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After confirming, the imperial physician reported to the couple, “The Sixth Prince is okay.

This official will prescribe some medicinal soup to soothe his mind.

When His Highness wakes up, he can just take it.”

The couple was now comforted.

The emperor waved his hands for the imperial physician to leave and prescribe the prescription.

By the time Gu Zhen woke up and took the medicinal soup, it was already early afternoon.

The couple returned back to their temporary imperial residence.

At this time, Qin Gui was almost back at her tavern.

Today, besides an accident that occurred while trying to find the mirror lake and not being able to get to the Sixth Prince before he fell into the water, everything was still in his plan.

, Empress Wei must be going to investigate this.

She just needed to wait patiently.

Qin Gui walked into the tavern in a good mood.

She thought that she needed to reward herself, maybe treat herself to a good meal later.

“Sister is back.”

A gentle voice interrupted her good mood.

It was Xiao Ze as expected!

Xiao Ze just came back too.

From afar, he saw the girl foolishly laughing.

Oh, the girl even changed her clothes today

“Elder brother.” Qin Gui revealed a lovable smile.

Following his gaze, she looked at her clothes.

Qin Gui originally wanted to find an excuse to shift this topic over, but then thought that there wasnt really to explain.

After all, they werent familiar with each other! He had been elusive for the past few days, so he must be up to no good too.

It wasnt like he told her where he had been either!

Therefore, Qin Gui didnt put much thought to this matter.

Xiao Ze looked interestingly at the girls changing expression.

He placed his right first into his mouth in an effort to cover his laugh.

Then he said nonchalantly, “Has sister eaten Lets go eat.”

Since someone was treating her out, itd be a waste if she didnt go! Qin Gui nodded happily.


The two left the tavern again and Xiao Ze brought them to a neighboring restaurant.

The waiter led them up to the second floor and they sat by a table against the window.

The moment they sat down, Qin Gui eagerly asked, “Waiter, what delicious food do you have here”

Qin Gui was also hungry.

Lately, she has been traveling long and difficultly.

Although she didnt starve, she relied mainly on rations.

She rarely had time to sit down and eat.

No wonder she hadnt gained any weight.

“This must be ladys first time at Qinyun County.

Our Zuifeng Restaurants drunken fish is really the best! Everyone within the Qinyun County knows! Our drunken fish utilizes a decade old brewed wine, and then it was coupled with our custom-made sauce.

The meat is extremely delicate and soft.

I guarantee that the lady will want to eat the entire thing…”

Qin Gui was already hungry hearing the description.

Before he could finish introducing, she exclaimed firmly, “I want this! You can choose the rest.

I just want three fishes and a soup.” Then she looked at Xiao Ze and asked well-behaved, “Elder brother, what about you”

Xiao Ze wasnt picky either.

With a smile, “You can decide.”

Right after, he shifted the topic and suddenly asked, “Did you enjoy Tranquil Temple”

Qin Gui blurted out before she could process, “I didnt enjoy it…”

Wait no! How did he know she went to Tranquil Temple

Qin Gui widened her beautiful pair of almond eyes, staring fixated at him, again and again.

“Xiner, Ill go to Jinyu Treasures with you later on.

You probably wont be able to find anything good in a small place like this too.”

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