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The emperor suddenly had a fit of cough.

He coughed again and again to the point that he was almost short of breath.

The imperial eunuch Zhou Xin immediately rushed over to regulate the emperors qi.

Just as he was about to call someone to bring the doctor, the emperor raised his hand with difficulty and stopped him.

“Cough Cough Cough!” The emperor was still coughing non-stop.

Zhou Xin was helpless.

He hurriedly took out the pills made by the imperial physician and gave it to the emperor.

After some difficulty, the emperor finally stopped coughing.

His face was pale and he looked extremely exhausted and weak.

“Dont tell the queen, she might worry,” the emperor ordered in a calm and indifferent manner.

Zhou Xin wanted to say something but stopped.

He served the emperor closely.

He was one of the few people who knew the condition of the emperors dragon body.

The emperors dragon body had been deteriorating over time, but it had been a secret.

Zhou Xin knew that this was for the sixth prince.

If the courtiers knew that the emperors dragon body had deteriorated to this extent, everyone in the court would force the emperor to announce the crown prince.


Outside the window, claps of thunder reverberated throughout the sky.

The dark clouds in the sky were the clear signs of an impending storm.

The rain came pouring down the next moment.

In an inn of Qingyun County, Qin Gui asked Xiao Ze casually, gazing at the sudden rainstorm, “Are you leaving”

Xiao Ze nodded his agreement and let out a mhmm.

Qin Gui felt relieved but there was a look of parting on her face as she gave her blessings, “I wish you a happy journey, dont get killed!”

She muttered to herself secretly,Even if you are hunted down, dont come to me!

Her thoughts were clearly written on her face.

Xiao Ze could read it at a glance.

His sharp as sword eyebrows immediately rose.

“So you cared so much about me.” Xiao Ze smiled, his smile was particularly gentle and kind, “Before I meet you again, I will take good care of myself.”

If someone as handsome as Xiao Ze stared deeply at someone, the opposite party would really have her heart skip a beat or two.

Qin Guis smile turned stiff.

She always felt that he was cursing her somehow.

Xiao Ze left that day.

Those government officials also never came to investigate again.

Qin Gui was too lazy to care about the reason behind this.

In short, she had survived this disaster without any risk!

On the same day, Qin Gui proposed to Xu Biaotou to leave Qingyun County the very next day.

In regards to Xiao Zes whereabouts, Qin Gui reported in a perfunctory manner, “He had some business to attend to.” Xu Biaotou didnt ask much.

They packed their bags and set off the next morning.

Their convoy left the county without any more trouble and drove for another two days.

When the arrived at Fenggu County in Long Province, the escort team was done with their errand.

Fenggu County was just half a day away from the capital.

This was also the place chosen by Qin Gui after repeatedly recalling the plot of the novel.

Originally, she had planned to open a small shop here.

After that she would set up a matriarchal clan and happily avoid the fate of being a cannon fodder.

But who would have thought…


Qin Gui sighed.

After two days of rest, she found a middleman and started searching for the shop just as she had planned.

After going around for a few days, Qin Gui finally rented a small shop on the main street.

This shop was divided into two parts, front and the back.

The shop was in the front while people could live in the back.

There was also a small yard where one could grow flowers and vegetables.

Its rent for a year was only thirty taels of silver.

It was simply perfect for Qin Jiu.

In fact, she always knew that she was only here for a short time but she always acted her part in full.

As expected…

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