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Ch.181 Qin Jiu was satisfied! (3)

She pretended not to see him, and went in another direction, thinking to herself: she should just head back to Lu Qin Court for some sleep.

Qin Jiu buried her head down and walked forward, she then touched her stomach and felt slightly hungry.

She was in a hurry this morning, and only had half a bowl of millet porridge and three steamed dumplings before rushing over, so she might as well ask Du Ruo to reheat her breakfast when she gets back......

As she walked along, deep in thought, with no more than a few steps, someone blocked her way, and she almost almost hit her head on the person.

As soon as she looked up, Gu Zezhi's handsome face came into her vision, with a smile on his face.

"......" Qin Jiu's eyes twitched, as she said to herself: Perks of being tall!

Qin Jiu held her chin up and looked at Gu Zezhi who was a head higher than her, she felt as if her heart had suffered 10,000 critical blows: Hmph! She was only fourteen years old, she will still grow!

Gu Zezhi took out something from his sleeves and handed it to Qin Jiu, "For you."

Hanging on his finger was a green straw parrot, but it was only the size of a baby's fist, with its wings slightly spread, as if it was about to take flight.

As soon as the wind blew, the straw parrot swayed slightly under Gu Zezhi's palm.

It was incredibly cute.

Its wings seemed to be scratching on Qin Jiu's heart.

How cute!!

Qin Jiu had absolutely no resistance to cute items like this, her eyes shined.

She was still angry, the consequences of pissing her off are pretty serious, it’ll not be this easy to handle her!

The little straw parrot was placed before her eyes as he gave it a light shake.

Qin Jiu tried not to look, but no matter which direction she turned her head to, the little parrot kept appearing in front of her, its little wings seemed to be moving, which made her heart tingle.

"Give it to me!"

At last, Qin Jiu couldn't help it anymore, she reached out to take it and started to play with it in her palms.

Gu Zezhi: "Do you like it"

Qin Jiu nodded without much thought, "I like it!"

She was smiling happily, her face filled with joy.

Gu Zezhi chuckled twice, and said in his heart: She’s so easy to coax!

Qin Jiu: "It's a pity that it's made of straw, so it won't last long." Her little face filled with sorrow.

Gu Zezhi flipped his palm over, and there was another parrot made of green silk in his palm.

"Don't move." Gu Zezhi said as he lowered his body and attached the winding on Qin Jiu's waist, it matched the purse with a yellow embroidered lotus she had on today.

Qin Jiu was satisfied, and a pair of shallow dimples appeared on the side of her lips.

She was busy admiring the winding on the parrot that she didn't notice at all.

From a distance, a pair of eyes that were as dark as ink, was staring at her and Gu Zezhi.

It was Princess Yingluo.

Yingluo was standing under a big tree, with a smirk of disdain.

Qin Jiu had lived in markets since she was a child and was raised by such despicable and low class people.

Under such influence, she for sure would be shameless.

How could she blatantly seduce him in broad daylight, does she think everyone else is blind!

What was even more disgusting was that she chose Gu Zezhi, guess she was just jealous of Sister Xin and wanted to win her in something, so she chose the uncle of the second prince, who was also the third prince of the Duan Manor.

Gu Zezhi also had bad taste, he had been helping Qin Jiu and supporting her all this while.

Yingluo squinted her eyes as she clenched her fists, but quickly said to herself, so what if she let Qin Jiu enjoy herself for now!

After all, Qin Jiu had a very narrow mindset, she wasn’t smart at all!

She never thought of the fact that as Sister Xin was her elder sister, and she will definitely marry the second prince in the future, how could Qin Jiu marry Gu Zezhi How could a pair of sisters marry both the uncle and the nephew

Even if Gu Zezhi was attracted to Qin Jiu now, their seniority in their families wouldn’t allow it, and Qin Jiu would get dumped!

Thinking of this, Yingluo felt happy, and a faint smile appeared on her face.


A soft female voice came from behind her.

A young girl in a lilac skirt and a purple cloak walked slowly to Yingluo's side.



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