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Ch.161 Are You Helping Me (3)

His handsome face was as calm and cool as water, but his gaze was far less calm than what he seemed to be, his pupils were as dark as ink.

The people of Beiyan are nomads on the northern grasslands.

For hundreds of years, they have repeatedly invaded the territory of the Central Plains.

Since he was fifteen years old, he had guarded the border with his father and uncle in northern Xinjiang.

In just over two years, he had watched the two armies go through no less than 50 battles and watched the Beiyan army burn and kill on the land of Daqi, with his very own eyes.

He wasn’t sure how many soldiers and people had been killed at the border.

The Beiyan army's methods were cruel, and the countless acts of slaughtering the people in capitals and villages have ruined many families in Daqi.

Yu Fuyun's hands that were hidden in his sleeves, tightly clenched into fists, his gaze were as cold as frost.

Ye Luluan, who had his back to Yu Fuyun, glared as he looked at Gu Zezhi in shame, his face was pale, as if he had been slapped in the face, and his tall figure tensed up.

In his opinion, on the battlefield, victory is victory, defeat is defeat.

However, Daqi had so many additional requests, why should they have to apologize!

To put it bluntly, the people of Daqi were just trying to suppress them in their peace talk!

Although Ye Luluan was unwilling to do so, the people of Beiyan had always kept to their promises.

Since he promised to do so, he will act on it, otherwise he would become a shame to the people of Beiyan.

Ye Luluan gritted his teeth and said: "I’ll keep to my promise!"

After Ye Luluan finished speaking, he left with a flick of his sleeves, the few envoys of Beiyan did not stay there any further, and they all chased after Ye Luluan and left.

The emperor was in a good mood, he felt rather relaxed.

He personally greeted Gu Zezhi to return to the banquet in Huagai Hall.

Gu Jing walked behind them, as he looked at the emperor and Gu Zezhi ahead, his eyes flickered, he still couldn't believe that Ye Luluan had lost.

Their plan was so perfect, but Ye Luluan lost.

Originally, he could use the five hundred horses from Ye Luluan to show his power in front of the generals and win some favors.

And if the marriage could go along, the remaining horses promised by Ye Luluan could also be easily obtained.

Unexpectedly, in the end, he actually indirectly helped someone else and gave Gu Zezhi a chance to showcase himself.

The others around were overjoyed.

They were all talking about the match just now, and they were full of praise for Gu Zezhi's riding and shooting skills.

Especially Qin Zeyu, the whole journey back to Huagai Hall, he kept talking in Qin Jiu's ears intently:

"Third Sister, you know big brother so well! Did you see how they worked together so tacitly, a human and a horse.

Unity of a human and a horse It’s the unity of both mind and soul!"

“When he shot those three arrows when the horse was in the air.

At this time, the horse remained stable and calm, so the arrow was stable when it was shot, but within such a short time span, to get such accuracy, it must have taken so much practice!"

"The three arrows all did its job, and they all hit Prince Yelu, so accurate and powerful!"

Qin Jiu listened, and she also felt proud of this in her heart.

However, she appeared to be much calmer than Qin Zeyu.

While drinking the sweet and sour sherbet, she looked in the direction of Gu Zezhi, and said in her heart: My golden thigh is for sure the best, it goes without saying!

A palace lady just filled Gu Zezhi’s cup with alcohol.

Gu Zezhi held up the cup elegantly and gave someone diagonally opposite of him a toast.

Qin Jiu followed Gu Zezhi's gaze in secret, and Yu Fuyun's handsome face caught her eye.

Yu Fuyun nodded slightly at Gu Zezhi, his expression remained cold as frost.

For some reason, Qin Jiu felt that there was a tacit understanding between the two people.

Could it be that the two of them had worked together!

This idea just emerged in her head and was rejected by Qin Jiu.

In the novel, Gu Zezhi shouldn't be in the capital now.

Qin Jiu didn't have a chance to think too much.

Qin Zeyu was pouring tea and water for Qin Jiu diligently.

He wanted Qin Jiu to introduce Gu Zezhi to him.

Most people didn’t pay attention to the brief eye contact between Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun.

The atmosphere of the banquet was starting to heat up and there were plenty of warriors who made a toast to him.

It wasn't until later that day that the palace banquet came to an end.

As soon as Qin Jiu got up, Xiao Kouzi came over with a smile and said, "Miss Qin, the empress wants to see you."

Qin Jiao responded and followed Xiao Kouzi to meet Empress Wei.

"Jiu, come and have a seat.”



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