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Ch.185 Marriage alliance with Beiyan (2)

Gu Zezhi was about to get one to try.

However, at this moment, a middle-aged servant hurriedly walked over, smiled and greeted Gu Zezhi, "Third Prince Gu, the emperor wants to see you.”

So Gu Zezhi left with the middle-aged servant.

Qin Jiu was left alone, she stared at her empty right palm, as her eyes twitched.

He took all her pine nut candy with him!!

So, did he just steal from her!

Qin Jiu, who had lost a whole bag of candy, had to head to the stables first to take care of Taqing, before heading back to Luqin Court.

She hung the little straw parrot on her window, and when the wind blew, the cute little parrot swayed along with the wind.

Its small wings seemed to move.

The more she looked at it, the cuter it was!

With her hand below her chin, Qin Jiu looked at the little straw parrot as it danced in the wind, and occasionally gave it a light tap on its wings.

Du Ruo served Qin Jiu some tea as she complimented: "My lady, you have such skillful hands, this little parrot looks so lifelike!"

Qin Jiu lightly tapped on the little parrot’s wings again, and said with a smile: "It's from big brother…...I mean it’s from Gu Zezhi."

Seeing Qin Jiu call after Gu Zezhi's name so naturally, Du Ruo's expression subtly changed, as she said to herself: They’ll probably get married.

After Qin Jiu had her lunch, she went to take a nap.

She closed her eyes and fell deep into sleep, not only until 3-5pm did she awake.

Upon hearing movements coming from inside of the room, Du Ruo then led a servant in to serve Qin Jiu, she said: "My lady, the second princess came by just now, she said that there would be a small banquet in Diecui Courtyard tonight, and came to invite you to it."

“A small banquet" Qin Jiu had just woken up, and was still a little sleepy, she yawned and let the servant dress her.

Du Ruo skillfully clothed Qin Jiu with a sleeved over-dress, as she smiled and said: "My lady, this is a custom of ours.

Every year on the third or fourth day of the winter hunt, the empress would invite all the ladies from the noble families, but in recent years, the second princess would be in charge of this, but it was still done in the empress’s name.

Qin Jiu nodded.

She had a good relationship with the second princess, since the second princess personally came over to invite her, of course she had to attend.

Qin Jiu sat down in front of her dressing table, as Du Ruo combed her hair into a double flat bun hairstyle, then picked two garnet beads as accessories, finally she placed a white jade ring that had a phoenix carved into it on the side of her waist.

Qin Jiu stroked her skirt and was about to leave.

She then picked up the emerald green parrot on her dressing table and attached it on her waist.

Du Ruo watched silently from the side, even if she didn't ask, she could guess where it came from, she exclaimed in her heart: Her future husband is so caring!

Qin Jiu noticed that it was almost time, and headed towards the Diecui Courtyard with Du Ruo.

The sun was setting, placing a layer of golden red gauze on the magnificent hunting palace.

Along the way, they saw many ladies that were also going in the same direction as them, walking in pairs or groups as they chatted along happily.

While leading the way, Du Ruo smiled and started to talk about the small banquet tonight: "My lady, tonight’s banquet will be very lively.

Not only will there be performances, there will also be many games to play, such as Touhu, Chuiwan, Shefu, Mushe, Shuanglu…..." Du Ruo said while counting with her fingers.

Qin Jiu was somewhat distracted.

She was not interested in what Du Ruo was talking about.

She beckoned to Du Ruo and asked in a low voice, "Can I leave early"

Du Ruo was taken aback, then eagerly leaned into Qin Jiu's ear as she whispered, "You can slip out quietly later."

Qin Jiu was delighted as she snickered, and exchanged a gaze with Du Ruo.

The master and servant pair continued their walk.

When Qin Jiu arrived at Diecui Courtyard, many people were already here, the atmosphere was pretty lively.


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