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Qin Gui hadnt left.

The novel talked about how Qin Family had given the couple a substantial amount of money.

She purposely said that she was going to report them to the government office as a diversion.

Qin Gui dashed through the courtyard and went straight for the couples room.

The family had been living here for as long as the original body could remember.

The couple used Qin Familys silver taels to establish a restaurant in the city.

The business was okay.

Compared to the others, this family had lived pretty comfortably off.

However, the original body was pitiful in the family.

Not only did she have to wash clothes and cook but she also had to do chores and everything required of her.

When Zhao Aman was unhappy, shed just beat the little girl up and curse her out.

This time, because she refused to marry a fool no matter what, she was beaten up miserably.

Zhao Aman said that the original body was an ungrateful wretched girl, but she was one herself!

Qin Gui clearly heard that Qin Family had given the family two thousand silver taels, enough for the family to live peaceful and steady lives.

But the couple still wasnt satisfied, exchanging their daughter with the original body.

Qin Gui didnt care at all, rummaging through the drawers and going through the rooms.

In the end, she smashed the lock on the dram box with an ax, finding eight hundred in banknotes and some broken pieces of silver taels.

She was just returning these items to therightful owner.

Qin Gui carefully placed the banknotes in her arms and smiled happily.

She felt much safer with these silver taels by her side.

Qin Gui didnt stay any longer.

Since the couple wasnt back yet, she hurried out of the door.

She did threaten the couple that shed go report to the government office, but she didnt really plan to.

The heroine, Qin Xin, had a smooth life in the original novel.

Even more, she had admirers that protected and cleared the path for her.

Those that opposed her didnt have any good endings.

She was already unlucky, having transmigrated into this novel.

Qin Gui didnt want to die with an arrow to her heart like the original body.

Thatd be too tragic.

Therefore, she planned to stay away from the heroine.

She wanted to open a door and live a steady life.

Qin Gui pondered.

If the couple didnt see her at the government office, theyd be coming back soon at most.

She needed to hurry and leave the place.

The government office was to the west of the county.

Therefore, Qin Gui went towards the east of the county relying on her memory.

She planned to go for Yaoqing County which was ten kilometers from here.

In her memory, the original body frequently went to buy wine and other items for the couple for their restaurant.

She had to walk twenty kilometers back and forth all by herself as she dragged a handcart.

If she walked back even slightly slowly, shed get a beating.

Qin Gui slowly walked towards the county and arrived there before dusk.

On the way there, Qin Gui didnt stop thinking either, quickly recalling the scenes in the novel.

To speak the truth, although she just finished reading the novel, sometimes the scenes in the novel didnt go through her mind.

She had forgotten about half of the plot by the time she finished reading.

She only remembered that Da Qi had internal and external troubles.

There was a lot of chaos by the border, and the country faced multiple natural disasters.

There were countless refugee rebellions.

In the novel, these chaos were so that the heroine could display her abilities.

But to Qin Gui, she was a little girl and she shouldnt really walk around in this chaotic world.

Both the heroine and male lead were in the capital.

Most of the plot revolved around the capital, so she definitely cant go to the capital

Qin Gui thought about it before deciding to go to Long Province.

In the original plot, Long Province was the best province of the ones that Da Qi managed.

Later on, it was because of heroines intelligence and charm that led Long Province to be on the Second Princes side.

After she made up her mind, Qin Gui quickly found out the location to hire escorts.

This place was registered by the government.

The head of the establishment said that there were countless bandits in the area to Long Province.

If she wanted to hire bodyguards, shed need to pay extra.

In the end, Qin Gui spent one hundred silver taels.

After she paid the deposit, Qin Gui asked for a guide.

Da Qi was really strict with the management of household registers.

If people were fifty kilometers away from their home, they would need a document.

Qin Gui hadescaped from home.

She wont be able to make it into Long Province without the document.

The head of the escorts had a beard and he was now caressing it, wearing a subtle expression.

The establishment had its own methods, having been involved in all sorts of situations.

He didnt ask much, just gesturing at her.

She delivered another banknote, and made plans to come back tomorrow to get her document.

Shed set off on her journey three days later.

Then, Qin Gui took her leave.

She didnt plan on passing her three days idly.

She first went to a ready-made clothes store to buy two convenient and casual outfits.

After she ate to her hearts content, Qin Gui looked for a tavern and moved in, specially asking for a top-notch room.

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