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She subconsciously avoided Qin Zenings gaze as she said with a smile, “Big Brother, havent I already returned Mother must be at peace now.”

“Do you think so” Qin Zening deliberately paused for a moment.

A cold smile appeared on his lips as he spoke slowly, “Her daughter has been replaced, how can my mother rest in peace”

Panic was clearly written in Qin Xins eyes.

But she soon calmed down and said, “Big Brother, what are you talking about”

Qin Xins current expression gave Qin Zening the answer.

He was right.

Qin Zening glared at her and said in a sharp voice, “You are not my sister!”

He was sure that Qin Xin knew!

Qin Xin knows she is a fake! She and her biological parents are the same!

Qin Zenings eyes flickered with a sharp gleam.

His gaze sent chills to Qin Xin.

Qin Xin also realized that he had lost his temper.

She took a step toward Qin Zening, trying to appease him.

“Big Brother…”

“Dont call me Big Brother.” Qin Zening retreated, looking at Qin Xin in disgust.

He emphasized again, “You are not my sister!”

Having finished speaking, Qin Zening walked away without turning back.

His steps were firm and his long back was straight with determination.

Qin Xin stood there with a flustered expression, clenching the handkerchief in her hand in a daze.

Her eyes shimmered as tears almost welled up in her eyes.

Her personal maid, Shu Xiang was at a loss.

She asked cautiously, “Miss, whats the matter with the young master Why did he suddenly lose his temper”

Qin Xin didnt reply.

There was a gloomy and confused look on her face.

What went wrong How did Qin Zening came to know about this!

Qin Xins face turned ashen before it paled.

In her last life, she was discovered by her grandfather in the third year after she came to the Marquis Mansion.

Her entire life was ruined.

Qin Gui was later found and brought back.

She became a nobility.

As for her, she was thrown away.

Her biological parents were sentenced to exile.

She was also expelled from the Marquis Mansion and exiled to Lingnan along with her parents, where she suffered a lot…

Even the Gods felt sorry for her and gave her a second chance to start again!

In this life, she had made every effort to get here.

Why did Qin Zening come to know about this


Qin Xins eyes widened slightly as the girl she met in Qingyun County flashed in her mind all of a sudden.

At that time, she felt that that girl looked a little like Qin Gui.

Later, she thought that she could ask what was written on that girls pass after the Second Princes investigation.

But the Second Prince was scolded by the emperor and was even grounded in the palace.

Even she couldnt see him.

So naturally, the matter ended right then and there.

Could it be that that girl is really Qin Gui!

Is she here!

Qin Xins mind was in a mess.

She clenched her fists and straightened her back as she finally calmed herself down with some difficulty.

It wasnt easy for me to get here.

I cant let them ruin me again!

Her current life was completely different from the last one.

She was now the second princes concubine as per the imperial edict.

The Qin Family would not let her go that easily!

Qin Xin composed herself and quickened his steps as she started walking towards Glory Hall.

“Second Miss.”

Qin Xins heart started pounding crazily as she thought, “Qin Zening wouldnt have already told Madam Qin, would he! He really does everything at his will.

Doesnt he know to send these subordinates first How will I show my face later!”

The maid opened the curtain for her.

Qin Xin left the smells of books outside and when she entered the east room, she heard Qin Zening coldly say, “…its time for everything to return to their places!”

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