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Ch.190 Arranged Marriage (1)

Changning’s delicate willow eyebrows were furrowed as she muttered to herself, "Could it be Qin Jiu She’s done changing"

Ye Luluan was late!

If Yeluluan's late arrival made her plan fail, it would be extremely troublesome.

No matter how dense Yingluo and Qin Jiu were, they wouldn’t fall in the same trap twice!

Changning bit her lower lip slightly, the more anxious she felt as she thought more about it.

"Lingxiang, go take a look." Yingluo winked at Lingxiang and motioned for her to act on the occasion.

"Yes, Your Highness." Lingxiang replied, and walked out from behind the screen.

At this time, the door to the room was already ajar, Lingxiang was just about to speak, but was left stunned.

"Lingxiang" Changning asked aloud.

"Your…...Your Highness.….." Lingxiang's voice trembled in panic, she felt helpless.

She turned around to look for Changning, but in a hurry, her right arm accidentally brushed againts the screen.

The screen instantly lost its balance and fell forward.

Behind the screen, Chang Ning was taken aback, her eyes suddenly widened, she subconsciously raised her gaze and saw a tall and strong youth of a different kingdom, stepping over the sill into the room, it was Ye Luluan.


The screen fell to the ground hard, making a thunderous sound.

Why is Ye Luluan here !

Changning's eyes widened in disbelief, and she quickly reacted.

With only a thin undergarment on her, she quickly grabbed the sleeved over-dress hung on the screen and covered her body.

Her small face turned pale in fright, and a thin layer of cold sweat oozed from her back, she managed to control herself and not scream.

What was going on

Why was Yeluluan here Shouldn't he be at Qin Jiu’s!

She was both shocked and frightened, not knowing what went wrong.

Yeluluan also saw Changning, his brows furrowed, his face filled with displeasure, and the left half of his face which was covered by a gauze looked rather ferocious.

He squinted his eyes, his gaze darkened, and he looked at Changning, who was only had on an undergarment from a distance away.

He felt that he had been led into a trap!

Earlier, the Third Princess sent someone to tell him that they had made an appointment with Qin Jiu and asked him to head to the room on the right of the Bibo Pavilion at this hour.

He went in, but the room was empty and there was no one in there.

Then, when he heard there was movement here, it seemed that there was someone in here, so he just merely assumed that the person who sent the message made a mistake, and came over.

Unexpectedly, Changning herself was here!


Did Emperor Daqi not want Qin Jiu to marry him, so he just simply pushed just any princess into his arms !

Or was it because the Third Princess herself wanted to marry him, so she used such a scheme

Ye Luluan’s thin lips pressed into a straight line, his gaze turning darker and darker.

Is this a joke! Are the princesses of Daqi finding it hard to marry themselves off!

Hmph, he was not even from Daqi, even if he sees the princess naked, can Emperor Daqi force him to marry her!

Ye Luluan glanced coldly at Changning, who was about to weep, and walked away without a hint of hesitation.

Seeing as Ye Luluan had finally left, Chang Ning felt relieved, she tightened her grip on the sleeved over-dress that was soaked wet in tea, and a thin layer of water vapor formed in her black eyes.

She was on the verge of crying.

At this moment, there was only one thought left in her mind: Why did this happen!

However, her thoughts were all over the place now that she couldn’t think calmly at all, she just wanted to dress herself quickly.

Lingxiang also came back to her senses, she leaned over and picked up a fresh sleeved over-dress, and draped it over Changning with her slightly trembling fingers.

Lingxiang wanted to close the door, but she saw Ye Luluan who was about to cross the door sill, then stopped in her steps yet again.

Outside the door, Empress Wei showed up in the corridor with a group of court ladies and mamas, who blocked Yeluluan's path.

"Your Majesty!" Lingxiang’s face turned pale, her voice couldn’t help but quiver, and her gaze landed on Qin Jiu, who was beside Empress Wei.

Qin Jiu naturally saw Ye Luluan in the wing room as he raised his eyebrows with interest.

From the very first moment Changning came to her during the day, Qin Jiu already knew that something was wrong.

She still remembered when Changning mentioned how much Yingluo hated her and wanted to frame her to be in the arranged marriage with Beiyan, that way she wouldn’t be in Qin Xin’s way.

Thinking back at it, even if Yingluo really wanted to do this, she just had to do it, why would she tell this to Changning


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