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Ch.155 He Wanted Him Dead (2)


The Yu family was a famous family of martial artists in Great Qi with generations of renowned generals.

The men of the Yu family have lost many sons to the battlefield in order to protect the family, so was the fates of Yu Fuyun's father and his brothers.

A year ago, the commanding general of the northern frontier fell into a trap set by Northern Yan and was almost completely wiped out because of that.

At the critical moment, the Yu family led reinforcements into a battle to the death, finally resulting in heavy losses incurred on both sides.

Tens of thousands of Northern Yan's elite forces were lost in battle, and for that very reason, they proposed a truce with the Great Qi.

In that battle, Yu Fuyun was the only fortunate one in the Yu family to survive.

However, due to him incurring serious damage to his heart, the emperor called him back to the capital in order to recuperate.

Only after a whole year was he barely able to recover around sixty-seventy percent.

Qin Zening looked at Yu Fuyun somewhat absentmindedly.

Qin Gui was also looking at Yu Fuyun, gaze lingering for a moment on the man's paper-white face.

She had also heard of Yu Fuyun's name.

It was mentioned in the novel that the Yu family was a family of generals with each generation producing renowned generals, but since the Yu family sons have died on the battlefield, the Yu family has withered since then.

The only surviving member, Yu Fuyun, did not share the same moral integrity as the Yu family.

Betraying the trust of his nation, he openly turned to Gu Zezhi's side and became his brains, providing a number of underhanded schemes that caused the male and female leads to hate each other to the bone.

When he died, Yu Fuyun was only over twenty.

Qin Zening sighed.

"He's the only one left of the Yu family."

A general's success comes from the deaths of countless men.

This phrase surfaced not only in Qin Zening's mind but also Qin Gui’s.

In the novel, Qin Zening wanted to earn a title through military merit so that he could bring his siblings out of the marquis's household.

But in the end, he died on the battlefield without even so much as a full corpse.

"Xiao Gui." Qin Zening's voice snapped Qin Gui out of her thoughts.

"Quickly go and change.

The banquet is coming up."

As a rule, the emperor will hold a banquet after rewarding the top three hunters on the first day of the winter hunt.

Qin Gui answered him and successfully shook off the little brat following her tail, returning back to Luqin Court in order to change into new clothes suitable for the banquet.

Then, she went over to Huagai Hall where a palace maid guided her to her seat.

The seats at the banquet were arranged by rank.

The Qin family was only considered an ordinary marquis's family which was not highly-ranked among the clans and nobles, so they were seated closer to the back.

As soon as she sat down, Qin Gui could feel an unnerving gaze on her person.

She subconsciously raised her eyes and saw Ying Luo entering the hall, surrounded by a group of noblewomen.

Ying Luo had also changed her clothes.

She was wearing a sheer golden outer robe decorated with pomegranate-red butterflies and a frost-white pleated skirt with peonies embroidered on the surface.

Her black hair was pulled up into a delicate bun with a golden phoenix hairpin inserted diagonally into her hair, giving her a graceful and beautiful appearance.

She wasn't in the same sorry state as she was this morning, but instead had the grace of a high-ranking county princess.

When their eyes met, Qin Gui curved her lips, smiling at her.

Instantly, Ying Luo's eyes darkened.

In her eyes, Qin Gui's smile was an extremely arrogant move, as if to say: and what can you do about me

Ying Luo had already calmed herself but she felt her anger burning up to her head again.

Qin Gui was simply too much!

Ying Luo suffered a huge loss at the hunting ground today.

When she returned and told Royal Consort Tai about it, she ended up getting a lecture instead.

"Ying Luo, you should not interact so much with Qin Xin in the future!"

"Qin Xin is nothing more than a lowly concubine now.

She can't even be considered a consort! If you're seen interacting with a concubine, you will only degrade yourself.

Others will criticize you!"

Ying Luo was disappointed and felt that the situation was unjust.

Why did she have to do that!

The one in the wrong was Qin Gui, not Little Sister Xin!

That was what she thought, and what she barked back with, which ended up with her being lectured by Royal Consort Tai again.

She almost didn't even get to attend the banquet tonight.

Fortunately, her elder brother was at the side, helping her persuade her mother, and only then did the two of them calm down.


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