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Ch.207 Blizzard (2)

Qin Zening squinted his eyes and looked at both of them, with a complex expression on his face.

He thinks that Gu Zezhi's consecutive arrow shots were beautiful, but this does not mean that Gu Zezhi is qualified to marry his sister! No, he had just reunited with his sister, for two years…...no, for the next five years, she won’t get married!

Gu Zezhi adjusted Qin Jiu's cloak, and said with a smile: "I’m going to leave now."

Qin Zeyu, who was struggling with his friends in the back, heard this and their eyes lit up.

These teenagers were still young of age, and they were not the eldest sons in their family.

They were mostly spoiled, how would they suffer through this kind of pain After being in a horse stance for a while, their legs and feet felt sore, and sweat started to seep from their foreheads.

Qin Jiu said with a smile, "I'll help you watch over them!" As she said this, she cheerfully took out her horse whip and gave it a swing on purpose.

Qin Zeyu's face almost collapsed, and he felt that his sister was indeed his nemesis!

The other teenagers hurriedly threw a glance at Qin Zeyu, indicating that he should quickly beg for leniency to his sister.

The corners of Qin Zeyu’s eyes twitched, but this way has to be workable.

He secretly adjusted his posture, and felt that his butt that had just been slapped by his sister was still hurting faintly.

He silently looked at Gu Zezhi's back as he walked away, hoping that Gu Zezhi would turn around and beg for leniency for him.

Unfortunately, even until Gu Zezhi's figure from the back disappeared at the entrance of the hunting palace, he did not look back.

Gu Zezhi led the white horse to the stable and made a gesture, then an ordinary-looking man in green walked out from behind the stable.

Gu Zezhi: "Keep an eye on Gu Jing." If Gu Jing really believes that there would be a blizzard, she should spring into action within these few days.

The man in green accepted the order and excused himself.

The next day, Gu Zezhi brought Qin Jiu back to the palace after watching Baixi in Linpu Town and had gotten a reply.

So, he walked to Yong'an Palace leisurely, asking to meet the Emperor.

The great eunuch, Zhou Xin, personally greeted him, and said with a smile: "Third Prince Gu, the Second Prince is currently meeting the Emperor."

Gu Zezhi just laughed and didn't comment further on this.

When he walked to the curtain, he heard Gu Jing's voice sounding from inside: "Father, the weather has gotten colder these days.

I think it would be better to leave for the journey back to the capital as soon as possible......"

A servant draped the curtain for Gu Zezhi, and Gu Zezhi walked in.

Gu Jing also saw Gu Zezhi and pursed his lips slightly.

He hesitated, not knowing whether to continue or wait until after Gu Zezhi had left.

But the Emperor motioned him to continue with his gaze.

Gu Jing could only continue and said: "Father, I noticed that the weather has been rather off lately, the temperature has been changing drastically, and the wind rages violently at night, so I sent someone over to the nearby Linpu Town to ask around on this and I also read the county annals.

It says that a blizzard would hit this area almost every ten years.

Before the blizzard hits, the weather is often extremely cold, along with cloudy days, raging winds, and insects would start to relocate.

The weather changes in the past few days have just solidified my concerns."

"I also asked the Imperial Astronomer to observe the night sky and they also mentioned that there may be heavy snow in the next few days, but the date is uncertain."

Gu Jing said, while carefully observing the emperor's expression.

He also knows that his close relationship with Ye Luluan will make his father unhappy.

This matter is the key to his change of image in his father’s eyes.

He must make his father feel that his dealings with others were based on his objective judgement and not based on his emotions towards certain people, that the fact he had befriended Ye Luluan was not a foolish decision, nor is it for his own selfish motives, but for the overall wellbeing of Daqi.


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