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Ch.175 Faking it all this time (2)


Gu Zezhi ignored Zheng Feng and said to the emperor: "Emperor, I have no other questions."

The emperor furrowed his eyebrows deeply, his voice sinking slightly, "Is he someone from the Duan Manor"

Gu Zezhi bluntly said: "I don't know if he’s from the manor, but he should be under the prince."

"Then how did you know he has a red birthmark on him" the emperor asked.

Gu Zezhi glanced at Qin Jiu with a smile, and said, "When Jiu's whip tore his back collar just now, I caught a glance of it."

He got a glimpse of  Zheng Feng’s birthmark and made use of it.

And he succeeded in trapping him.

Gu Zezhi sighed and murmured: "I have already fled to the capital, but he still isn’t letting me off the hook.

I am not interested in the title of Crown Prince Duan, why can’t he just believe me.”

The emperor's lips pursed tight, his expression didn’t look too good.

He noticed that Gu Zezhi addressed Gu Chenzhi as prince and not "big brother", which shows how bad their relationship was as brothers.

He couldn't help but think of the two people that he had caught in Qingyun County.

They were also sent there by Prince Duan.

After all, this was the Duan Manor’s own family affairs.

The emperor sent them back to Emperor Duan.

Later, Emperor Duan wrote in a letter saying that he would thoroughly investigate the matter.

The emperor thought that Emperor Duan could at least restrain his son, but he didn't expect to have another incident after only two months…...

Thinking about it, the emperor once again looked at Ye Luluan, who was not too far away from him, his gaze darkened.

In order to get rid of Gu Zezhi, Prince Duan even chose to cooperate with Ye Luluan!

The emperor subconsciously squeezed the rein in his hand, and said to himself, no, the Duan Manor has to remove this person from his title!

Duan Manor heavily guarded its borders and has strong military capabilities, Prince Duan won't even let his brother off the hook, just for the Crown Prince Duan title, which shows how ambitious he is.

And now, he has such an inexplicable relationship with Beiyan.

Once he gets a hold of the Duan Manor’s military power in the future, will he work together with Beiyan and attack them

The emperor's lips tightened even more, his face sullen, as he gave off an overbearing aura.

Their surroundings fell into silence, and the atmosphere felt dense.

The emperor didn't speak, and everyone else kept silent.

There was only the sound of the cold breeze, even the temperature seemed to have dropped quite a lot.

After some time, the emperor's voice sounded again in the cold night breeze:

"Back to the hunting palace."

Now that they had the bear as a sacrifice, the night hunt could also end early.

The emperor gave the order, and everyone else immediately obeyed as they went back to their respective duties.

Some went to deal with the bear’s corpse, some paved the way, and some protected the empress.

However, just as the emperor turned his horse around, there was an exclamation from behind: "Zheng Feng! Zheng Feng…..."

Immediately afterwards, a guard rushed towards the emperor in big strides, bowed as he said: "Emperor, Zheng Feng, he committed suicide!"

The emperor tugged on the reins, stopped the horse again, as he turned around and looked over,

Three or four feet away from him, Zheng Feng was on the ground, with blood seeping out from the corners of his mouth.

The surrounding torches lit up his face, his eyes popped outwards and were bloodshot.

They looked rather dull and blank, and the blood dripping down from the corners of his mouth were not red, but black like ink.

Obviously, Zheng Feng was poisoned to death.

The night wind roared, and the flames on the torches swayed along with the wind, casting a weird shadow on the emperor's face, his expression worsened.

"Take his body along and head back to the hunting palace."

The emperor passed down the orders, and gave his horse's belly a squeeze before riding towards the hunting palace.

The commander led the group of guards from the Forbidden Army and followed along, the sound of hooves sounded particularly loud in this silent forest.

Ye Luluan froze on the spot, as he looked at the emperor's direction, feeling as if he had been forgotten.

Shouldn't they interrogate him!

He had already thought of how to deal with his questions, and how to leave Emperor Daqi speechless…...

However, matters went in a completely different direction.

Ye Kuluan's gaze darkened, he felt dejected and his face started to hurt even more.

The cuts were still dripping blood, “Didadida” as they dripped on the grass beneath him.




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