned, then she could report this to the government.

Madam Qin took a deep breath.

She knew that Qin Gui did not have a deep fondness for the family.

But it did make sense.

Other than Gu Zening, who in the Qin family had been treating her well since she returned

So, she wouldn’t be thinking about the reputation of the Qin family at all…

Just like she unveiled the truth of Qin Xin’s background publicly in the Shenghua Pavilion, she may really report this matter to the government.

If things go badly, the entire Qin family would become the laughingstock of the capital!

Even if she doesn’t report it to the government, there’s still the empress!

“Peiyao,” Madam Qin called out to Mrs.

Su while exerting almost all of her strength.

“Return six thousand taels to the main family by today.”

“Also, the things that Qin Xin pawned away.

They should amount to four thousand taels.

Return that to the main house as well.”

“Mother!” Mrs.

Su was shocked and said indignantly.

“Why should Daughter-in-Law return the things that Qin Xin pawned!”

“Qin Xin is your daughter now!” Madam Qin said in a cold tone that was not to be questioned.


Su, “…”

She clenched her teeth hard and her eyes were almost bursting with ferocity.

She just wanted to swallow Qin Xin down right now.

Ten thousand taels, where was she going to get ten thousand taels of silver!

“Xin’er, as well as you…” In the face of Qin Xin’s pitiful eyes, Madam Qin hardened herself and said, “Servants, administer the punishment.”

A maid immediately heeded the order and went.

“Grandmother!” Qin Xin shouted.

Does her Grandmother no longer love her just because she had become a concubine!

Madam Qin averted her eyes and lowered her gaze, slowly twirling the string of rosewood Buddhist pearls around her wrist with a solemn expression.

If Qin Xin has done wrong, then she must punish her.

If she doesn’t punish her, then she won’t remember this lesson.

Qin Xin’s heart turned even colder, and a rapid chill was spreading throughout all her limbs.

In her previous life, who knows how many times she had been beaten at Lingnan Penal Colony.

There, criminals like them were the most looked down upon that everyone could step on.

Once, because she walked a little too slow, she was almost beaten to death…

After being reborn, she said she would never let herself get into that situation again, but the nightmare from her previous life actually came true again!

Qin Xin’s face was white as a sheet without any traces of blood.

She just watched as the maid came over with a ruler that was three fingers wide and about 50 centimeters long.

Qin Zeyu watched in astonishment as the maid handed the ruler to Grandma Ning and suddenly noticed that Xin Gui was looking at the ruler.

He began to panic inside, Third Sister wouldn’t be thinking of having a go too, right

The ruler was a whole centimeter and a half thick.

It would probably hurt as much as Big Brother’s scabbard!

Qin Zeyu jumped up from the chair at once and shouted, “Grandmother, I have something to do!” Then, he slipped away.

At the same time, Granny Ning raised the ruler up high…


The crisp sound of the ruler hitting her back clearly penetrated Qin Xin’s ears.

She felt a searing pain in her back.

It wasn’t just the pain of her flesh, but a pain that went all the way to her soul…

Qin Xin bit her lower lip and twisted her hands tightly together to the point where the flesh was distorted in order to keep her tears from falling.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The ruler struck her again and again.

Each blow was like a knife to her body, hurting unbearably.

She was suffering, but her grandmother just looked on coldly, and her little brother just abandoned her like a slipper kicked to the side…

Are these people really her family!

In their eyes, the only thing they have is this so-called bloodline.

Even if she treats them with sincerity, the truth of the matter told her now that she was too naive!

She was beaten painfully, but her heart hurt even more!

Granny Ning counted each strike, and only stopped after a full fifty.

Only then did Madam Qin open her eyes and said, “Xin’er, go and kneel in front of Buddha for three days and reflect on yourself.”

Qin Xin had to use almost all of her strength to keep herself from losing control, forcing down all the negative emotions in her heart and kowtowing obediently.

“Grandmother, Granddaughter knows that she was wrong.”

Madam Qin looked at Qin Xin with a relieved face, but she did not see the darkness that flashed past her eyes the moment her forehead hit the ground.


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