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The noble ladies around had different expressions plastered on their faces, some were surprised, some were puzzled, and some already had imagined a big scene of the two enveloping in their minds, and their gaze on Qin Jiu and Qin Xin were even more intense.

Qin Xin was so angry that her hands started to tremble.

At this moment, she seemed to be standing on the edge of a cliff, one step further and she will fall into the abyss.

The four pillars of destiny were already very difficult to explain.

If she admits that her fate is more noble than the Empress Dowager, she would just be digging her own grave!

She did not dare, and Priest Yun Guang felt the same.

The Empress Dowager was born with the fate of a phoenix, in the Qi Dynasty, there was no one as noble as her, including the current empress.

Priest Yun Guang also felt the same way: Qin Jiu was clever with her words, she was too hard to deal with.

Priest Yun Guang didnt know if Qin Xin really used Qin Jius birth character, she couldnt ask as well as the matter had reached this point……

She quickly weighed the options in her heart, in the end, she could only grit her teeth: “Its because Im not fully competent for this, it is indeed my mistake.”

These words almost exhausted all her strength.

She knows that after today, the reputation she had built over the past ten years would likely be ruined.

At this moment, she can only make up for this chaos.

She pretended to evaluate her again, and sighed: “Qins third daughters fate is indeed not the best, but there are noble stars in her fate.

This year, she had met a Tian Yi nobleman, and her bad luck turned to fortune, her distress will be resolved.

As her face is quite peculiar, so rare that Ive read it wrongly.”

“So thats the case!” Qin Jiu nodded unexpectedly, and smiled more brightly “What about this picture of the “Empress of the West””

Priest Yun Guang choked, barely maintaining the posture of a priest, and said: “Naturally, it is good.”

“Then I wouldnt have to worry.” Qin Jiu patted her chest and let out a long sigh of relief, “I was so scared just now.”

Seeing her innocent look, the corner of priest Yun Guangs eyes twitched with anger, and she secretly said: She was afraid What was she afraid of! Shes been criticizing herself until this very moment, if she really was afraid, she should be afraid of herself!!

Priest Yun Guang didnt dare to stay any longer, she just wanted to leave as soon as possible, and then think about how to gain her reputation back.

Qin Xins expression turned even more nasty.

She didnt dare to meet the gazes of the people around her.

For the first time since her rebirth, she was in such a dilemma.

“Im leaving now.” Priest Yun Guang bid her farewell again.

Its a pity, I didnt look at my fortune that I was going to be unlucky today, as she said her words, a gentle and calm male voice said, “Take her down!”

Everyone looked at the owner of the voice, Gu Ze Zhi.

Gu Ze Zhi still sat in the same position, his posture was graceful, like the spring breeze blowing past the willows, and the deep waters in the abyss, his slender fingers gently rubbed against the tea cup beside him.

Gu Ze Zhi smiled slightly, as gentle as jade, and said: “Reading ones fate inaccurately, and shes still talking gibberish.

Im afraid that she is a demon liar, I should send it to Jing Zhao Court for a trial.”

When Gu Ze Zhi arrived in the capital, he didnt bring anyone with him.

After he came to the capital, the emperor assigned two guards for him.

Now as Gu Ze Zhi spoke, the two guards immediately stepped forward and bowed to Gu Ze Zhi.

They hesitated and answered to his order.

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