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“Grandma,” Qin Sheng, the fourth daughter of the second branch said with a smile, “Granddaughter and Second Sister had just received an invitation to the Poetry Convention.

Third Sister returned at the perfect time.

She can come with us.”

The Poetry Convention was hosted by the Royal House of Tai of Yingluo County.

It was only hosted one every season, and the noble women in the entire capital were invited to a banquet.

For the ladies, getting an invitation of the Poetry Convention was also a symbol of status.

Madam Qin was very pleased, thinking that her granddaughter was really sensible.

She immediately gave her assent, “Very good, take your third sister with you.”

Marchioness Su, on the other hand, furrowed her brows and said, “Mother, Guier has just returned from the capital…”

If Qin Gui made a fool of herself at the Poetry Convention, it would bring disgrace to the entire Zhongyi Marquis Mansion!

“Mother.” Qin Sheng begged Marchioness Su in a spoiling manner, “Its because the Third Sister has just arrived from the capital that we should get together with everyone.

Also, I have come to an agreement with everyone, I have to introduce our cousin of the eldest branch to everyone.”

Qin Shengs smile looked quite pure and innocent but in her heart, she was scorning Qin Gui.

At first, Qin Sheng was the third daughter of the house but with the return of Qin Gui, she had become the fourth miss.

Is this the so-called turtle dove occupying the nest made by magpie!

She wanted to let the noble ladies of the entire capital look at the virtues of the Qin Familys third miss, and see if she would still be left with the face to go out again!

“Let Guier go.” Madam Tai said kindly, “Isnt Xiner and Shenger also there.”

Madam Qin finally realized that she seemed to have neglected Qin Gui again.

She immediately tried to make up, “Guier, what do you think”

Qin Gui smiled and didnt speak another word.

Madam Qin had treated as if she had agreed.

After lunch, Marchioness Su personally took Qin Gui to show her courtyard.

After calling all the wet nurses, maids, and women of the courtyard and made them greet her, Marchioness Su said lovingly, “Guier, these people were carefully selected by me.

In the future, if you need something, just order them.

They would accomplish it immediately.”

Qin Gui said smilingly, “Second Aunts choice will naturally be good.

Then about their deed of sale…”

Marchioness Su replied generously and gracefully, “Ive kept the deed for you.

Guier, if you dont trust me, Ill ask someone bring it to you.”

Marchioness Sus words sounded very pleasant but she had no intention of handing the deed to Qin Gui.

With the deed in her hands, she would not worry about these subordinates being bought by Qin Gui, rather they would keep an eye on Qin Gui for her.

She had her own schemes and calculations.

She was the elder and Qin Gui was a junior.

And Qin Gui couldnt say that she wasnt at ease with her!

Marchioness Su looked at Qin Gui with a gentle expression, waiting for her to decline.

And the result…

“Okay.” Qin Gui nodded, smiling from the bottom of her heart.

What! Marchioness Su was dumbstruck, thinking that there was something wrong with her ears.

“Thank you, Second Aunt.

I will keep their deeds securely and wont lose them.” Qin Gui pursed her lips, staring at Marchioness Su; her pupils shining brightly.

Qin Gui smiled seemed so pure and innocent but for some reason Marchioness Su felt like a mouse chased by a cat.

What am I thinking!

She is just a rude girl with no education!

Marchioness Su said to herself in her heart, holding her breath; her chest heaved neither up nor down.

It was she who proactively said that she would give the deed to her.

But now she was regretting it.

She could not help but smack her mouth.

Marchioness Su could only give the order albeit reluctantly, “Mother Zhao, go get the deed of sale.”

She barely managed to squeeze a smile, almost choking in anger.



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