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Ch.200 Scolding (1)

Early the next morning, Empress Wei reprimanded Yingluo.

Hence, everyone in the hunting palace got to know that the third princess Changning and Princess Yingluo had fought over some issue, and Yingluo scratched Changning's face in the midst of it.

Of course, Qin Jiu heard about the incident.

Qin Jiu woke up late in the morning, and got to know about this from Du Ruo.

"Maiden, do you reckon that Princess Yingluo was really the one who scratched the third princess’s face"

Du Ruo’s face brightened with interest.

From her point of view, the two of them deserved it.

If they hadn't nursed evil intentions plotted against each other, and even tried to hurt her lady, things wouldn’t have ended this way!

Two words could be used to sum up her current mood: Extremely delighted!

Along with a few more words: Serves them right!

"I don't think so." Qin Jiu casually chatted along with Du Ruo as she ate a bowl of millet porridge, "Yingluo does sound ruthless, and she speaks and acts arrogantly, but in fact, she was far from how cruel and unscrupulous the third princess was.


Putting other matters aside, just looking at what had happened yesterday, everything that had happened intertwined into a perfect plan, and if it was someone else who realised that her own plan was about to fail, they would feel flustered, or beg for mercy, or even strongly deny against it, but the third princess was different.

She made a quick decision and accused Yingluo as the evil mastermind behind all of it.

Her quick sense to judge the situation was truly incredible!

Qin Jiu complimented Changning in her heart, and said: "I’m 80% sure that the third princess was the one who scratched her own face."

"Why" Du Ruo blurted out in surprise.

As a woman, appearance can be said to be as important as her own life, not to mention that Changning was even a dignified princess, and not just some barbarous man from Beiyan like Ye Luluan, who wouldn’t care even if his face was hurt.

Qin Jiu wiped the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief, and said with a smile: "It’s because she doesn't want to be part of the arranged marriage."

"She probably thought that if she injured her own face, she wouldn’t need to be part of the arranged marriage.

Moreover, if Yingluo was the one that had caused it, then Yingluo should stand in her place, it was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone."

Qin Jiu spread out hands and said, "Look, this logic sounds smooth!"

Du Ruo: "!”

Qin Jiu: "However, it's such a pity."

"Why is it a pity" Du Ruo asked curiously.

Qin Jiu smiled without saying a word, she then got her chopsticks and picked up a soup dumpling, took a bite in a pretty manner, and smiled as she said, "Du Ruo, prepare a riding outfit for me, I’m planning to head out later."

Her golden thigh told her that he would take her to a nearby town to watch BaiXi today.

She heard that the group of BaiXi performers came from the Western Regions!

After she was done with her meal, Qin Jiu put on a primrose-colored riding outfit, and brought her Taqing to the hunting platform.

Du Ruo was quick-witted and didn’t follow along.

From a distance, she saw that Gu Zezhi was waiting under a few red pine trees.

His white horse was leisurely munching on some grass on its own, and occasionally stomped its hooves.

The red pines were rough and tough, as if they were reaching towards the sky with high spirits, which formed a sharp contrast with the elegant and sweet Gu Zezhi.

"Come over here."

Gu Zezhi beckoned to Qin Jiu, and Qin Jiu trotted over happily.

The cloak that was hung on Gu Zezhi's right arm, he naturally placed it around her.

Qin Jiu looked up and smiled at him, she didn’t wasn’t to trouble her golden thigh, and quickly tightened the belt of the cloak by herself.

After putting the cloak around her, her whole body warmed up, and she urged impatiently: "We better go now, Linpu Town is about a dozen miles away from here."

Her eyes were shining, and she was about to mount the horse as she stepped on the stirrup.

When she hopped on the horse, the cloak was somewhat of a hindrance.

Gu Zezhi lifted the back of the cloak for her, then whistled, and his white horse came running over to him.

As soon as Gu Zezhi got on his horse, he heard a commotion coming from the forest, with the frantic sound of horse hooves.

Both Qin Jiu and Gu Zezhi, with the lead ropes in hand, looked back subconsciously.


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