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Ch.184 Marriage alliance with Beiyan (1)


Changning squeezed the handkerchief in her hand, suddenly stood up, and walked towards Qin Jiu and Gu Zezhi.

"Uncle Ze, Third Lady Qin."

Changning greeted the two elegantly.

Qin Jiu also greeted her gracefully.

Changning smiled at Qin Jiu, and said in a gentle tone, "Third Lady Qin, I have something to say to you."

What she meant was that she wanted to talk to Qin Jiu in private.

Qin Jiu lived in Fengluan Manor only for some time, but she was closer with the second princess, Xin'an.

As for the third princess, Changning, she only came to greet Empress Wei a few times, so they didn't know each other well.

Changning quickly glanced at Gu Zezhi, and said with a pleading tone: "Third Lady Qin, it’ll just take awhile."

Qin Jiu then followed Changning to the red pine trees near them, and waited for her to speak.

Changning squeezed the handkerchief in her hands, looked at Qin Jiu hesitantly, as she bit on her lips.

Qin Jiu furrowed her eyebrows, and started counting silently in her heart, she decided that until the count of 20, if she still hasn’t said a word, she’ll leave.

"Third Lady Qin," after a long while, Changning whispered while squeezing on her handkerchief, "You have to be careful, Yingluo…...she’s planning something against you."

Qin Jiu: “”

Changning looked into Qin Jiu's clear apricot eyes, and said with a serious expression: "Yingluo wants you to be part of the marriage alliance with Beiyan."

In fear that Qin Jiu wouldn't believe her, Changning immediately said: "It’s true, I’m not lying."

"Yingluo said, as long as you and Prince Yelu get together, you would no longer stand in the way of the second princess."

Qin Jiu’s eyes widened slightly when she heard what she said, "Third princess, did she really say that"

"Yes." Changning nodded eagerly, "Third Lady Qin, you might not know this, but when Yingluo was seven, she sneaked out of the palace once to look at lanterns, and was almost abducted by a kidnapper.

It was Second Lady Qin who saved her."

After that incident, Yingluo and Second Lady Qin got very close, as close as biological sisters."

"For Second Lady Qin, Yingluo will for sure do all that it takes."

Changning looked at Qin Jiu with a sincere gaze, her dark eyes were as clear as water, staring right at her.

Qin Jiu smiled, "Third princess, thank you for telling me this."

Changning pursed her lips, and said softly: "I shouldn't be saying this behind her back......

I just didn’t want you to suffer."

With the emperor behind her back, Yingluo doesn’t even respect me as a princess.

Third Lady Qin, please be careful."

Qin Jiu: "Thank you for your kind reminder, I’ll stay alert."

"Third Lady Qin, I’ll definitely try to ask around.

When I get news, I’ll immediately inform you." Changning breathed a sigh of relief, her lips curled slightly, and there was a touch of shyness in her smile, "Goodbye for now."

After she said this, Changning smiled at Qin Jiu again, then turned and left.

The cloak that she had on swayed along with the mountain breeze, she gave off a weak impression, which was very attractive.

Qin Jiu looked at her slender and weak figure from the back, pursed her lips, and slowly walked towards Gu Zezhi.

Gu Zezhi didn't ask about what had happened and just silently handed her the reins, Ta Qing neighed twice and rubbed itself against Qin Jiu's arm affectionately.

Qin Jiu took out a grease-proof wrapping from her bag, got a piece of pine nut candy, fed it to Taqing, she also had one for herself.

She then tilted her head and said, "Do I look like a fool that’s so easy to coax."

Gu Zezhi raised his sharp eyebrows, and said to himself: Well, not a fool, but pretty easy to coax.

His gaze stayed for a moment on the parrot next to Qin Jiu's bag, his smile deepend, as he desperately emphasised: "Of course not, you’re so smart and clever!"

Qin Jiu liked what he said, and passed the unfolded grease-proof wrapping to Gu Zezhi, but she suddenly remembered that he didn’t like sweets, so she added, “Although these pine nut candies are slightly on the sweeter side, they are very fragrant.”



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