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Ch.178 Faking it all this time (5)

Qin Jiu got off her horse too, and subconsciously wanted to help him, but she remembered that he "didn’t want people to find out that he was hurt", so she quickly put her hands down.

She looked caringly at him with her pair of apricot eyes, in fear that he would lose too much blood.

Gu Zezhi sat down in the pergola.

Qin Jiu first sat opposite of him, and then felt that something wasn’t right.

After thinking about it, she asked, "Big brother, would you like some water"

Gu Zezhi nodded slightly.

Qin Jiao ran towards the field, untied a water bag from her horse, and ran back quickly.

"Big brother, have some water." Qin Jiu opened the water bag and handed it over.

The water sac stayed in mid-air.

Gu Zezhi's left elbow rested on the stone table, his left hand supporting his face, as his right hand covered his abdomen.

He looked really weak, and didn’t take the water sac over.

Qin Jiu: ""

Qin Jiu resignedly took another step towards him, leaned over and placed the mouth of the water bag to his lips, while carefully holding the bottom of the water bag, and said: "Big brother, have some water."

After Gu Zezhi drank a few sips of water, Qin Jiu asked again: "Would you like something to eat"

Although they did have dinner before entering the hunting ground, Qin Jiu thought that since Gu Zezhi had to fight both mentally and physically tonight, he must have used up a lot of his energy.

Now that he was hurt, he needed something nourishing.

Gu Zezhi: "That would be nice too."

So, Qin Jiu ran to the field again, took off the leather bag from her horse, and ran back.

Qin Jiu rummaged through her bag, and took out a few bottles......

Gu Zezhi: "......" How many things did this girl bring into the hunting ground

He looked at them with much interest, pointed to a white jade jar that was only half the size of her palm, and asked casually: "What is this"

"Mint leaves." Qin Jiu replied with a glance, "You chew a piece of it after having a meal." It’ll keep your breath fresh!

"What about this"


I mean cape aloe." Aloe vera is also called cape aloe.

If you get bitten by insects, you can apply it.

With that said, Qin Jiu took out a small box from her bag.

This box was the size of a bowl, there were not many snacks in it, only six in total.

She originally thought that as night hunts usually end at midnight, so she was worried that she would be hungry by then, and brought a box of snacks.

Qin Jiu remembered that he didn't like food that was overly sweet, so she used a handkerchief to hold a piece of rose-flower glutinous-rice cake and fed it to him.

"Big brother, this is really delicious."

Gu Zezhi took a bite of the rose-flower glutinous-rice cake in her hand.

It was soft and sweet, with a hint of rose fragrance, it tasted pretty good.

Qin Jiu herself also ate a piece of peach blossom pastry cake, which was crispy and delicious, with distinct layers, but it was on a sweeter side.

She picked up the water sac and subconsciously wanted to have a drink of water, but as soon as she placed the water sac to her lips, she suddenly remembered that Gu Zezhi had just drank from it, and then stiffly put the water sac down, pretending that nothing had happened.

"Haha" she laughed dryly, and then said: "Big brother, how about, you just let the imperial physician take a look at you"

"Don't be like Ye Luluan and ignore your injuries.

He’s thick skinned.

Let's not compare ourselves to him."

"Or, did you bring the golden sore medicine I'll get it for you, okay"

Qin Jiu remembered that he should have gold sore medicine.

When she first saw him in Yao Qing County, he was injured too, and it wasn’t a minor injury, but he dealt with it on his own.

Gu Zezhi ate another piece of rose-flower glutinous-rice cake from her handkerchief, raised his eyebrows, and asked, "Why should I see the imperial physician" There seemed to be a faint smile in his voice.

Qin Jiu: "You’re hurt." You shouldn’t refuse medical help!

Gu Zezhi looked at her with a smile, his smile was as gentle as the spring breeze, and her heart seemed to stop beating for a moment from the sight of this.

The next moment, she saw Gu Zezhi move away his right hand and said, "This injury"

There was a small cut on his right palm, about an inch and a half long, the cut was quite deep, and blood continued to ooze out, but this was definitely nothing serious.

Qin Jiu: ""

At that moment, Qin Jiu seemed to have understood something, her eyes widened.

Golden thigh has been faking it all this time to get free stuff!




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