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“Miss, watch your steps.”

Mother Ning helped Qin Gui get out of the carriage as the carriage came to halt at the side entrance of the Zhongyi Mansion.

Qin Gui raised her hand and flicked her beizi, naturally and calmly.


Qin Zening, who wasnt that far away, couldnt hold it anymore.

He ran over and stared at Qin Gui in a daze.

Sis eyebrows are so similar to mothers.

Qin Zenings nose turned sore as a throbbing feeling rose from the bottom of his heart, seemingly trying to announce that they were connected by blood.

“Im your elder brother! Your elder brother by blood.” Qin Zenings voice was slightly hoarse.

My sister has suffered so much but I knew nothing about it.

And I even considered the enemys daughter as my sister! I have been so irresponsible as the elder brother!

Qin Gui smiled from the bottom of her heart as she cutely bowed to Qin Zening and shouted, “Big Brother.”

Qin Guis mood became a little complicated, looking at the handsome young man before her.

Qin Zening was also a cannon fodder in the novel.

After the original character returned to the Qin Family, everyone in the Qin Family regarded her as a disgrace.

But only her elder brother, Qin Zening felt sorry for her.

He would turn hostile at the drop of hat for Qin Gui.

Later, he went to the frontline to support the original character.

Finally, he died on the battlefield.

His head was hung on the wall by the opposite army for three days and three nights, under wind and rain.

At the end, his corpse was completely mangled.

Qin Zening was the only person in the novel who was kind to the original character.

The big brother from Qin Guis mouth made the eyes of an eighteen-year-old suddenly red.

He shouted loudly, “Sis, dont you worry.

With your Big Bro here, no one can bully you!”

“Ninger, what nonsense are you spewing!” Marchioness Su said with a smile as she got off the carriage, “She is our familys daughter.

We cant afford to hurt her.

Mother, what do you think”

Madam Qin also got out of the carriage at this time.

And when Qin Zenings words fell in her ears, she frowned in dissatisfaction.

She said to herself,Ninger is not young anymore.

How can he always act like this…so frivolous.

“Lets go to Glory Hall first.” Madam Qin continued, “Your Second, Third Uncle and brothers and sisters are waiting for you there.” The last sentence was addressed to Qin Gui.

So, the entire team went to Glory Hall.

The other members of the Qin Family had already arrived at the Glory Hall.

They all turned their gazes at Qin Gui in unison as they saw them come in, with all kinds of expressions on their faces.

Qin Xin, on the other hand, looked at the somewhat petite girl in front of her intently.

Her palm-sized small face was adorned with willow-like eyebrows and dark apricot eyes that were as bright as gems.

Her face, hair and dress shone with a faint halo, basking under the soft and bright sunshine.

She was like a flower bud blooming in the spring, half-blooming, half-waiting; fresh and beautiful.

When she smiled, the freshness of spring seemed to tickle everyones nose.

But this entire scene gave a suffocating feeling to Qin Xin.

Qin Xin clenched the right hand in her sleeve tightly.

Qin Gui, this bitch is back, even if she is a few years late!

She is going to ruin my life again!

Qin Xin, suppressing the shame and resentment at the bottom of her heart, stepped forward to lovingly support Madam Qin and smiled sweetly, “Grandma, is this my sister”

Her smile was somewhat forced.

But in Madam Qins eyes, it was as if she was trying to smile while maintaining a strong front.

Madam Qins heart was pins and needles.

She said to herself,Xiner must have been feeling uncomfortable these days.

She had grown a lot thinner.

Sigh, Xiner had never been so wronged since childhood!



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